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Well- - - , Albert Best seems to be able to provide information from Kennedy's deceased wife that apparently was 100% accurate, according to Kennedy's report. That's a pretty good percentage. Maybe too good to be believable. If true, Best is certainly a 'star' medium. I think Kennedy sums things up very well when he acknowledged his biases and his desire to make contact with his deceased wife. He said that they both believed in survival and he hoped that when either of them died the other would receive communication from him or her. He admits he is not objective and he would certainly have a personal desire for proof of his wife's survival.

I don't know but there is something about Kennedy's disclaimer at the end that raises red flags for me.

His wife Ann apparently had/has an obsession with Kennedy's clothing as she seems to continue from the afterlife to see that he is dressed appropriately. Was there any information from Ann about anything else? I mean wouldn't she want to mention other deceased relatives or other people that they had known in life and what they were up to in 'heaven'? Are there not higher things to talk about other than Kennedy's daily life? After all Kennedy is a minister.

For myself, I would not want my wife or mother to hover over me from the afterlife, being concerned with mundane earthly things of my life. And, wouldn't a spirit, recently crossed-over be overwhelmed with the spiritual 'Disney World' of the after life and want to investigate and move on with their further development. I would want that for them if I truly loved them. I suppose there could be "soul mates" but personally I am not too keen on that idea. I sincerely hope that those that I cared about in life and who cared about me have gone on to other things and are not still poking into my life, criticizing my appearance. ( Both my mother and my wife complain that I need a haircut and my mother definitely would not like my beard. In fact I had to postpone growing one until after she died so that I would not have to withstand the verbal abuse.)

Indeed "tendentious", Michael. - AOD

Actually, "Ann" does show a lot of concern for her grieving mother, mentions the need to move on in her development, and says that having completed the work of providing evidence (ostensibly a group effort on the other side, requiring much energy), she will not be in contact with her husband as much in the future. She says she will be occupied with learning and growing as part of her continuing evolution.

I find Kennedy's acknowledgment of his biases refreshing and reassuring, but your mileage may vary.

I would describe my own blog postings on the afterlife as somewhat biased and tendentious; this is probably true of anyone who is arguing in favor of a position. We can’t eliminate our biases; the best we can do is recognize them and try to counterbalance them. The operative word is "try"; I doubt anyone can fully counterbalance every bias, unless perhaps he is truly indifferent to the outcome of the debate - which is very seldom the case.

The Kennedys were, I think, somewhat eccentric individuals. David gave up a career in engineering to become a minister, not a very common (or financially expedient) career choice. His wife Ann was a lifelong Communist who greatly admired the Soviet Union. I find this very strange; even by the 1960s it was obvious that the USSR was no workers' paradise. But perhaps their eccentricity aided them in establishing a rapport across the divide of death. They may have been more "right brain" oriented than most moderns, and therefore more receptive to psychic influences. Or it could be argued that they were simply more gullible than most people. Who knows?

Gee, thanx Michael.
You have single-handedly caused the price of the book to rise up to $80.00 - $250.00. :)

Heh. I got my used copy from Amazon for about $35. For the moment it looks like only one Amazon Marketplace bookseller still has a copy, and as you say, it’s ridiculously overpriced at $285! has one for $78 - which is still pretty steep.

I would wait awhile. More used copies will show up, and the price will drop.

The awesome power of this blog is demonstrated yet again! 😮

Thanks for posting these excerpts, Michael. Though these type of communications may become routine to spiritual seekers, they're still worth reading.

I'm curious though: You mention that Ann does talk about her own growth and evolution - does she offer any insights into the 'big questions' on what God, heaven, and the spiritual world are like? Or if she has any thoughts on reincarnation?

Mediums in written accounts and other people's anecdotes always talk with this clarity of message...yet i can never find evidence of one in real life. Every time i hear one praised as the genuine article i'll find a clip of them on youtube somewhere and discover they use the same script, the same professional patter, and my heart sinks.

