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Lynn, it reminds me of the quote by Fredrick Myers where he says, ""I appear to be standing behind a sheet of frosted glass-which blurs sight and deadens sound-dictating feebly to a reluctant secretary."

I remember watching John Edward's Crossing Over where he said the spirits on the other side use his own memories to share with him what the other spirit is saying. John Edward said he had to interpret the things he was shown and figure out what they were trying to say. It sounds to me almost like a game of charades. I do remember one reading where he was shown a Victrola and the girls he was reading replied, "one of our Grandmother's proudest possessions was her Victrola." Or something to that effect.

Whatever it is it isn't like picking up a telephone and talking to someone. And for the record I have little to no faith in physical Mediumship. It sounds like so much silliness to me. Borders on the ridiculous. I have heard some really good mental Mediums though like George Anderson and I read a book about Eileen Garret that was pretty imnpressive.

I find people fall at various levels of belief along the consciousness scale 'Art'. Its definitely a personal thing. But I think there is as much evidence out there for mental mediumship as there is for NDE'S.

Whether its police psychics- like the one I posted recently, personal readings- mine have been amazingly accurate- perhaps yours haven't, and the example of Michelle Whitedove in the 2007 psychic challenge held under controlled conditions in a desert- who found the exact spot a man was buried.. So for me, theres certainly enough verifiable evidence for it, that I wouldn't stoop to ridicule.

I love this video as well, of a skeptic turned believer after a reading under scientifically controlled conditions.

I find psychic input to be all of what you stated as well- but then that's just my experience. :)

I didn't say I was skeptical of Mental Mediums. I am skeptical of physical Mediums, especially the ones that perform tricks that remind me of stage magicians. I don't see the reason or purpose for them. It has nothing to do with validating life after death and everything to do with putting on a show?

I watched all of John Edward's Crossing Over series and I was quite impressed with what he did; and I saw George Anderson several times on TV, and read his books, and he is also quite impressive. I'm sure there are other Mental Mediums that can do what George Anderson does, but really good ones are probably rare.

But Physical Mediumship is beyond me and I fail to understand the fascination with it. It has little to do with life after death as far as I can tell. It's looks like more of a show to me.

Sorry, my mistake. Cool :).

I wonder if this is the same "Bill" that was caught faking a story about being cheated by a medium at Skeptiko?

That "Bill" also claimed that he was not a "closet skeptic" before posting a CSI story as his own "personal" experience.

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