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Hi,Micheal: Thank you for the link to Best Evidence. I am always on the lookout for good, accessible intros to psi-stuff.

Aloha Michael: Thanks for the mention of The Witch of Napoli. Had fun writing it -- something different from my usual non-fiction books.

I posted on Historical Fiction Connection a guest blog giving my take on Palladino's powers. Some of your blog followers may enjoy it. Here's the link :

Tonight, Friday, Coast to Coast AM (10 to 2 Pacific time) is having the first two hours devoted to the things Palladino could accomplish:

"Materialization, especially full-body materialization, is the rarest of all reported paranormal physical phenomena. Portions of human bodies, such as hands, which move, grasp, carry things, etc., or entire bodies which speak, breath and walk like living beings materialize from ectoplasm, according to physicist and professor Jan Vandersande who joins Richard Syrett (filling in for George) in the first half. Followed by Open Lines."

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