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Lots of people confuse psychopaths with tough minded people that do tough hard minded jobs; like generals that send men into battle knowing that some will be killed, or CEOs that lay-off workers for financial gain. They also confuse them with con men, who lie, cheat steal for financial gain. psychopaths are further confused with narcissists and other self-absorbed types that negatively impact people as collateral damage.

Psychopaths do all of that to be sure. However, there is more to it. Psychopaths are full of a certain malevolence that all those other types are not. Psychopaths do these awful things because they truly enjoy harming others. For them, harm is not a means or byproduct of achieving an end. It is the end.

Moreover, beyond the great delight they take in damaging others, there is an utter disdain for the good things in life. There's always a maniacal mocking of decency.

That is pretty darn demonic.

I don't go for the modern psychiatric approach that says it's all due to a mal developed portion of the brain that controls empathy. For one thing, a lack of empathy doesn't seem to me to equate/logically follow with malice and despising of good things.

A psychopath viewed with his mask off is a pretty good match for a demon possessed person.

Most of spiritual literature, including NDE's that I've read, do say that there are spirits who linger on the physical plane, either for wanting to get in contact with loved ones, refusing to believe they've died, or wanting to continue experiencing the pleasures of physical life instead of moving on to the spirit world. Therefore, it makes sense to me that the violent, angry, and hateful who have died may hang around to try and get revenge or to act out their move violent impulses. Since they can no longer do so themselves, they have to try and influence others to do the deed, which seems to usually be those who have a lot of personal issues, such as addictions to alcoholism, that apparently weakens the aura. Still, that doesn't fully explain why very young children may display these disturbing traits; maybe their brains are just hardwired to be vastly different from the rest of us, or perhaps they incarnated to set an example of how not to act that others can learn from.

Whatever the answer may be (I'm guessing it's a mix), this is one part of spirituality that may be uncomfortable to study, but may still offer valuable insights on what we can do to protect ourselves from such entities, if they do exist and come after us.

One of the problems with studying this kind of "person" is that they not only lie prolifically and well, they also refuse to accept responsibility for their behavior; often going to great and ridiculous lengths to deflect. So I can see where statements about being out of control, going blank, etc when committing atrocities could be just more deflection. OTOH, maybe it's not. It's the high level of malevolence that convinced me that there is a spiritual component more than whatever on of these psychos might say about himself.

Yes, deception is a problem. It’s unclear to what extent these psychos are just playing mind games.

The Son of Sam claimed he received orders to kill from a neighbor's dog, which was possessed by an ancient demonic spirit. But according to the Wikipedia article on "Son of Sam":

"Berkowitz declared at a press conference during February 1979 that his previous claims of demonic possession were a hoax. Berkowitz stated in a series of meetings with his special court-appointed psychiatrist David Abrahamsen that he had long contemplated murder to get revenge at a world that he felt had rejected and hurt him. Berkowitz claimed he felt particular anger due to his lack of success with women, and thus singled out attractive young women as victims."

Who knows where the truth lies? His letters to police and media seem authentically crazy. His psychiatrist may have talked him out of the demon idea, seeing it as an unhealthy fixation and a way of avoiding responsibility. Or maybe he really was making it up all along.

A more clearcut case involves Angelo Buono, one of the Hillside Stranglers, who went to great lengths to convince psychiatrists that he suffered from multiple personality disorder, but he was caught faking it. Having watched a movie about split personalities on TV, he tried to simulate the condition, but made some rookie mistakes.

So yeah, take what they say with a grain of salt. It’s a murky area.

Yep. And one more point is that their motives are so different than those of normal that hey sometimes appear insane. Normals can't help but ask, "Why would they do that? Only a crazy person acts that way!" - not just about the murders, but about other aspects of their lives that come to light. However, the psychos' planning - often very careful calculated planning - of their manipulations and evil deeds reveals thinking that is ordered. They just have a totally different, and dark, focus on life that normal do not.

“Some killers have heard voices ordering them to kill – usually a commanding, terrifying voice. Schizophrenia, or something more?“

I could be wrong, but I think that’s why some so-called “skeptics” are quick to dismiss seeing ghosts, NDEs, and the like
as hallucinations and/or some sort of mental illness.

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