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This post would have made a great "One Step Beyond" episode. It would end with your same last sentences.

While we'll never know if Futrelle foresaw his own death, he might have sensed that he was approaching an exit point: I've read in a few NDE's and channeled material that our life has a few moments where we can decide - subconciously, it seems - if we want to continue living, or if we want to return home. Perhaps Futrelle, his higher self, or whoever, decided that he had accomplished what he wanted to do, and that he would take an early exit.

This post is also of great interest to me: In September of last year, I wrote in the Death Race 2000 blog about how I had a dream where one of my deceased relatives showed up and said that she was looking forward to seeing me on her birthday, which is February 1rst, a date that's fast approaching. And as it draws closer, I find myself getting what feel like nudges to try and get closure on several personal matters, such as furiously finishing up the first draft of a book I've been working on, posting conclusions to online projects, and the like. It could be the result of an overactive imagination - or perhaps just paranoia - but that dream has been weighing rather heavily on me as of late.

Perhaps this presents a rare opportunity: If I'm still alive on the 2nd, I'll post a reply here confirming that I'm still around. If I don't, and I don't post anything within a week... well, you may have a confirmed case of someone who got a hint of their own demise, Michael, and it turned to out to be true.

I hope (and expect) to hear from you on February 2, Ian!

Maybe she just meant she was coming to visit ...

Well, I'm still here. Guess that means there are three possibilities as to what happened:

1. That dream truly was just a dream conjured by my brain, and nothing more.

2. It really was my relative visiting me, but if I was being told about an exit point, something happened between then and now to change it.

3. She was referring to a February 1rst in the future.

Thanks for keeping us updated, Ian! Glad you’re still incarnated. 🙂

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