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IMO one of the greatest vampire stories is I Am Legend by Richard Matheson.

Carmilla to me seems akin to the "hungry ghosts", though not Joe Fisher's which IMO seems like an obvious case of Super Psi. Rather the devouring undead who want to ape human concern while really just being driven by hunger.

To that point Colin Wilson actually went around looking for reports of blood drinking ghosts, IIRC the closest thing we have to anything resembling the courtly vampires of stories.

The historical record has some interesting reports of corpses that were undecayed, the spirits seemingly preying on the local populace.

Pair Colin's work - which includes looking into elementals and werewolves - with Vallee's Passport to Magonia and you get an interesting picture. I sometimes wonder if the world runs from Mythic to Magical to Modern...and then back again?

Ah forgot to add - As I recall Stoker admired Irving, but was also hurt by Irving's rejection of Irish independence?

Stoker - again if memory serves - also seemed to have a feeling of repulsion and sympathy for Vlad the Impaler, with the character Dracula rising from a dream after some research on tale...which was begun after Wilde's arrest...

I don’t recall the details, but Stoker had a love-hate relationship with Irving. He was quite hurt that Irving would not play the role of Dracula on stage after the book became a sensational success. The fact that he so dearly wanted to see Irving in the part is one reason that many critics and biographers believe he modeled Dracula after Irving.

Ah I actually wasn't aware Stoker was hurt Irving refused to play the role. Thanks for that tidbit!

I definitely agree Irving was part of the inspiration (Dracula's strength/cruelty), along with Stoker's Irish background (Dracula as immigrant), his friendship with Wilde (Dracula as male Carmilla), etc.

Dracula is actually an interesting book from which to "read" about Stoker's potential mentality.

There's a nutcase impersonating your RationalWiki article talk named Michael Coombs

Yeah, I haven’t posted any comments on RW. The comment in question, ascribed to "Michael Prescott," reads:

//Looks like this was another RationalWiki hit-piece written by an Antifa

Shame on RationalWiki for its lies.//

Not my style. I wouldn’t refer to "an Antifa." And I wouldn’t say "shame on" somebody or other. Well, maybe, "Fool me once, shame on you ..."

RW doesn’t bother me. I think most intelligent people can see that it’s a tendentious and unreliable source — not unlike its more famous cousin, Wikipedia, at least where controversial topics are concerned.

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