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The problem I have with gnosticism is that they inevitably imagine God as having a human mind with human limits and mistake their conception for God instead of just their conception.

That passage from Matthew would seem to indicate that we're not going to guess what those secrets are. To then say what they are is kind of at cross purposes.

Hi Michael, I haven't posted in a long time, but this one really resonated with me. This is definitely a case of "He who has ears to hear" IMO. What the Evangelicals/Fundamentalists don't get about Jesus is that this was what he was teaching. "The kingdom of heaven is within you". Explicitly, NOT the external world.

It betrays a certain prevention, even a sort of illiteracy to decry a part of the gnostic mythos for being unconvincing. One may as well criticize the poor paint quality on the wall of Plato's cave. This is not a substantive basis for argument, but certainly it is an ersatz-erudite way to commence bloviation. Some will naturally be taken in.

As for "mental faculties" vis-a-vis gnosis, this sounds like a child's fantasy. What on earth are we talking about? Have your, Sir, attained gnosis? Or is this your surmise, based on reading, misreading?

Pure pretense.

The reference to "mental faculties" is explained in the post that immediately precedes this one. It’s taken from Stevan Davies' book on the Apocryphon of John. Of course it’s only one possible interpretation.

I definitely have not attained gnosis, Sir! 😁

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