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From its title, I thought this thread was a claim that the Medium website is uncool. From the free samples it's been sending me it looks like the antithesis most of the free-for-web. Here's its website:

Google results for the medium website

Wikipedia entry on it:

Nicholas Albery of the Social Inventions Journal, both now deceased, used to regularly publish accounts of Indian swamis, etc. who were mixed up in similar shenanigans.

Ugh, yeah...

For those who didn't get the joke, I presume the title of the post is a pun on the movie "Medium Cool," which is really great:

The guru who abuses doesn't seem to be all that rare a thing. Take the founder of Bikram Yoga:

Or the abusive idiocy of Adi Da (whom Ken Wilbur enthusiastically endorsed at one point):

I've felt in the past that, at the very least, John of God was being overhyped. A local New Age store would hold sessions where some sort of artifact he had touched, etc. etc., was being presented. Whatevs.

Yes--perhaps. But with someone who has thousands--tens of thousands-- of women--many of them troubled already- visit him then a dozen flakes playing the Me Too caper on him is not any reason to swarm to the attack. You will likely find that NONE of these stories have the slightest evidence or corroboration attached to them. Most Me Too's don't. Wicked white patriarchy of course to want evidence and witnesses rather than accepting Marxist subjectivist assertions as being truth. And if her "truth" is that you raped her what does that old-fashioned marxistically out-moded concept of actual truth matter?

Oh please, Mr. Ecks -- "Most Me Too's don't" ?? Please come into this decade, if not this year, and possibly do a little research on the very good data that suggests that for every woman who puts up with exactly your derogatory attitude to come forward, there are many more who choose not to deal with disbelief like yours.

Michael, I'd suggest that such a comment deserves deletion (and then you'd be able to delete mine, too).

I don’t delete comments very often (though I do decline to publish some in the first place). I think Mr. Ecks is probably wrong about John of God, who certainly *acts* guilty — he tried to flee the country — but it’s still valid to point out that a man is legally presumed innocent unless proven guilty. We saw how "trial by media" could turn into a three-ring circus in the Kavenaugh hearings.

There have been some cases of false "Me Too" accusations, though I wouldn’t say "most" of them are false. I doubt that twelve or more women are all lying or fantasizing, but let’s wait until all the facts come out.

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