I have to believe if some are real - and i do believe that - and they are in a minority, that they would sound different from the rest. There'd be no phrases like "can you take this?", no " I'm getting it a father, or someone you see as a fathr figure, perhaps a grandfather" and no references to "over water" or "big changes". They would sound rather like the mediums in the excerpts from this book. But where are they?

I'm particularly keen to find a "genuine" one as before he died my brother, who was convinced of survival, determined he would come through with an agreed phrase as proof it was him. I have to assume he meant through a medium.

Nonetheless i continue to have experiences of a different kind suggestive of after death communication. One involving said brother happened two days ago. I may regale you later. But in terms of the subject at hand you might like this little oddity....

Since my mother died a year ago all strange experiences had dried up rather than increased. Finding on my phone a clear photo of her on her hospital bed, staring straight into the camera, I found myself, without any sentiment, looking into her eyes and addressing her in conversation. I made the observation about nothing "spooky" having happened of late to give me that reassuring fix that all this stuff is real. And if she didn't mind obliging with some little miracle of that sort it would be helpful.....

The following morning i found myself unexpectedly clearing out the bottom drawer in the kitchen. Its contents consisted entirely of recipe books, instruction manuals, warantees etc.And one thing more. A single piece of paper with my own handwriting on it.

I could see straight away what it was and recalled the circumstances under which i'd written it. But why it was kept and was in the kitchen drawer 7 or 8 years later is beyond me. She had had a minor stroke which temporarily affected her speech..she was talking gobbledygook and completely unaware of it, nor did she seem to comprehend me telling her so. So id written the information on a piece of paper to get it through to her so she would understand why i needed to call an ambulance. The words then were mine to her. But in the circumstances, hours after i asked the deceased to communicate through signs, it read precisely like the words the dead was saying to me:

"I keep asking you as loudly and clearly as I can if you can hear me. But you just keep staring at me like you can't"....

One can likely obtain a copy of the book by interlibrary loan, which can be arranged painlessly online via your local library's site. If you haven't done it, it's easier than you think. Librarians like to help.

One interesting thing about this is that it seems everyone seems the same (just dead). This echos a lot of NDEs I've read in which the person states something to the effect that they're essentially just the same. There doesn't seem to be an oversoul or anything like that.

I also thought I'd mention something I've thought about for awhile. Like many people probably, when trying to fall asleep at night, I specifically direct my mind to think of something agreeable. I'm sure others do this do - the subject could be anything from nature, sports, an enjoyable puzzle, art, etc. But it got me thinking: Who or what is it that is telling my mind to think of a particular subject? According to the materialists, my consciousness is generated by my mind-brain. In this sense, my mind is like a computer, and I'm telling it what to do - for instance, open up that JPEG of that nice lake. People also speak of "training the mind." If consciousness is our minds, who is training it?

Also, Lawrence B, I found that a very interesting sign, and hard to believe a mere coincidence, being so precise.

I've thought about life after death and it seems to have a lot to do with "continuity." The person I am now being the same person I am now being the "person" I am after I cross over. Sort of like when I wake up in the morning I know that I am the same person "now" that I was when I fell asleep. If the "soul" that survives the death of my physical body is different from who I was right before I died - to me at least - then that isn't really "life after death."

It's something else. Interesting but not really "life after death." In order for me to feel like I survived the death of my body I will need to feel like I survived intact, and that there is some kind of continuity to who I was and who I will be afterwards. Like a caterpillar that metamorphosis into a butterfly. Continuity.

Well for what its worth here is the brother related incident from last week.

I had unrelated reasons to visit my city's best regarded park and thought Thursday, 17 May, would be an appropriate day for symbolic reasons to cross the chore of my list. My brother's ashes had been scattered there and that was his birthday. .his "death day" was two days earlier, on 15 May.

Once in the park though I didn't really give him or the date a second thought.

I got the bus back to the city centre and then walked to my bus stop for home.

