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Reincarnation is really popular right now. I remember reading something recently that a large percentage of people in the United States are believers in reincarnation. I also know two older Christian ladies (twin sisters) who are big believers in reincarnation. Like to them it's an absolute fact.

This seems like a really good case. I had read about it in detail a while ago. A Hollywood agent is a really weird thing for a ten year old to come up with if he's lying or imagining. Anyhow, some of the details he knew about the agent's life are amazing; especially those that were incorrect in available, albeit obscure, public resources.

Was that the FB discussion I commented on? In fairness if it was I don't think the guy was making a serious attempt to debunk it so much as he made a snarky comment that had some truth to it; that non academic past life cases have way too many famous people being claimed.

That fact is a major reason people reject the view and never once look at the serious data from serious researchers. Those type of cases simply smack of wish fulfillment and of course how could they ever be properly investigated? If I claimed to be Augustus I could make vague claims which could never be refuted. If I claimed to be Lincoln my claims no matter how obscure could always have been known through normal means.

The obscure live are were the evidence is. What motive is there for claiming it? How much research would one have to do to get it correct; especially to correct the record itself? Why do it when you don't get fame, you don't get money and at least from some people you get scorn?

That is even more so when you consider birth mark type cases. You have to do all the above and find some obscure person whose death matches your birth marks. That sounds tedious indeed for no gain.

Interesting comment Kris. In my reading experience I have found just the opposite. In fact, I don’t think I have ever read, from a reliable serious source i.e., Stevenson, Tucker, Weiss, a case of reincarnation of any really famous person. - AOD


I agree with AOD on this. Most of the documented cases of purported reincarnation I’ve read have been from people who weren’t famous. Sometimes the personal information wasnt printed anywhere but only known to people who knew them when they were alive.

That is certainly a remarkable case. The interesting question is that IF true, how might this affect this kid's life? Martin was very successful as a talent agent, something I would imagine required a lot of finely honed skills in many areas, such as accounting, human relations, communications, writing and approving contracts - how much if any of this will Jim Tucker have access to? It's likely not possible, but I'd like to know how Tucker does in school, if he has any special interests, etc. And by the way, does anyone know of any cases of people who say they've had past lives bringing the skills they attained in these past lives to their present lives? If I could ride horses in my past life, I'd think I'd be a natural in this life.


If you read my comment again you will notice I said non academic cases have the problem of way too many famous people. I am certainly not discussing serious research.

"The interesting question is that IF true, how might this affect this kid's life? Martin was very successful as a talent agent ..."

Martin was also married five times. Let’s hope the kid didn’t inherit his tendency toward unstable relationships!

Btw, Jim Tucker is the investigator, not the boy.

He wouldn't inherit that tendency toward unstable relationships;it would be his tendency. Martin and the kid have the same mind.

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