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Not quantum science, but "Seth" explains the affect of thought on matter well I think.

"Think of your thoughts... as living electromagnetic cells, differing from the physical cells in your body only in the nature of their materialization. Your thoughts direct the overall functioning of your body's cells, even though you do not consciously know how those cells operate. That work is unconscious.

"As living cells have a structure, react to stimuli and ... according to their own classification, so do thoughts. Thoughts thrive on association. They magnetically attract others like themselves, and like some strange microscopic animals they repel their "enemies", or other thoughts that are threatening to their own survival."

"The birth of a conscious mind, as you think of it, meant that the species took upon itself free will."

Lyn x.

Very good explanation! Wondering what I'll eat tonight for the New Year's celebration, may be a soup of photons and quarks ?
Happy 2015, Michael!

Hi Lynn,
Thanks for the link to the Seth quotes. I have read the Seth books and I find them very tiresome at times---wading through all of the extraneous material---so it is nice to have pertinent excerpts in one place. - AOD

Great post, Michael!

The connection between thought and the Uncertainty Principle is very... thoughtful! Quite brilliant, really.

Here's the thing, however: We don't know the structure and mechanism of thought. We believers in Spirit don't, and materialists studying consciousness certainly don't. We don't know what, if any, the units are. For example, are there particular neuronal patterns that form a kind of Periodic Table of Elements that compose all thoughts? On a spiritual level, what is happening?

We just don't know. Until we have a clue, we won't know if something like Heisenberg's principle applies. Lynn's Seth quote is pertinent and interesting: it's likely that there are very many and quite complex "rules of thought."

By the way, I'll put this here because it's somewhat relevant and definitely timely. Last night I had one of the most unusual dreams of my life, as I was analyzing my own thought process and receiving spiritual advice. I was told, "Just take your whole set of thoughts out of the picture, as if they are irrelevant." It was a teaching about how not to be in a situation that isn't working, as well as a kind of global approach to being. This was told to me, it seems as I try to remember, by a spirit guide I couldn't see instead of a character in the dream. And the guide was able to point to my whole "set of thoughts" in a way that I could physically feel. In addition, I could sense how removing the set would feel. It was quite edifying, and I will try to apply this teaching in my waking life!

I think everyone finds "Seth" hard work "Amos" as well. So I tend to isolate those areas I am interested in. I do find them helpful for working through personal agendas too.

Some years ago when I channelled my grandmother she said -" You are looking for answers out there, and they are all in here "( in you ).

And I am reminded of what "Seth" says, that our conscious is so much more than we realise, it holds all memories- the past, the present and the future.

I think in time if scientist's come to study consciousness, they will see it as having a material form, and I feel part of the problem is as "Seth" articulates, that we tend to see our body as encapsulated, separate, and unresponsive to our environment. But it makes sense to me that a nerve impulse is able to migrate through the skin, as we are similarly made up of and surrounded by atoms in our universe.

This then explains so much - PSI, telepathy, precognition (by feedback from our environment in a two way system), and how I can send my thoughts to affect the fall of the tarot cards, and communicate with spirit, etc . Lyn x,

Thanks for your approach to provide a basis for conversations of our mind and matter connection. I am not an expert nor do I pretend to be but I do consider myself to be an independent thinker. That is still not a correct term considering the thoughts I am thinking is a collection of words and ideas that were created by all the others who have contributed to my education and experience from time past.

When I was younger sometimes when I would stand up fast or turn my head some kind of way I would see lights like electrons swirl around me and go out of my field of vision. This showed me there is more to us than is currently explained by what is known.

I was once fishing on a pond near a mountain on a calm day with no wind. The sun reflected perfectly on the surface. Suddenly a strong breeze came through and the water started to become choppy. The sun reflected off each wave as thousands of suns. Each would come into existence and go back out of existence in a moment. As the wind died down there was left only the one sun and the calm waters. This seemed to show me how the entire universe operates and yet it was only thoughts of my limited mind. Awesome as it was.

We measure our environment with our known senses. The tools we have developed are still just extensions of our senses but more sensitive to detect other frequencies. Years ago I would mediate to try and break through to some other experience that would give me knowledge of my connection to life and the universe.

