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Hey, Matt: interesting conversation! Unfortunately, this is turning out to be one crazy week, so I'll have to pick it up when I can.

Bruce wrote,

||Hey, Matt: interesting conversation! Unfortunately, this is turning out to be one crazy week, so I'll have to pick it up when I can.||

At your leisure, sir! :)

A few points:

-On increased partisanship I would say look at the amount of Russian money, and the strategy used by Putin inline with the "Chekist" playbook.

Alt-right, alt-left, both have at least some Russian influence. Texas succession & Calexit, Trump and Stein, Neo-nazis & Antifa, etc.

- As this is a continuation from prior posts and I'm only now catching up I sincerely doubt the internet can make someone a transexual or homosexual. It seems to me the traits are inborn, though I do think more work needs to be done to separate as much as possible someone who is trans from someone who suffers gender dysmorphia. I really would be curious to see past-life regression applied here though I suspect further research will indicate the brain/genetic factors for LGBT phenomenon, and it seems we're approaching answers in this regard.

-It seems to me the whole idea of Cultural Marxism is an example of conspiracy theory paranoia born of the internet? See Alex Jones (and his Russian connection).

I think huge swaths of any population just expectedly disagree about varied issues, though I'd agree the more one's opinion is influenced by internet safe spaces of conservative/liberal/libertarian/socialist/populist/etc type the less capable one is at avoiding Manichean thinking with regards to those they disagree with.

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