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I've long beeen an admirer of Séance on a Wet Afternoon!

Interesting! I have added the movie you suggested to my IMDb watchlist.

The Perry Mason episode originally aired on Saturday, October 21, 1961 ten days before Halloween. It's possible they ordered a paranormal episode because another CBS network show, The Twilight Zone, was doing well in the ratings. TZ aired on Fridays. One Step Beyond had earlier ended in July of 1961. I'll check this Perry Mason episode out. I like these old shows. I'd also like to call to your attention an episode of the half-hour comedy The Ghost & Mrs Muir titled "The Ghost Hunter" (12 Oct 1968). It featured pre-Incredible Hulk Bill Bixby as a serious parapsychologist, though obviously in a humorous story.

Perry Mason is also on METV channel almost everyday. I never watched it until now and am enjoying it. I will look for this episode.

I watched the Perry Mason episode and found it peculiar that they were testing the defendant for psychic ability (esp particularly) rather than the ability to enter into a trance state, which is what they were allegedly seeking to confirm. Like so many portrayals of mediumship in popular media, the alleged mediums are crude phonies. How much more interesting to see a less ham handed treatment of the phenomenon.

While in Prime Video, I came across an excellent documentary called Life to Afterlife: I died, now what? It features a who’s who group of mediums in a question and answer format and gives an accurate view into their beliefs and experiences.

You should check out the radio dramas by Katie Hims, a series of five called "Listening To The Dead" on Archive dot org. They are excellent and quite recent. Katie Hims is a fine playwright.

Thank you for yet another high-quality blog post, Michael. :)

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