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Here is the translation of what a Brazilian neurocientist said about the article:

About the article, the interesting point here is that it runs counter to the classic experiment of Michael Gazzaniga (Harvard) with "Split Brains". According to the "tradition," individuals with complete corpus callosum lesion (i.e., with almost total rupture of interhemispheric communication) would also exhibit a rupture of consciousness.

Let me give you an example:

Take for granted the idea that the language is interpreted in the left temporal lobe and that the images are perceived in the occipital lobes contralateral to the visual hemifield in which the image is presented. Now imagine that someone is sitting in front of a TV, looking directly at it. A word that appears only in the left half of the screen can be read because the right occipital lobe is able to send the visual image to the left temporal lobe (via corpus callosum) and in this the image of the letters is decoded into a meaningful word. In this same model, a patient who underwent a calosotomy would be unable to read the word, since communication of the right occipital lobe with the left temporal lobe would be impossible. Going a little further, we would be facing an illiterate individual for everything that is written on the left half of the screen and fully able to read the words written on the right half of the screen.

What this article demonstrates (and what strongly needs replication) is that images presented to one cerebral hemisphere can be accessed by the cognitive circuitry of the other hemisphere, even with the sectioned corpus callosum, and this is contrary to the foundations of cognitive neuroscience.

Here we have some possibilities:
 1) these results are wrong and will not be replicated;
2) these results will be replicated but still with the possibility that committees (communications) of small size have (or assume) a more relevant role in inter-hemispheric communication than was previously known; or
3) we are faced with the greatest evidence of non-locality of consciousness already demonstrated.

Just as a note: I decided to take a full look (whatever this might mean...) at this work, so I will be taking a lot more time to comment on it. When I do, I will post it on my website, and I will let Michael Prescott know of it.

Very Best Wishes to all,

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