On a particular corner by a supermarket was a homeless man sitting on the pavement. He was sitting upright but with his eyes closed. As I walked past I couldn't take my eyes off him. I was walking forward with my head turned back staring at him..I went from a casual "he looks a bit like..." to the absolute conviction he was the DOUBLE of my brother, his doppleganger, even that it actually WAS his face. By the time I turned the corner my heart was pounding.

Let me not exaggerate. The world didn't freeze and i didn't think it WAS him come to life, it was more a case of mounting bewilderment as I expected the perception of resemblance to diminish the more I looked but it didn't. It grew.

At the bus stop I was fighting the urge to go back and find some way to take a photo. But it felt too rude.

I'm not suggesting he was anyone but a gaunt grey bearded man (as he had been) who resembled my late brother. But given the date, and where I'd just been i did wonder.

The meditating holy man pose added to the sense of eeriness.

And here the story would end. A minor strangeness entry perhaps. Except an hour or so later and additional revelation hit me.

I've often reported online - including I recall on here on one occasion - the saga i call the Sign of The Cross. I won't go over it all again but the essence of it was a repeated motif of a cross and/or holy medal mysteriously disappearing and reappearing and the same story being repeated elsewhere and coming to my attention. Anyone who remember reading the tale may recall one bewildering aspect was an inexplicible link to the Exorcist author William Peter Blatty. He wrote a book detailing supposed communication, through eerie coincidences, from his dead son. One such incident was identical to my cross story. But there was another incident he reported i his book which i had reason to recall. It now takes on even more significance.

Blatty's wife is out with a friend and is drawn to a homeless man on the sidewalk who she says reminds her of the dead son. The blood drains from her face when out of nowhere the man holds out his hand and exclaims "My birthday is May 17th!".

That you see was the birthday of her dead son.

And my brother's birthday.

THAT day.

Good examples of Jung's 'synchronicity'. - AOD

How could it be otherwise? I think that if anything survives the death of the body it has got to be the thinking conscious self, neither male nor female, neither black nor white. Those personas are put aside with the death of the body. That's not to say that one has not changed as a result of an incarnation but that change is like the change from an infant to an adult in consciousness and understanding. And, to paraphrase the poet Kahlil Gibran, "My soul will gather sand and foam for another body, a moment of rest upon the wind and another woman will bear me." - AOL

Here is a little bit more from "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran as he bids farewell to the 'People of Orphalese." Make of it what you will.

"This day has ended.
It is closing upon us even as the water-lily upon its own tomorrow.
What was given us here we shall keep,
And if it suffices not, then again must we come together and together stretch our hands unto the giver.
Forget not that I shall come back to you.
A little while, and my longing shall gather dust and foam for another body.
A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind, and another woman shall bear me.
Farewell to you and the youth I have spent with you.
It was but yesterday we met in a dream.
You have sung to me in my aloneness, and I of your longings have built a tower in the sky.
But now our sleep has fled and our dream is over, and it is no longer dawn.
The noontide is upon us and our half waking has turned to fuller day, and we must part.
If in the twilight of memory we should meet once more, we shall speak again together and you shall sing to me a deeper song.
And if our hands should meet in another dream, we shall build another tower in the sky."

If you have not read "The Prophet" perhaps you might find it interesting. - AOD

Amos you can forget who you are and incarnate again if you want to but as for me personally? No thanks! I think reincarnation is illogical and just something somebody dreamed up to explain something they didn't understand.

I think it's as simple as oneness and connectedness. Our brains acting as receivers and transmitters and children without a strong sense of self "tuning into" the memories stored in the collective unconscious (the "Akashic records or the "holographic film").

But like I said if you want to lose your self, forget who you are, and become someone else... be my guest.

OK so now this is freaky, AOD. That you talk of sychronicity in the incident with my brother and of Gibran's the Prophet in practically the same breath. You've just become a servant of synchronicity yourself.

