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Would like to say here that I have a copy of the book and am enjoying reading all the anecdotes. However, I do so wish the cover wasn't made of that horrible, cheap cardboard that curls up in every direction. :(

Hi Julie.

I have forwarded your complaint to the publisher, who in turn forwarded it to the Printer. Who responded that this is the only type of cover they provide.

A pity. Anyway - they suggested to put on top of the book a stack of heavy books and then the cover will straighten out.

As for the often heard request: a Kindle version please, I have no idea whether that will happen in the near future.

BTW: also Kenneth Ring, the nestor of NDE-research placed a glowing review on Amazon.

Cheers - Smithy

What are people's thoughts on this?:
The title is misleading, but do you think this has bearing on the consciousness debate?

\\"BTW: also Kenneth Ring, the nestor of NDE-research placed a glowing review on Amazon."
Cheers - Smithy//

Thanks Smithy! I'm a huge Ken Ring fan. He was one of the first NDE writer/researchers that I read after first becoming acquainted with NDE writing around the year 2000. His book "Life At Death" was a big eye opener for me and one of the books that began to change my view that maybe there really was "life after death" and maybe it wasn't "too good to be true" - which is how I think I felt at that time.

I plan to buy your book and am thinking maybe around Christmas time? My loved ones always asks me what I want for Christmas (I'm 63 years old so difficult to please) but I think a copy of your book would be a great Christmas present for myself? I hope it has lots of new NDE stories in it because most of the older ones I have read all ready.

Smithy I am also a huge fan of death bed visions so if you are looking for a new topic for a life after death book to write how about a book about death bed visions that is jam packed with lots of Death Bed Vision anecdotes? I find DBVs endlessly uplifting and comforting.

"For the sake of argument, let's assume that the underlying basis of the physical world is a matrix of pure information and that our mind processes this information in such a way as to render it into tangible three-dimensional forms. If this is true, then it doesn't matter if the mind is embodied in a brain (which is only one of those rendered physical forms anyway) or if it is disembodied. The same rendering process will still take place, based on the same underlying informational structure."

But then what happens to the optical laws? We know that to see, it is required that the light is reflected, but the spiritual body is invisible, then the spiritual body have to perceive their environment differently.

"The title is misleading, but do you think this has bearing on the consciousness debate?"

That's just a nuisance, but will not change the interpretation of the data that people do.

Hi Art,

That might indeed be a next topic for Titus Rivas and I to work on. Indeed, Death Bed Visions are truly fascinating, also because they often have common characteristics with NDE's.

So thanks for the suggestion.

Cheers - Smithy

Good news!

I have been informed that a Kindle version of our book The Self Does Not Die is in the making! I will let you know when this version is up for sale.

BTW - just check out Amazon for a wonderful review by Neal Grossman and others:

Cheers - Smithy

The Kindle version is available now. Only $10.-!

Hi folks:

Please join us over at Gerry's review of "The Self Does Not Die." We're having a very interesting conversation.

So i have noticed don

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