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About a month ago, I had a dream where one of my deceased relatives showed up. I'm hesitant to even call it a dream, since the moment she appeared, everything felt more 'real than real,' like she had hopped into a normal dream I was having. I was ecstatic beyond words to see her again; we hugged, and then she told me that she was looking forward to seeing me on her birthday. The instant after she said that, I woke up, and I've been wondering if I was given a message that I might shed off this mortal coil early next year.

Considering how things are going in the USA, I'm starting to hope I'm right.

Speaking of Death Race, here’s the scene in Seattle, formerly part of civilization, on Saturday night (Sept. 26).

The anarchists just take over whole sections of the city and create their own videogame-inspired hell hole. I keep waiting for Kurt Russell to show up wearing an eyepatch.

Very odd. Where I’m from, only libs drive a Prius and only Proud Boys drive big trucks with American flags hanging out the back.

The Prius driver may well be a liberal; most people in L.A. are on the left, politically. I don’t think he meant to interfere with the riot. He just made a wrong turn and panicked.

The pickup wasn’t sporting an American flag, though. BLAMtifa burns American flags, when they’re burning buildings.

It's a very Orwellian world where mobs who would fit right in with Hitler's brown shirts call themselves Antifa(scists).

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