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Just wanted to thank you for the years of work you've put into the subject of the paranormal. As I've said to others who've made these efforts, their value may not be known for years but I personally believe will be of incredible importance in the future.

"Now it should be clear why I think that ‘the paranormal’ is of such immense importance. Here is one field that is untinged by contemporary pessimism. The clear message that emerges is that man possesses powers of which he is normally unaware. As Richard Church watched the gardener wielding the axe, and noticed that the sound came after the blow, he says that he experienced a marvellous sense of freedom. His enemy so far had been ‘the drag of the earth’. Now he realised that he had been overestimating the enemy. It was at that moment that he made an instinctive effort and rose from the ground and glided about the room. When man can clearly recognise the existence of these powers, and incorporate that recognition into his everyday awareness—so that he is no longer subject to a permanent ‘leakage’ of vitality—then he will suddenly have become a totally different kind of creature."

Wilson, Colin. Supernatural

Wow. The end of an era, truly. Thank you for all!

Thanks for all the conversations here Michael. In a world where religion has broken down under scrutiny it is great to have a light in the darkness. A place to stand in spite of the morbidly gleeful materialist telling us we are just a bag of bones or meatbots. Your blog will be missed. Good luck on the test of your journey. See you on the flipside. ✌

I cannot thank you enough for this blog Michael. I have learned so much from it and from the discussions, and other contributors .

I can see it must have been hard work at times and understand that you feel there’s not much more to be said on the subject from your perspective. I very much appreciate your efforts and thoughts here and those of the other contributors (too numerous to mention).

I am also very grateful that you will be leaving the contents - more or less -online and available as they are a great resource.

All the very best to you.

I was half-expecting this.

You were an Internet Royal here, with a magisterial command of topics, a commanding presence, and a tone-setting style.

What are the links to other blogs where you can be followed?

Thanks very much to everyone for your very kind words!

Roger wrote, "What are the links to other blogs where you can be followed?"

I’m not sure I understand the question. This is my only blog. But I recommend Michael Tymn’s blog as a good resource.

Partly in response to Roger, the search function on the blog is very useful to check if there have been discussions on any particular topic over the years.

Hi, Michael

This book "After" has a serious mistake. In fact my friend Julio Siqueira was the first person to note it. The book says:

Fifty years ago, a woman who had just tried to kill herself told me something that challenged what I thought I knew about the mind and the brain, and about who we really are. The forkful of spaghetti was almost to my mouth when the pager on my belt went off, launching the fork out of my hand. I had been concentrating on the emergency psychiatry handbook propped open between my tray and the napkin holder, so the sudden beeping startled me. The fork clattered to my plate, splashing tomato sauce on the open page. I reached down to shut the pager off and noticed a blob of spaghetti sauce on my tie as well. Cursing under my breath, I wiped the blob off and then dabbed at it with a wet napkin, which made it less colorful but a bit larger. Only a few months out of medical school, I was trying desperately to look more professional than I felt. I walked over to the phone on the cafeteria wall and dialed the number on my pager’s display.

"Fifty years ago" put this narrative in 1970. The problem is the mention of a pager with display. Pagers with display were only invented more than 10 years later, as you can see here:,(TAP))%2C%20and%20computer

1980s (early): Numeric display pagers were introduced and helped keep hospitals quiet because messages weren’t played aloud—instead, the numeric display showed a number on top of the device that served as either the extension to call or an internal code for a predetermined action. You could also initiate pages through a telephone.

I wrote to Greyson asking which year all this history occurred, and if he was absolutely sure that his pager had a display, and this was his reply:

Thank you for picking up this error, which neither I nor anyone else had. I am certain of the date because it happened on the first months of my internship. My memory is that I saw the phone number displayed on the pager, but if display pagers were not introduced until the 1980s, then my memory must be mistaken. I certainly do remember having pagers that just beeped and other pagers that actually displayed a number to call; and I must have been mistaken about which kind I had in my internship year. I will certainly correct that mistake in a revised edition of the book.

Michael wrote: "This os my only blog".

