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||"Distance, we are told, is illusory, and the entire universe can be found in – and reconstructed from – its smallest part. These ideas remind John Chambers of Michael Talbot's book The Holographic Universe, which explores the cosmology of David Bohm." - Michael Prescott||

One more bit of consilience for the Holographic Universe theory... thank you very much! And also thank you again for the word "consilience" and what it means. It is a great word and has strengthened my resolve and believe in life after death and that our Universe is a hologram and heaven is the original holographic film from which our present universe originates. Which of course means that whatever is here must also be there.

"In science and history, consilience (also convergence of evidence or concordance of evidence) is the principle that evidence from independent, unrelated sources can "converge" on strong conclusions. That is, when multiple sources of evidence are in agreement, the conclusion can be very strong even when none of the individual sources of evidence is significantly so on its own. Most established scientific knowledge is supported by a convergence of evidence."

Maybe you were thinking about the movie Things to do in Denver when your Dead.

That must be it, Kris. Thanks! I’m not totally crazy, at least.'re_Dead

I can’t comment in a civilized manner so I will just note that the dictation by Patience Worth to Pearl Curran is something one might want to consider if interested in planchette writing. I have mentioned it ad nauseum on this blog. - AOD

I’m not so much interested in planchette writing as in the overlap between personal situation of Hugo and his friends (they were miserable in exile) and the content of the messages (Earth is a miserable place where the most unfortunate spirits are forced to incarnate). The psychology of it is intriguing, with Earth becoming almost a cosmic Isle of Jersey in the minds of the stranded Frenchmen.

Maybe misery likes to keep company. Miserable spirits with miserable people.

||"Maybe misery likes to keep company." - Kris||

Misery is just another way to experience separation in this life. Separation teaches us what it means and how it feels to be separate which is something that can't be learned in heaven due to those overwhelming feelings of oneness and connectedness so many NDE'ers describe from the other side. It's just another one of life's lessons. This Earth life is a school and the more emotion we feel the more we remember what we learned while we we're here.

Spirits can make thing move. We are spirits so we can make things move. Sometimes it's them and sometimes it's us. Sometimes it's a group contribution. These are fine distinctions.

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