I can't recall if I told his particular saga on here before, but a quick refresher of what happened following my brother's death two years ago:

On the day he died a book i had previously given him "appeared" inexplicably on his bed while i was wandering in and out of his room. It was a book about paranormal deathbed phenomena called "One Last Hug Before I Go".

I wrote to the author to tell her her own book had been involved in the kind of incident which was the subject OF the book.

A couple of months later. I have a false awakening dream in which i heard my brother leave his room next door and shout out something about something being haunted.. i then felt myself attacked by something invisible and...woke up again. The next morning I switch on the computer and, looking for something to complete the redecoration of the aforementioned room, open Amazon. I find myself staring at a search box with the name Joni Mayhan already filled in. The name meant nothing to me and i had no memory of typing it, or indeed any other words. Out of curiosity I clicked search and it revealed Ms Mayhan to be the author of multiple "true life" paranormal books..including "Signs Of Spirit: When Loved Ones Visit" and "Ghostly Defences".

I later send for the first of these and there was nothing of personal significance in it except it pointed me to the idea that if the dead communicate through signs it will be things very specifically suggestive of that individual. It then occurred to me that the two odd incidents so far had been book themed and my brother was an out and out bibliophile. He read everything. I made note of this fact online and, within an hour a third book themed incident happened.

A friend (who has been adopted) had recently lost his birth mother who he'd come to know in adulthood. I wrote to ask how he was doing. He said he was to be a pallbearer and to read a poem at her funeral, but he didn't know what yet. Unsolicited i left the conversation to find something i might suggest to him. It hit me that there would probably be something relevant in a book i'd never heard of until my late brother had given it to me. Kalil Gibran's The Prophet. I selected a passage and wrote to the friend.

How weird, he replied. He'd been carrying a particular book around with him for two weeks since his mum had died, as she'd given it to him when they were first reunited, with a handwritten dedication saying how much it had given her over the years. He attached a photo of the inscripted first page. It was Gibran's the Prophet.

Several weeks later the author of One Last Hug Before I Go finally gets back to me out of the blue. Weird she says, her phone must be playing up as she only received my months old message now. Ignorant of everything else i have reported above she, again unsolicited, offered a book themed incident of her own. She told me when her own mother was dying her best friend went into a book shop looking for a gift to comfort her. A book fell from the shelf at her feet. A book which "was very popular at the time" and helped people facing death in their transition. A book called...The Prophet.

Finally we may as well throw everything at it and include two bookends (pardon the pun) of trivia. I rent my spare rooms out on Airbnb. Two weekends prior to the incident i reported earlier..the app informed me a person with my brother's relatively uncommon name was coming to stay with me. This weekend i'm expecting a man from Hong Kong with the ethnically improbable name of Kalil...

My 'self' is much bigger than the personality I am now. Physical forms die and at death the only thing that can survive is consciousness, that is, the 'self'. The self or soul can remember at death the personality it had during that life and perhaps that memory is sustained for a while after death but I think that the soul eventually sets aside that personality at such time that it realizes the immensity of what it actually is and what more it can become.

The belief system that includes reincarnation is more that something "somebody just dreamed up" it is an age-old system of belief accepted in different forms by millions of people in various cultures throughout the world. If it is "illogical" as you believe then I fail to see what is illogical about it and would appreciate further elucidation. When one considers the amount of evidence that supports a belief in reincarnation, one is called upon to defend what about it that is "illogical". - AOD

I've thought about life after death and it seems to have a lot to do with "continuity."

I agree, but what continuity is it? If someone does not remember how it was as a child, then there is no psychological continuity between the child and the elderly, they are the same person because there is biological / genetic continuity between them, but once the body dies, the continuity can only be psychological. But this being that survives bodily death is not only the elder self, but also the child self, all the moments of our self must be projections of our self after the corporal death.

I have had several physical contact experiences with the dead. I am only mildly, and very reluctantly, psychic, (much happier with molecules.)