Still working, yes. But you have an inactive blog:

And a site:

I think the real question of Roger is: "How can we have news from you"?

And I would like to know if is in your plans to continue making contributions to Parapsychology, like reviewing books and articles on the subject.

I forgot all about the inactive blog! It was the original version of this one.

Yes, I do have an author site at .

And I am on Facebook (see link on author site).

I don’t know that I’ll be very active with book reviews etc. I hadn’t really thought about it.

Interesting comment from Vitor on the pager. I missed that detail. I’m not sure I’d call it a serious mistake, though. It doesn’t affect the substance of the story. I suppose it might call into question how well Dr. Greyson remembers the event, but his conversation with the patient was inherently more memorable than the specifics of his pager's display. He could accurately recall one but not the other. For instance I vividly remember watching the space shuttle Challenger explode, but I don’t know the make and model of the TV set I was using.

Well, I hope you can in some way still help us in Parapsychology, fighting the 'hard skeptics'. Parapsychologists are so few now. Maybe you can create a group in Telegram or whatsapp in which we can talk about the news, skeptic movement, wikipedia, ganzfeld etc?

Anyway, thank you for all these years. I remember that you helped me in the case of Maria Bocca, you was very gentle. It's hard to accept the end of the blog!

Michael, I will also like to say thank you for the great work you have put into this blog which I have been reading regulary since 2008, if my memory doesn’t fool me ;) - I think you have kept a tremendously high standard over the years and your posts will surely be missed. It’s very much appreciated that you plan to keep the archieved posts accessible as the insight they provide into the paranormal is really valuable to me and probably thousands of others.

You've considered shutting down your blog many times over its history, it's sad to see you've finally made your mind up. Thanks for writing all of the many engaging and informative posts over the years. It's sad to see your blog come to an end.


You have done well. I have appreciated the information and the opportunity to converse with you and others over the years!

Bruce says "hi." (He's got more to say but says he will contact you personally...)

I had to wear a pager when I worked as the Animal Facilities manager for the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. What a pain in the butt that was! Man I hated it when it went off because it meant I had to drop what I was doing and go run some errand for some of the Veterinary Professors. My boss told me I wasn't allowed to say no so no matter what I was doing I had to stop and go do whatever errand they wanted to send me on. I was sort of in the the middle between the Animal Caretakers and technicians and the researchers and Professors at the UT Vet School. I am retired now and life is so much better! LOL!

Michael I'm going to miss you and checking out this blog every day. It has been so insightful and I've learned a lot from it. The meaning of new words like "consilience", and links about life after death, and other stuff like Shakespeare (which I knew nothing about)... and probably some other things too?

I hope you have a good life and I hope perhaps to talk to you a bit on Facebook every now and then. If not perhaps we'll meet again one day in Heaven and we'll get the chance to see if I was anywhere near close about my holographic universe ideas about life after death? (grin)

Well, this was unexpected. And, to be honest, not very welcome; I've enjoyed visiting this blog for years, and I'm sad to see it come to an end. But there's something to be said on ending any project on a high note, and gracefully exiting the stage before seeing yourself or your work degenerate into a ghastly mockery of what it once was. While I'll miss this blog, I'm grateful I came across it and all the fine people here, and especially the ideas discussed. The entry about the soul being a diamond, for example, remains the best, most logical, and most humane interpretation of reincarnation I've ever come across, and I might never have been exposed to it had I never come across this blog.

Take care, everyone, especially you, Michael. You've done more good here than you will ever know!

When my wife was pregnant with our now-19-year-old, I realized I didn't know what I was going to say when our little one got old enough to ask about death.

For several decades before that, I had been on the fence as to whether the super-psi theory or the survival theory best explained the evidence. I mean, if LSD can bring on a "spiritual experience," then spiritual experiences must be a brain thing, right? And what about Alzheimers? And on and on.

So I went online and began reading every point of view I could get my hands on. By the 2010s, your blog was a regular go-to for me in the late evening.

