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Michael- the facts don't bear out your claim it would obviously have gone to SCOTUS. There have been 155 instances of faithless electors in the past, and clearly these didn't all end up in the Supreme Court. The link shows that it is possible in certain restricted circumstances, not that it is all but inevitable.

I don’t think any of the 155 faithless electors of the past changed the election result.

In the hypothetical case of a presidential election being reversed by faithless electors, I can see no way to avoid a SCOTUS ruling. They might rule that the electors acted within their rights, or they might not. But they would have to rule. (I mean "have to" in a political sense. The court could not duck the issue; public opinion would demand a hearing.)

I wouldn’t be too hopeless. I suspect the Dems will overplay their hand and lose congress in the 2022 midterms, and lose the presidency to Tucker Carlson in 2024.

Possibly, Roger. But after amnesty, there will be 11 million new Democratic voters. There may be a couple of new states. And I suspect that opposition to the Biden administration will be largely driven underground, as is already happening with the deplatforming of conservatives on social media and even in mainstream media.

So I’m not optimistic. I think we are in the oligarchic phase of our history — rule by a technocratic elite. Oligarchies are usually unstable; this one may not last long. But what will replace it will probably be worse.

"Oligarchies are usually unstable; this one may not last long. But what will replace it will probably be worse."

Napoleon said that he found the Republic lying in the gutter and picked it up with the tip of his sword.

After the Left has worked over the country for the next four years, I suspect a Napolean will happen along. All of the new citizens from the third world will accept that because that is what they are used to. The new Napolean, unlike the ninnies' fears of their straw Trump, will actually be a real dictator and the Left will not be able to defeat him with name calling and lies because he will just kill them. The Right will initially go along to get along because, at least, he won't be a lefty, but they too will be screwed at the end of the day.

All because the elites seem incapable of believing that history repeats itself because people will always be the same and we are never headed to a social justice utopia. America circa 2019 was as close to utopia as humans are capable of achieving given all of their character flaws and the imperfections of life on earth in general

I will be opening a bottle of Dom Perignon 2008 in less than 2 hours from now. I really thought what we witnessed over the last couple of months would be the end of American democracy. Today I'm again being hopeful about the future.

Life is like pendulum, it swings back and forth. The one thing that you can count on in this life is duality and separation, lots and lots of it, and you don't have to go looking for it, it will find you all on its own. Eventually the pendulum will swing back the other way, you can count on it.

Hasn't the Apocalypse always been just around the corner?

The more left-leaning people I know also seem to think that we're approaching the end, that Big Tech is run by Neo-Nazis, that the corporate fat cats are going to drain America dry like a rabid vampire then retire to their underground fortresses, etc.

Yet everyone I know who isn't really connected to the online "chattering classes" seems to be much less pessimistic?

Mandy Stapleton wrote: “the Supreme Court can only judicate in matters of state law where the state law in question is unconstitutional.”

On the contrary:

“Historically, interstate boundary disputes are the paradigm subject matter for original jurisdiction cases. From the 1790s until 1900 all of the State v. State cases producing Supreme Court opinions on the merits (thirteen in all) arose out of boundary disputes. At the start of the twentieth century, the Court entertained cases in four additional categories of subject matter: (1) water rights; 4 (2) inter-state pollution abatement; (3) enforcement of a contract between states; and (4) state regulation. As of 1939, the Court began to accept yet another category of State v. State suits, those involving interstate tax disputes…. Since 1961, the only clearly new category of State v. State cases that the Court has entertained has involved interstate disputes over the escheat of uncashed checks or other unclaimed property.”

—Vincent L. McKusick, “Discretionary Gatekeeping: The US Supreme Court's Management of Its Original Jurisdiction Docket Since 1961,” 45 Me. L. Rev. 185 (2018).
Available at:

Here's an Atlantic article, "How [8] early Trump supporters feel now," at It has the effect of de-demonizing them. They are literate and rational, and have an interesting variety of opinions unpolitical matters.

The pocket link Roger posted failed for me, but this link How Early Trump Supporters Feel Now works.

Thanks, David Chilstrom, for the link.

I just saw an interview by conservative online vlogger Larry Elder with the lawyer for the Texas case to the Supreme Court, hours before the court declined to hear his case. He claimed that a lawsuit brought in 1980 by losing independent presidential candidate John Anderson elicited an opinion from the bench that other states can be affected by voting fraud in another state in a presidential election that affected the outcome and do have standing to sue.

I was delighted to hear this, of course. But I’m too lazy and distracted to check it out. I hope someone else will look into it and add clarity. (Most likely there won’t be a clear winner. For instance, the opinion may be just an “obiter dictum.” Still, it means that my position on this matter isn’t preposterous, as claimed.)

Holy Moly! Can somebody give Michael his medication?

I took it. Didn’t help.


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