One experience happened after a very close friend had passed away a few months prior. She appeared to me in a dream, dressed in her usual style, sweater and slacks, but both were that radiant white so often described. She reached out and said "I still have a body" and then she touched my hand, waking me instantly.

I am good friends with her daughter and called her to tell her, thinking it was a hello for her. She told me her son, my friend's first grandson, was graduating that month. She'd been cleaning the room where her mother usually slept when she visited, and every time she cleaned it, the magazine that featured a story on mothers would be on top, even though it was out of date. She even had experimented to test whether it was her mother by putting the magazine back in order. I think my friend came to me to convince her daughter that indeed she was there to see her grandson graduate.

Wrote a book about how my husband communicated with me Bedeviled

Truly amazing stories Lawrence! - AOD

You make a good point. Who I am at the end of my life includes who I am (was) at the beginning of my life even though I now can not consciously remember very much of who I was as an infant, a child, a teenager or young adult. But, those 'selves' or personalities are still part of who I am now even though I can not recall them in great specificity. Similarly, when the consciousness moves out of its present physical form, it is still all of those personas it was throughout its entire life and it either may or may not recall them all. They are set-aside, as they were when in a physical form as the whole self experiences another progression of itself as it did on earth. - AOD

It's not over AOD..the current bout of strangeness continues unabated.

This morning I saw the homeless man again. Shamefully but of necessity I sneaked a pic so I could look at him properly in the photo and assure myself it wasn't my imagination.

The resemblance in the photo remains striking but he's of course a flesh and blood human being so there are differences.

So I Facebook searched my brother's name just now for any later life pics of him to make a side by side comparison. What popped up was a photo of him never seen before smiling on a canal, taken during his illness but prior to diagnosis, by a friend of his who I don't know. He posted it on the 15th May ( the death anniversary) last year and this stranger's long descriptive commentary ends with this....

"I've just looked at the date on the photo to work out exactly when it was, and the date says 17 May 2016, which is in two days time and is also his birthday. He died two days before his birthday so I don't know how that date is on the photo coz he'd been dead two days by then! Weird hey!"

Once more a trivial but not so trivial addendum. I've just noticed a small detail for the first time on the photos of the homeless man. A blue plastic rosary around his neck. Once more a cross upon a chain. And a new word has hit me mid sentence. Resurrection.

And here a wild speculation. Could AOD's interpretation of and posting about The Prophet provide the meaning to all this, if there is any? My brother's magical date of birth comes after his date of death. Is he saying "A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind, and another woman shall bear me"?

We may never know. But its fun to speculate.

"Similarly, when the consciousness moves out of its present physical form, it is still all of those personas it was throughout its entire life and it either may or may not recall them all. They are set-aside, as they were when in a physical form as the whole self experiences another progression of itself as it did on earth." - AOD

Well put. This seems at first thought to be a good rationalization for the notion of the soul/high self "progressing" through endless self-chosen incarnations. The problem is, the analogy breaks down when it comes to the purported life choice process between lives.

No human would ever knowingly deliberately choose a life of suffering whether later in the same physical life or in a future life. But in this model the high self must be doing this time after time, since it is an undoubted fact that many humans are born into such lives. Not the typical experience, but still common.

Conclusion: The continuity of consciousness model is faulty and the oversoul is amoral and alien in nature, or the soul actually has no choice - it is compelled by circumstances out of its control to come back in whatever form the powers-that-be dictate.

It's not that some people suffer and some people have a life completely free of suffering. We all suffer, only in different ways. Also some people seem to be able to bear suffering more than others. The first noble truth of Buddhism is "all life is suffering."

It is through suffering (in different ways) that the soul learns the things it came here to learn. Life is supposed to be challenging and difficult and frustrating and evoke lots of emotion. These are the ways that the soul is imprinted with what it is like to be in a body and control that body, what it is like to be separate, and what time and space look and feel like, and what "out there" looks and feels like.