There were so many new things I learned from you over the years, but it was your post about the psylocybin (sp?) experiment in the UK -- where the subjects reported the most intense spiritual experiences of their lives, but the equipment reported only a lessening of brain activity -- that first turned the tide for me in favor of survival. It was so in keeping with the brain-as-filter model! A few years after that, Bruce Greyson's talk at the Dalai-Lama's residence about the mind being independent of the brain nailed the victory for me.

I recently asked my 19-year-old, who had been raised by a "New Ager" Dad and a materialist Mom, what their belief was now, and would they like to watch the Bruce Greyson talk with me. "Don't worry Daddo," was the reply, "I don't need to get into the science of it. I just can't imagine consciousness just disappearing. It just makes no sense to me."

Michael, you and your blog played no small part in this outcome. And I will always be grateful.

Have a wonderful rest of your Earthly life, and more!

Michael, it has been a pleasure reading your posts and participating in comments discussions. Thanks for everything.

Thank you, Michael, for all you've done. I've been a steady reader since 2006, and I must say your insights and perspectives are quite unique and refreshing. Perhaps a bit more well-grounded too, and not flying off into space like much of the "new age" community. Your one piece "An End to Hedging" I re-read usually a couple times a year as well as a few others I've printed out over the years, just to keep from losing my sanity in this increasingly materialistic world. I'm going to miss regularly checking up on new posts, but for what it's worth you've helped me to become a believer.

Sorry to see you go.

It seems you picked up a deranged troll and cyberstalker on RationalWiki named Michael Coombs aka Mikemikev who created dozens of fake accounts of you has also been impersonating you on other blogs and sites.

This troll is so notorious he's been reported to police for malicious communications by someone else

Jeff, although I wasn’t particularly aware of that individual, your comment shows one more reason why it's a good time to get offline as much as possible, keep one's head down, and be invisible. I say this quite seriously. Our society is rapidly spiraling down into craziness and chaos, and the Internet is driving much of this process.

At this point I’m not even upset about it anymore. I’m just going to follow Voltaire's advice and tend my own garden.

Not literally — I hate gardening. It’s a metaphor. 🙂

When, some time ago, you expressed your idea to shut down the blog, it felt odd, while this time it seems sensible.

Coming here was an exceptional pleasure.

Not visiting FB, I'll use the opportunity to give a personal confirmation that evidence of our reality being as suggested on this blog turn up everywhere, even when one doesn't look for them at all. For example, the other day I was listening to an interview with a famous actress, and all of a sudden she recounts her first words in life were to ask where is her twin sister that she had discusssions with when they were in the womb. ( And the day after that, listened to a fairly hard-nosed biologist, who in conclusion says that there is “consciousness behind everything” in life. (

See you, ... hopefully not as a gardener! :)

I was a first-year computer science student when I got interested in what happens to our consciousness after death. It was all because of a great professor I had who talked about NDEs, deathbed visions, past life regression, and many more. That was around 2006. Sadly, I only discovered your blog a couple of years ago and I've loved it ever since. Thank you for all the great posts and cheers from Bulgaria!

I found this blog at a time in my life when I really needed to find it. Except for the occasional depressing political discussions, it has been a tremendous source of knowledge, filled with smart and thought-provoking conversations, in addition to providing so much hope for an after-life. Consequently, this is a sad moment, but it still somehow feels like the right decision. Just know this: your work here has been of great importance for many a fellow human being.

Guess I should say this while I have the chance.

I've been following this blog since 2013 (when I was 16), a few months after I experienced a crisis of faith (I was raised Catholic) and had the consider the possibility there was no afterlife. In my search for hope that there was proof that death didn't mean non-exsistance, I discovered NDE research. But I also discovered "Skeptical" debunkings of it. I uncritically accepted what they said at first.

Then I came of across Michael Prescott's "Who Will Watch the Watchers" post. I consider me coming across that one of the most important events in my life. The post showed me the flaws in these so-called "debunkings," the wild "alternative explanations" that don't actually make sense when you actually think about them, the ironic fact that many of their claims were stuff you had to take on faith of their word (with no pictures, why I should just accept your claim that the shoe was perfectly visible? All you gave me was your word).

