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I've often heard it said that the life span used to be lower. Especially say, around 100 years ago. But this is contradicted by one of the major Upanishads, which states that people can live for 100 years.

Average life span was shorter in the past. There have always been a few people who enjoyed long lifetimes, but proportionately there are more of them now.

Wouldn't child mortality rates play a major role in life expectancy statistics? It seems like life spans would appear lower if many young people are dying. In other words, if you can make it to age 5, did your life expectancy get bumped up to modern day levels?

@Laurence I do think we can influence matter, and therefore attract actions towards us perhaps. There are certainly crosses in the world and Geralds, Gerry's.

Or perhaps the experience was preordained to influence you toward more spiritual thinking. I think we each have a somewhat guided path, but that's just what I have come to feel.

I know for me when I first heard voices in the beginning- they told me to get the washing in as it was going to rain, watch the candle as it was going to drip down the drawers it was placed on, and if I went out the door the wind would slam it shut and I would be locked out. And I wondered why they seemed to tell me things all day, till it dawned on me that they were demonstrating that they were around all the time.

So that was my journey I guess, to learn to listen and realise I could hear.

Gee Lynn, I must have voices talking to me all the time too but I always thought that they were just my own intelligent experienced subconscious mind, perhaps, that was doing the talking. I have that kind of chatter going on constantly in my head. I don't know Lynn but with all due respect the examples you gave seem more like common sense than communication from the spirit world.-AOD :^}

"Amos" I'll explain a bit. I was living in a house in Bangkok with 12 mature mango trees that formed a canopy over the house and garden so little grass grew. The sun was out as I could see it through the trees on what was a 40 degree day. When it rained it would be dark and wind usually comes as well in Asia. So I said to my husband jokingly how the voice said "It's going to rain and you will need to bring the washing right up by the door as the wind will slant the rain. It was a hot day and I went out thinking " I doubt it ". Then spots appeared so I put the washing just under the canopy, suddenly wind gushed and went under the canopy so I took the frame right up by the door.

The candle was a slow burning one, and within one hour was all down the drawers- they put a pic in my head before it happened.

The door had never slammed shut since or before, not that it couldn't. I rung my mum and forgot what they said. Picked up the washing, went out and it slammed shut. :).

I just want to add too, there were many other examples Amos, e.g telling me my daughter was not on the school bus. So I rung her to find she was still at school trying out for their production which she had failed to tell me.

It's hard to reproduce experiences on a page. Particularly my ebook!

Like you I doubted it all, till everything I was told was validated. Now they don't vocalise as much, and I suspect it's because I now understand. Lyn x.

Thanks for the additional information Lynn, - AOD

Lynn's right, Amos. I hear that voice too, it's like a good friend and protector whispering over my shoulder - very different from self-talk. But I must confess that it's become much more clear to me as I've got older. Perhaps I'm more easy to influence now; less cock sure?

Anyway, the first time I heard about such a thing was from my mother. She told me about a day, before I was born, when she was making dinner for the family, which at that time comprised my father, my sister, Lynn, and, of course, my mother.

It was to be a salad and, having prepared everything she went to the window to see if she could see my father on the lane outside, returning home from work.

Suddenly, she felt a distinct poke in the shoulder and, startled, turned around to see my sister, who was sitting in her high chair at the table, playing with the empty salmon tin that my mother had left within Lynn's reach. In those days tin openers were strictly manual and left a jagged edge both on the rim and at the edge of the lid. Apparently, Lynn had pushed her fist into that tin and had she turned it would more than likely have cut her wrist deeply.

The effect of the experience was so powerful that my mother said she would never forget the feeling of that poke on the shoulder - and I don't believe she ever did.

It wasn't a voice, it was a much more immediate and dramatic communication. Perhaps, like me, my mother wasn't such a good listener when young and needed a physical nudge to hear that most important warning.

For the sake of the blog archive, the TedX presentation I see dead people: Dreams and Visions of the Dying by Dr. Kerr is now available. I highly recommend it.

Thanks David! That was so great. It put a smile on my face. I love reading and hearing about end of life experiences, death bed visions, and nearing death awareness. I find it endlessly comforting and uplifting. Thank you so much.

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