If we had never been in a body and learned about the physical universe we'd just be an amorphous blob of consciousness with no thoughts or knowledge of any kind. Our consciousness would fill the entire heavenly universe and it would just be a swirl of nothingness.

But by learning about what time and space and separation look like, and what it is like to have a body, and how to control that body, and what things that are separate look like - the consciousness that we call the soul is able to create some kind of heaven for itself. Without the time spent here it would be similar to an amorphous gas that fills a cylinder but has no thoughts of its own.

Plenty of humans have chosen a way life that leads to suffering. Often in the service or others or for their protection,

In the above quote from Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet" I think that Gibran is poetically touching upon the process of rebirth when he says that his "longing" shall gather dust and foam for another body. His careful choice of words might imply that the process of choosing rebirth may not be anything compelled or complicated but that it is a very simple process of "longing" for physicality again.

It seems to me that the process is often driven by purpose, that is, there is usually some reason for longing for physicality and that often it is very personal on a soul level. The choice is not to avoid pain and suffering but to manifest love and purpose. For example one might simply want to return to life just to help another spirit entity who is seen as needing some comfort to get through life. Others might choose a grander purpose to advance humanity in some way through medicine, government, art, literature, invention, science etc.

It is unlikely that a soul is compelled to come back if it does not desire it. However, souls eventually see the need for growth and to advance in understanding and to express their love for others and to be part of creation and choose to return, not focusing on the negatives of a life but instead on the goal they chose for the incarnation. Similar to a disembodied state, a physical life could be seen as a "moment of melody upon the wind" and whether or not in that moment one sings a song of pain and suffering is---in the auditorium of eternity--- only a momentary cacophony in the grand symphony of the Great Composer's harmonies. - AOD


well said...

Art, I will say my father over time ( who is deceased) had definitely changed. I think you have to change being a spirit with extended knowledge.
The things he tells me to do, he wouldn't have done so on earth, but he says so for my well being. Lyn x.

As a caveat I was going to write what he told me recently. But he told me he would rather not have me write it. I see now, for me it would help, but as a general rule to go by, for others wrong.
Lyn x.

David Magan wrote,

||Conclusion: The continuity of consciousness model is faulty and the oversoul is amoral and alien in nature, or the soul actually has no choice - it is compelled by circumstances out of its control to come back in whatever form the powers-that-be dictate.||

My interpretation is that the spirit can see one or more lives that are options for reincarnation and make the choice to come back or not. Thus, let's say in 1850 80% of the world population was impoverished; a soul not be forced to go back, but the lives it has the option of taking on would have had a roughly 80% chance of being impoverished.

To put it crudely, sometimes what's on the buffet isn't so appetizing, but you might still choose to eat it.

Matt wrote, "To put it crudely, sometimes what's on the buffet isn't so appetizing, but you might still choose to eat it."

Right. We actually see that happening even in this life zone. For example, men who enlisted to fight the Japanese and Germans and then further requested to be in the infantry. Very unappetizing tough and dangerous job with a high probability of death or mutilation. Yet they still did it because, well, it had to be done. Heroism isn't easy. I think that many have heroic souls that choose lives that will be rough, but result in improvement - even if their surface ego thinks it would prefer a life of ease and pleasure.

If anyone remembers my long sequence of incidents recounted earlier in this comments section, a brief update. Other strange things happened after my last posting, but I'll just skip to last evening when i saw again and finally spoke to the homeless man who was my brother's double and with all the confluences around his birthday of May 17th.

He himself had an amazing background story, but to cut to the chase as i left him i paused and thought I've got to ask or i'll kick myself "By the way...when's your birthday?". Of course i'd have collapsed if he said May 17th so certainly didn't think he would. He didn't.
"January" he told me.
Ah well, I thought and shrugged
"January 11th".
He doesn't share my brother's birthday. He shares mine.

For copies of the book you could try contacting this seller in the UK (e-mail at page bottom). At least the 7.99 BP price is reasonable.

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