I would continue reading this faithfully from that day forward. It helped me deal with my feelings toward militant atheists, whose words and attitude really brought me down. It was nice that someone could intelligently challenge them. I couldn't possibly share everything I learned from this blog and how beneficial it was for me.

And yet despite reading it for years and reading the discussions, I only commented once on this blog for those 8 years. On the "James Randi Dies" post. I am a shy young man. I was starring at the crowd but no participating. I am disappointed that this blog is ending now that I've just now started commenting, but hey, for the sake of ending things lightly like this post said, you could see this as humorous in a weird way.

I will miss this blog. I will miss people like Art, Matt Rouge, and so many more despite the fact that they never really met me despite me hearing so much from them. I appreciate everything this blog did for me, being the thing I needed at a difficult time in my life.

I guess it's fitting to end this with the last line of the Truman Show.

"In case I don't see ya. Good afternoon, good evening, and good night." *takes a bow*

What a lovely post. Hope all goes well with you.

\\"I will miss people like Art, Matt Rouge, and so many more..." - Jake L.//

Thanks Jake. I'm glad somebody reads my posts. [smile] If you want to read more I first started off on the message board (if it still exists) and I also posted a lot on the Motely Fool Retire Early liberal and CampFIRE boards, and am also now on Facebook where I post afterlife/holographic universe stuff once in a while. Anyway I am all over the internet and have posted literally thousands of posts all over the place.

A lot of my online friends from the Motely Fool boards are also on Facebook and I see their writings on there fairly often. Just look for us. That is the amazing thing about the internet, we are all connected and "one", sort of like how near death experiencers describe the other side, and time and space don't exist on the internet in the same way they do in the real world so you can probably find and read stuff I wrote going back for decades?

Good luck to you, and like Greg Taylor's book says "Stop Worrying! There Probably Is An Afterlife." It's all got to do with consilience, the preponderance of evidence, like a giant puzzle with thousands of pieces. Everyone's not having the same hallucination... that is highly unlikely.

Thanks Michael, you have been a huge help to many including me. I will miss your posts a lot. I have learned a lot from your posts but all good things must come to an end in this physical reality which is a only a tiny part of all of reality.

I hope perhaps you'll change your mind and make ebbs out of portions of this site.
I also wish someone would collect all the best anti-"skeptic" material across the web for an e-book. That would include your "Why I am not a Skeptic."

Sorry to hear you are moving on. I found this blog approximately 2 years ago and couldn't believe my luck at finding such an intelligent blog about the after-life. I went back and read all the posts from the beginning and some of the comments, then went back again and read all the comments because they were so interesting and informative (and intelligent). I learned so much. Glad it will still be available in the future for other people to find and benefit from. All the best in your future endeavors. p.s. I also enjoyed the political posts quite a bit. :-)

Thanks to Art and Paul for replaying to my post.

Small request for two links I'm looking for.

I still sometimes see "Skeptics" claim that, "if you haven't proven psi for 200 years, than it's not real." But I recall seeing a few times even a few Skeptics admit that certain psi studies do meet the standards of scientific investigation, but they still won't accept it because "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

Two links I am trying to find include one were a prominent Skeptic said that a certain psi study met the scientific standards, but than said something like "you would need more than standard proof to believe a UFO was outside your yard."

Another link is about study came out in the mid 2010s that also followed the rules, and in response I think one Skeptic used the headline "Science doesn't work" in response to the fact that the study supported psi AND followed the scientific method quite well. I believe it was enough for Dr Novella to comment on it in his blog.

Could someone here point me to those links. I want them in case I have to shove them in the face of a "Skeptic" claiming "No GOoD EviDEnCe foR PSi EXisTs!!!" Since it sounds to me like even some prominent psi skeptics admit there were studies who played by the rules pretty well.

Also, Art, could you link me your facebook? I'm interested now.

\\"Also, Art, could you link me your facebook? I'm interested now." - Jake L."//

Sign up for Facebook and then send me a friend request? Be sure and send me a message and tell me who you are too? Search for Art Riechert. I think I'm the only one on there?

