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It's not one thing, it's consilience. A whole bunch of disparate pieces to the puzzle and when I put them together it tells me that we survive the death of the body.

And my favorite are deathbed visions. I find them endlessly comforting and uplifting. Even more than near death experiences. There is just something about them that I find real.

And just for the record I find NDEs pretty evidential too because of their connection to the holographic universe theory and quantum physics stuff I've read.

I can't say i am persuaded that the Akashic record is a good explanation. How would the medium access these records if not via psi? This means we can rule out the usage of the Akashic records where there is no motive or mechanism that could trigger a psi process. Secondly, there are three important lines of evidence that i think contradict such explanations, shared Near Death Experiences in which two people share the same experience harmoniously during a period of clinical death, secondly apparitional NDEs in which an apparition is seen by a third party and which corresponds with a reciprocal experience on the part of the person having the NDE. Lastly there are intermission memories. Memories of the time before birth, if the person perished at death such memories should be impossible. Furthermore, such memories are far more likely to occur when the child has more past life memories, and when those memories are accurate. This indicates that these memories were really something that the previous person experienced.

Tapping into the Akashic Records for bits and pieces of information is one thing, but a give-and-take dialogue seems to go well beyond that. There are too many good examples of such dialogues to discount the survival hypothesis and believe that it is all coming from some computer chip stored in the "ethers."

Yes, but my point is that the "computer chip" may simply be the whole constellation of memories and experiences that constitute a personality. And the give-and-take is possible because universal consciousness is reading the chip and "breathing fire into the equations." Which would be true whether a given personality is embodied or disembodied.

In other words, each of us, right now, is a matrix of information serving as a prism for universal consciousness. And the situation remains unchanged after physical death.

A unique data set + consciousness = personality/ego/self. Here and hereafter.

This post is interesting, Michael. As you affirm, on the one hand, there are experiences, memories, thoughts (information), and on the other hand, there is someone who experiences, who remembers, who thinks (self). According to the Akashic records hypothesis, all experiences, memories or thoughts persist and can be collected by mediums. This does not say something about an afterlife, that is, about what happens to those who experience after the death. We do not know what is the nature of the self. According to physicalism, the self is the brain, with which there would be no afterlife, and physicalism and Akashic records would be compatible.

I think that physicalism and Akashic records cannot explain all the data because there are reports of mediumship where no one alive had any motivation to present the information provided, as Shaun commented. Motivation (will) is something different from information and the best indicator of the existence of an independent self. We also note that there are reports of mediumship and people who seem to remember previous lives about what they have done in the afterlife realm. The latter includes memories of what they experienced between death and rebirth. If physicalism + Akashic records are true, then those memories are fake. Those memories are unverifiable, but they are accompanied by verifiable and true memories about alleged past lives, which points that they are also true memories, then physicalism + Akashic records are false.

Erlendur Haraldsson died yesterday, November 22nd.

I'm very sorry to hear this, Shaun. From following his Facebook account, it's clear that Erlendur lived life to the fullest, almost until the end. Just a couple of years ago, he rode a motorcycle a distance of hundreds of miles for the sheer fun of it. He seemed like a really great guy, and I'm sorry I never got to know him outside of Facebook. I hope that he is experiencing a gratifying and soul-healing afterlife right now.

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