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Can I just reply to, "How many times have you made a false prediction or had a feeling of doom that turned out to be unjustified?" Never. not once, have I had a feeling of doom that has not proved to be a forewarning of some negative experience of one kind or other.

You're obviously much more intuitive in that way than me, Julie.

However, I would add that I can only remember one occasion in my life when I've had an instinctive dislike of a person upon meeting them for the first time, and the feeling has proved to be unjustified (spectacularly so, in that instance). I frequently get that feeling even before someone has opened their mouth and, once, before I'd even seen the person concerned.

I never ignore that instinct now, but it took me around 40 years to start paying heed to it. Assuming I was being 'irrational', or unfair in the past had simply proved to be rather costly, and not worth the subsequent hassle.

With people, it's not so much instant dislike: There have been times when someone I've initially taken a dislike to has turned into a good friend later. Sometimes we dislike people solely because they're rather too much like our self! :)

What I mean is a feeling that says, quite unmistakably, 'something is very wrong here'. The feeling is one of dread right down to the pit of one's stomach.

We all suffer from nerves and anxiety at times. Stress can easily bring on such feelings. But the kind of thing I'm getting at is quite distinct from that. It's a foreboding; a knowing with certainty that all is not well with something or someone.

I seem to recall that M. Scott Peck wrote at some length about this kind of thing in his 'People of the Lie'. Until I came across that book I had never thought very deeply about the phenomenon before.

But I am sensitive. I get lots of premonitions about all kinds of things - sometimes quite unimportant things. But such feelings are always very distinct and unmistakable - feels like suddenly remembering something.

Julie, you've reminded me of this passage from Alergnon Blackwood's "The Empty House:"

“Certain houses, like certain persons, manage somehow to proclaim at once their character for evil. In the case of the latter, no particular feature need betray them; they may boast an open countenance and an ingenuous smile; and yet a little of their company leaves the unalterable conviction that there is something radically amiss with their being: that they are evil. Willy nilly, they seem to communicate an atmosphere of secret and wicked thoughts which makes those in their immediate neighbourhood shrink from them as from a thing diseased.”

So I think there are definitely people who give off "bad vibes," as Blackwood so eloquently explains here. You just can't seem to put your finger on it, but perhaps we pick things up subconsciously.

We certainly do. But, even so, some people almost seem to gravitate towards those unpalatable types. For instance, I've never understood why people will stand behind and even protect an obviously mean-spirited bully. Is it a case of like attracting like?

At a conference some years ago I met a lady psychotherapist who had many interesting accounts to tell of the different kinds of characters she'd met over the years during the course of her professional work.

Before we parted she told me that she felt me to be 'clean all the way through'. At the time I thought oh dear, how boring I sound. Today I feel delighted to recall that she perceived me that way. And how very kind of her to tell me so. :)

On intuitive feelings - I once had a strong, sudden sense that I was being attacked by *something* while staying at a friend's.

Ignored it at the time, assuming it was probably unjustified as there was no mundane reason to think there was any danger.

We got carjacked at gunpoint about an hour later after going out.

That's *exactly* the kind of scenario I had in mind earlier, SPatel - although a tad more extreme than anything I've experienced to date!!

A few years ago I lost a friend from my youth. I don't live in the same area now and I heard bits and pieces of what might have happened. Ranging from suicide to something more sinister. Still, I thought so much of her. Her youth and sweetness and hard upbringing. I remember there was a pool hall in the little town we hung out in and she painted a mural of butterflies on the wall. Well, I was driving and had written a short post on a local forum about my long ago friend and thinking of things. I honestly don't remember if I was consciously thinking of her right then. But, all of a sudden I felt her presence in the car. I did something I never do. I actually reached out as if I were stroking the side of her face. It was that strong.

A little later I had (my own fault) a fender bender. Was she protecting me and that's why it wasn't worse? Was I still in a mind fog from the encounter? Was it just unrelated? I don't know. I don't know if this post belongs in this particular place right now. But, I knew and I still know that there is some connection that we have and leaning toward reincarnation I tend to believe in group souls. Of course I could be wrong. :-)

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