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I have been waiting for someone to mention crop circles, which at one time an idea was promoted that they were made by alien life forms or UFOs. Consensus 'scientific' opinion today is that the crop circles are apparently hoaxes. (Well, probably many of them are, the scientists don't want to commit to saying that they all are.) One might agree that many of the crop circles are feats of engineering and moreover of beautiful artful design. Some people have admitted to creating the designs, although the admitted designs seem to me to be crude in design and implementation when compared to the more stellar unclaimed designs.

The crop circles may be a classic example how a phenomenon takes root in the public mind. - AOD

Two great posts on a very interesting topic, Michael.

I think UFOs are actually a very important topic when it comes to the Afterlife. Why is that? Precisely because it's such a big but seemingly *unrelated* set of phenomenon.

Put another way, a very wide range of phenomena--NDEs, ADCs, mediumship, channeling, psi, etc.--seem to converge upon a common narrative of how things work. In contrast, UFOs are the outlier.

I've actually wanted to deal with this very issue in perhaps a guest post or something, but you have gotten that ball rolling very nicely.

With respect to your interpretations, I think you are being savvy. You suggest some possibilities but then warn about the "universal unconscious" being a catchall for what we don't understand.

If I had to give my best explanation, it would be this: throughout history, it's actually been the norm for myths to seem real to their believers. We have gone through a relatively short period of time in which we have interpreted the stories of people seeing gods and so on as being either 1) not actually believed by such people, i.e., "mere myths" or 2) believed but the product of primitive, superstitious minds.

But what if UFOs and associated phenomena are simply modern myths come to life in the same way that myths did so in the past? That is what I think is actually going on.

So what could possibly separate UFOs as a phenomena from Afterlife phenomena? Perhaps it is all "mere myths," and though we tell ourselves a good story about life after death and Aunt Mabel telling us she is "doing OK" over there, etc. etc., when we die we actually just go poof and that's it.

Perhaps. Or perhaps there are different levels of myth, with different levels of "solidity" and "continuity." Perhaps UFOs are like a TV show, here for some current meanings we wish to explore, whereas the physical Universe and the Afterlife are more deeply "meant" stories, the product of a much more extensive and powerful Universal Consciousness.

One may speculate...

Matt - "Perhaps it is all "mere myths," and though we tell ourselves a good story about life after death and Aunt Mabel telling us she is "doing OK" over there, etc. etc., when we die we actually just go poof and that's it.

Perhaps. Or perhaps there are different levels of myth, with different levels of "solidity" and "continuity"

Or perhaps there is no afterlife, but there is no current earthly life either. We are just perceptual units in a sea of infinity, creating worlds via a lock/key type mechanism (connects what is us to what is the realm of perceptual possibilities in the a simulation.

Myths are the glue that helps bind the perceptual lock and key arrangement and make solidity and meaning out of that arbitrary creation. The myth keeps it from appearing arbitrary or chaotic.

The myth is like an important string of code that presents the extracted data in a coherent format.

Another thing I’m just randomly throwing out about materialists. Some skeptics and materialists like to say “Don’t believe everything you see and read on the internet. Think critically and remain skeptical!” and “Memories are usually inaccurate. Don’t rely on them.” to believers.
Yet they seem to “believe everything they read on the internet”, when it comes to seeing ‘evidence’ or ‘scientific papers’ that fit their materialistic beliefs.
They readily accept it without thinking critically. What happened to “remaining skeptical” and “questioning everything”?
They’re not immune to it. And atheist/materialists are not the only ones who use critical thinking skills, as they like to believe.
I see that behavior on the UncommonDescent comments threads and even on PsychologyToday.
I think the appropriate thing for them to say is “Question everything and remain skeptical. As long as you don’t question materialism”.

There. I just fixed it for you, atheist/materialists. You’re welcome! ;)

I have no direct experience with UFOs or ETs.

I wonder whether there may be three types of vehicles: 1.) Actual physical vehicles; 2.) Vessels that _appear_ to be physical in nature but likely are not; and 3.) -- closely related to 2. -- Vessels that take on genuine physical attributes within our physical reality such that we can perceive them, photos can be taken of them, etc., but
that are actually quite different from, say, a terrestrial jet or satellite, in some way that is nearly impossible for us to understand.

Judging from all I've read, there is evidence for all three types, although I've never personally examined it.

(If substantial ancient ruins actually exist on the dark side of the moon, maybe some long vanished terrestrial civilization engaged in physical "space travel" not so different from our own space efforts and got to a quite advanced stage compared to our own efforts, but none of us have any way to examine such ruins. If governments are aware of these ruins as some suggest, they have classified all information about them. What then became of those who built them? Who knows? Some channelled information suggests they continued, their DNA gradually changing in major ways, expanding their activities outwards in the solar system and then beyond it. That information is of course not the same as "solid evidence."

