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This I admit is beyond me - or, maybe it's all about the same thing - the material perspective cannot account for everything.

But I did find an interesting article in The Guardian about the death experience and Parnia's experiment that I think many will enjoy. The comments are interesting, as several people explain their own NDEs. The skeptics as usual are out in force, but still interesting:

I'm always amazed at how cool, calm and peaceful the earth looks from outer space. It must seem awfully inviting to little green men. :)

Recalls the philosophy of Bergson, but then what doesn't? I suspect we'll return to Bergson and Whitehead, ideally sooner rather than later.

I immediately noticed your use of the word grok.
Were you inspired by the brilliant science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein?

Yup. I like "grok." I think it should become part of everyday speech.

Oh dear. I can't stand 'grok'. :(

NOW they tell us.
Here's a followup article explaining what's happening more clearly. The impression I initially had was that individual photons were behaving like particles and waves simultaneously. Nope.
Put simply, some of the photons from the same source behaved like particles, while others simultaneously behaved like waves.

Either I'm too slow, or the original article was too fast. Probably a little of both. :D

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