Jake go to Wikipedia and search for the word "consilience." I learned what it was on this board. I think it's a great word to know if you are interested in life after death? There is a ton of evidence, all you have to do is search for it which means read, read, read.....! What convinced me was the corroboration and connection between NDEs and the holographic universe theory. It so obvious to me and jumps right out at me. They support one another.

Dr. Ken Ring who wrote "Life At Death", one of my favorite books, has a whole chapter in there about NDEs and the holographic universe theory. Read the online essay "The Universe as a Hologram" and then go and read Mark Horton's NDE description. It's the most holographic NDE I've ever read. You've got to be able to see the connection to the two and it can't be accidental?

The Universe as a Hologram,

Mark Horton's NDE description,

I'm a little sad at your announcement, even if I understand that you're tired after so many years. I too, sometimes, think to close my website after 22 years, because there aren't new arguments for the benefit of the Afterlife.
Thanks for your articles that I've translated under your kind permission and..HAVE A GOOD LIFE!
p.s. I've bought your book, very exciting reading!

I'm sorry to read this news, although I completely understand.

I've been a regular reader, and occasional poster, probably for the last 10 years or so. This blog has been a real gem, a rational yet open minded counter to the preponderance of materialism-orientated blogs out there, a forum which became a precious resource for many.

I do hope all discussions and reviews will remain online for the benefit of others.

I wish you well Michael in whatever you do next, and I wish all the very best for the regulars here too.


I want to say, I'm glad I found your blog a few years back! It's been a reassurance to me and a hope lifter when I was in a dark, depressed, nihilistic period, Michael.

You gave me hope again!

Augusto Bracho

I'm really sorry to hear you shutting down. Honestly, as someone who is interested in parapsychology, alternative medicine and natural sciences white spots, as well as a former atheist (now syncretic), I enjoyed reading your articles about CSICOP and James Randi. I am a fan of Masaru Emoto and Rupert Sheldrake, yet I haven't tried to perform any experiment because I don't have an equipment.

Goodness! How sad that you are going to stop your activities on this blog.

I have always enjoyed your blog enormously. And of course I am so grateful that you allowed so much space for the case of the Denture man.

All the best with you and your future endeavours!

Warmest regards - Smithy

This has been a beautiful journey, over the years reading this blog has given me a lot of joy. In the coming years I'm sure I will not be the only one to come here and re-visit some entries. Good luck to you Michael, and everyone!

Thank you so much for everything.

As I mentioned before, your rational, evidence-based analysis of spiritual reality were instrumental in lifting me out of atheistic nihilism, helping push me to belatedly have my beautiful daughter. Now, I have a second child, a son, due the second week off July!

You have made a true difference.

Wow, that’s amazing, Victoria. Congratulations!

Many thanks to everyone for all the kind words.

Thank you for the years of deep insight and sharing these insights into the nature of reality.While life and its distractions has sometimes pushed me away from the blog
It has been and probably always will be my main source of inspiration.

I bought your book - Excellent stuff!

Again, thanks so much for your wonderful work.

Warmest regards - Smithy

See you on the other side H.

Oh I feel sad. I just found this amazing blog. I am off to hunt you down elsewhere....

Being an audiophile, I am familiar with the name Jack Bybee. This is a physicist whose work in quantum physics and submarine sonar technology led to his invention of a variety of quantum mechanical audio signal filters which he manufactured and sold nationally for audiophiles to use to improve the sound of their systems. I have several of them in my system now.

I wonder if this is the same Jack Bybee who had the NDE documented by Bruce Greyson. An interesting synchronicity.

Amazing! I learned about you only moments ago when I read the Afterword you wrote for Richard Reichbart's book, The Paranormal Surrounds Us . Rich was a classmate at Yale Law School and we both started our careers by practicing law in Navajoland. So, a leap from a friend's book brings me to your work, which responds to persistent questions ever since the death of my son in a car accident years ago. Many thanks for the psychic links!

I haven’t been on in a while but this blog and the comments helped me through some of the most challenging personal issues I was having in 2015-16. Thanks for that Michael.

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