Occupants and creators of any of these vessels will necessarily be privy to advanced knowledge concerning the nature of time and space -- the nature of physical reality, without even touching on what we think of "advanced technology" of a physical nature.

I can imagine a great variety of such occupants and creators from any number of different "places", whether physical or some "inner dimension", but so far as anyone knows, no human has the knowledge to do this today.

What I have experienced, directly, is a being that I could perceive who was clearly from some other "place", but no vessel was involved.

This took place in 1972. I was living alone in the woods and encountered this being late at night. I had no suitable photographic equipment and no one was with me to witness this. (I can't prove that I had this experience, in other words.)

The being was the size and shape of a man and transparent -- I could see through to the woods behind it. It was as though it was made of glass, but filled with a kind of golden brown light that was evenly suffused through its body.

I seemed to know that it was aware of me. It was positioned at the center of an old curving wagon road that went up as it curved.

I was freaked and didn't approach closely, didn't ask: "Who or what are you?"

Instead, I kept walking up the curve, periodically glancing back at this being, who remained stationary, until it was out of sight.

I don't know who or what this being was. In the years afterward, I searched for any references to similar experiences, beings, etc. At one time having access to about 3-dozen folks actively experimenting with trance communication, I asked for and received "autotyped" answers.

These varied somewhat, but what they had in common was the idea that the being in question was not physical in nature but knew how to appear within physical reality -- to become sufficiently "physical" for me to see it with my physical eyes. This was accomplished, supposedly, by the being adjusting its "frequency" to a "between planes" degree.

Ten years later I had the experience mentioned in my previous comment -- I meditated for the first time and perceived an inner image of the cover of a Seth book (Seth Speaks).

I was unemployed and used some of what I learned from various Seth books (after experiencing some dramatic alterations in consciousness while doing some of the exercises found in the books) to "create" a job. The job was so demanding, however, that I had to put the Seth books away for some years.

Eventually, I refocused on Seth's teachings after subbing to the world's first Internet mailing list devoted to those teachings, in the early 90s; I interacted with other formerly solitary Seth readers, first on-line, then in person, as we began to "meet up." Many "adventures in consciousness" ensued. (Those all wound down after 9/11, as though connected with a climate of fear in the wider world. Today's "social network" enabled Seth readers are a different bunch, in many ways. One thing we learned in those vanished dot com days was the advantages made possible by pursuing consciousness altering activities in groups -- "the energy" could get "amped up" in a way that was difficult for a lone individual to attain. Fortunately, we did not create any odd cults, although I suppose that was always a possibility. Most of those involved, then, are either dead or too old to care much about such things today.)

How might any of this be possibly relevant to the topic at hand?

If investigating UFOs/ETs -- particularly those emanating from "inner space" -- were high on my list of priorities, I would convene a group, meeting physically, to "tune in." Physical meetings would be supplemented by using Skype or something similar when travel was impractical.

Seth calls physical reality "camouflage reality." He details in various ways how we create it, physically and en-mass, and provides, through his exercises, ways to penetrate it, to an extent.

Many areas and concepts are covered in his books, most of which (not all) can be connected to endless other material by both physical and non-physical authors -- the teachings are actually another form of the "perennial wisdom."

One idea that I believe is highly relevant to ETs/beings from "inner dimensions" is that of the "entity."

Per this, each of us is an "aspect" of our own entity, a kind of extension into physical reality. Our entities are not physical beings; they exist outside of time and space. They have immediate access to all of their aspects -- us and both "probable" and "reincarnational" selves.

This would be mostly useless information except that there are ways to connect with our entities, involving various methods, techniques, exercises, etc. I'd say that learning to enter a mind quieted state is the first step.

I imagine that any number of "visitors" have much in common with our own invisible entities.

Materialists tend to be too trusting of their own side in my experience. They rarely are familiar with actual research into parapsychology; when pushed on this they tend to say something like if it was real Randi would have paid out. ( oh please) They certainly embrace weak arguments; such as NDEs being hallucinations or embracing views such as the Jesus Myth.


I have several arguments that I use when dealing with stark materialists, including some referring to the history and philosophy of science, but few of them have the patience or desire to respond -- their beliefs in "Scientism" or materialism, similar to the actual foundational assumptions, formally stated or not, of science proper are too strong; they have invested great emotion in their beliefs and tend to hold on to them no matter what. (I'd say we all do this, to an extent.)

Randi and Carl Sagan, when he was alive, held such beliefs, among many others; they were part of group including Martin Gardner that actively "dissed" any and all evidence for "psi."

Not too long ago, the U.S. government declassified documents relating to some of its "psychic" work. (Maybe this has already been discussed here -- I don't know.)

Per these, "ESP", "psychokinesis", and related phenomena exist.

Annie Jacobsen's _Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government's Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis_ tells the tale.

The recent movie "Third Eye Spies" adds some color.

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