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Why couldn't God also be on a journey of self improvement?

If the journeys are already complete, doesn't that suggest our paths are completely predetermined?

Doesn't seem very comforting?

Hi, Michael.
You can handle my paragon, instead of the diamond a human hand. It's one, but there are 5 fingers and all together can play the piano. Each finger plays its notes, but it's the whole hand that directs them to the right keys.
A friend of mine channeled this example about linear/non linear time: here we're sitting on a carousel so we can see what happens around the carousel in a linear sequence while it revolves around. But, if we descend from the seat, we will get a whole view of the scene around the carousel.
This info was transmitted by EVP from a High Spirit who's able to put in contact the deceased with their relatives, who usually give many verifiable facts.

Speaking of the journey of souls toward self-improvement, interesting article on past-life regression @ Reality Sandwich:

Love Across Lifetimes

'In the third and final scene, he was an African-American male jazz singer in 1920s Chicago, singing on stage during the climax of his favorite song. I couldn’t imagine anything with more vitality and verve. The band played behind him while people danced all around. He saw his white girlfriend in the front row looking at him with eyes so filled with attraction and passion, they could have been the only two people there. Obviously, the love between these two was set against the backdrop of racism, segregation, and prejudice that we are still resolving today. I asked “What is different about this singer from the woman in the village or the young wife in the garden?” and he said “He loves himself.”'

It's fun to ponder these types of ideas. Supposedly Buddha said "the universe is, and always has been, complete". I think the best proof is, long before men moved pebbles around to "discover" this, two plus two always equalled four. Likewise all mathematical solutions, no matter how complex, already exist. Just as fire would always have softened metal and planes always would have flown. I'm always amused when the mathematicians crow about how well the universe matches their work. What we don't hear about is all the calculations that went into the trash until they found ones that match observations!

Reality as an axiom, then?
You can only see the data set you are a factor in.

Along the lines of talking about models of consciousness, here is a link to a post by the estimable Bernardo Kastrup, author of Materialism is Baloney and other books and articles. It is about an experiment that supports his notion that brains are rather like transient physical "whirlpools" in an ocean of non-physical consciousness. If the brain's function is reduced in certain areas, Kastrup surmises, the brainbound consciousness will be opened to larger metaphysical vistas. The experiment corroborates this view.


Brilliant post! I think it sums up a lot, and I suspect that it's mostly true. One thing I find questionable, however:

||I admit that there is no way to fully grasp this, inasmuch as it would require a higher dimensional level of understanding, which we as incarnate beings simply don't have.||

I think through spiritual development we *can* begin to grasp it. True, you did say "fully." The "fully" perhaps only comes from the perspective of Source itself.

Nice work!

Over on Bernardo's forum I posted a link to a PHD thesis which contained a great comparison between Seth's framework and that of Sri Aurobindo, the Indian guru. The writer is quite astonished by how closely they agree on many aspects, despite coming from widely different backgrounds.

Of course, if there is any core truth to all this, then such convergence should be expected.

I've always found some traditional philosophy, eg advaita philosophy, a bit unhelpful when it comes to exploring these areas. It reduces everything to an undifferentiated blob. For me Seth has provided a framework in which to make sense of all this.

'Consciousness gestalt' is a phrase which comes to mind.

The great thing is, he doesn't disagree with Advaita - yes it is all one, but within the one there is infinite diversity. It's the second bit that advaitans can't seem to handle, or seek to dismiss as 'maya'. Maya is not to be dismissed; to do so is to disrespect consciousness, for 'maya' is how consciousness expresses itself.

Seth also confirms how much diversity there is *outside* of our own human awareness. Again Advaita likes to make out there there's consciousness, and then there's 'us', or apparently us, living in illusion - that's it.

It forgets the myriad realms and areas of consciousness that all the evidence suggests exists between us and All That Is, and is of course contained within it. It's a far richer vision.

I can see within these philosophies the metaphor of the 'Diamond' previously discussed here. That is, an oversoul (or "consciousness gestalt") is made up of many individual personalities or individual incarnations. Much in the way that I, in old age am made up of an infant personality, a child, an adolescent, a young adult, a mature adult an old adult and an elderly adult. My consciousness is one consciousness but incorporated within it is each of those personalities.

Similarly, the oversoul is made up of each of its incarnations and perhaps if all of those oversouls merge together at some point, that in fact, they all become one god-like gestalt with infinite diversity.

Each culture uses its own definitions, analogies and metaphors to try to explain the unexplainable. But I think they are all struggling to define some ultimate gestalt reality or God

"Each culture uses its own definitions, analogies and metaphors to try to explain the unexplainable. But I think they are all struggling to define some ultimate gestalt reality or God" - AOD

Hear, hear! The fact that we all (all cultures) appreciate the concept suggests, at least to me, that there must be some kind of truth/reality behind it.

Great comments, Douglas!

this post happily expresses my best guess at the nature of Nature, but I would make a slight change to the metaphor

the diamond necklace as a model for our local group and something like the Crown Jewels as a model for God makes more sense to me

assuming Sirians exist, I am not certain the diamond model best expresses the intent or limitations of their incarnation

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