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Thank you. I've read your posts with great interest over the years. The deceased wife's kiss was similar to an experience I had following my mother's death a few years back. After speaking aloud and requesting a sign of her continued existence, I received a light kiss on the lips, not once, but two mornings in a row -- while in a groggy, just waking up state. I think she did this twice to make sure, as a 'doubting Thomas,' that I wouldn't dismiss it. I was in that in-between state you reference, thus allowing this communication. Thanks again.

Good example, Michael, nicely explained. Shared experiences—as perhaps best exemplified by Moody's shared nde's—are particularly hard to explain away.

That’s lovely Jean.

Thank you, Paul. That, and some other communications I’ve received from my dad, have been life altering. Best to you and yours.

Yes Jean. No one can argue with personal experience in such matters. It trumps all the theorising in the world (no disrespect to MP).Kindest regards

I have to say Michael, having read a lot of the evidence, I don’t find your ideas on this at all far-fetched.

"The other is that modern cases can be dismissed by skeptics ...."

Please capitalize Skeptics when referring to scoftics!

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