While meditating I would see external to myself a rotating pattern of light. I couldn't explain what it was and I asked my mom if it was God. She didn't know either but I later came to know that this was called the flower of life. While seeing this rotating field of energy externally I also realized this was something that was inside myself and the tools I needed to understand this was also a part of my internal working/thought structure.

Unless we break ranks and find other tools or senses we seem bound to only know what our material existence will allow us.

Our measurements are only what our senses/tools can measure. Computers with their speed and abilities still only work to be extensions of our own abilities. While the quantum approach is a concept to address the unknown can the unknown ever become known because of our limitations to access that much or kind of information?

Steve, rather than post the correction included in your second comment, I just incorporated the corrected text into your original comment.

This is only tangentially on topic, but I've lately had a lot of anxiety regarding existence. I've come to accept survival, but I'm constantly worried about eternity and time and the ultimate fate of the universe. It is likely true I survive my physical death, but forever? I'm not sure, and I don't think there's a way to know. I really want to stop feeling anxious and upset, because it does absolutely no good.

J. said:

"I've come to accept survival, but I'm constantly worried about eternity and time and the ultimate fate of the universe. It is likely true I survive my physical death, but forever?"

My guess is that our space-time universe is not eternal. It's probably a temporary form, like the vastly shorter-lived human body, through which The Eternal One expresses itself.

But the good news is that we're much more than mere members of this mortal universe, subject to dying when it dies. Our source and identity go deeper -- we are, in fact, portions of The Eternal One.

In other words, survival is forever. Or at least until next Thursday.

"I've come to accept survival, but I'm constantly worried about eternity and time and the ultimate fate of the universe. It is likely true I survive my physical death, but forever?"

I don't think it does any good to ponder such things. Our minds cannot comprehend eternity, or even the lifespan of the cosmos - or even the lifespan of the sun, for that matter. I doubt we can make a span of time much longer than a couple of hundred years feel "really real" to us.

Please don't take this as a criticism - it isn't meant that way - but I think such anxieties arise from the ego and can best be alleviated by practicing methods of silencing the ego, such as mindfulness (see Eckhart Tolle) or guided meditation.

The ego is always looking for things that will drive us crazy, and it's fanatically concerned with perpetuating itself. The more we can learn to ignore it, the better we'll feel.

The strategies recommended by Richard Carlson (the Don't Sweat the Small Stuff guy) can also be very helpful. His basic point is that our thoughts are just thoughts, and we need not pay attention to them. We can just watch them with casual interest and let them go - like mildly interesting clouds scudding past, with no effect on us.

As we learn to quiet the ego or to pay less attention to troubling thoughts, we tend to feel better and be happier. We also learn to accept ambiguity, the unknown, and the unknowable.


And hence the advice I received on tossing out the whole bunch of thoughts!


I agree with your response to J, Michael, but I also think there's a strong element of the existential crisis involved here. It occurs to me that we are conditioned into being herd animals/thinkers. We go sailing along through our early life with blinkers on; not thinking too much about anything terribly important and assuming that the older generations have things all in hand. We feel quite certain that life's mysteries will unfold their answers with time.

But then they don't, and we realize that no one out there knows anymore than we do about the big questions. There simply are no answers. That's when we start to tread water and a kind of panic sets in as we come to understand that we can't go back into that naive state of near oblivion. It's a stage that any thinking person must endure and come to terms with. It's also a component of the 'outsider' condition. But then not everyone is an outsider in this important sense.

Sorry if that doesn't make much sense. But I am (as always) writing off the top of my head and in a hurry. Just make of it what you will. ;)

Yes, this entire time, I've realized that the answer is not to find truth - since no one knows truth, but to be content with whatever it may be. Far harder said than done...

For J.:

You can find interesting the following link on how to rationally justify two assumptions of some afterlife proponents:

I just came across the following quotation as I left this thread:

"No one can construct for you the bridge upon which precisely you must cross the stream of life, no one but you yourself alone."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Another coincidence?


I hear you and I get you! I have also started reading "The Outsider"!

Thank you, Matt. We must be kindred spirits. :)

By the way, the Nietzsche quote was the 'Goodreads quote of the Day'' which I opened in my mail folder directly after leaving Micheal's blog. That kind of coincidence/synchronicity happens to me often, and I have absolutely no idea why. But it does make me smile.

I do hope you enjoy 'The Outsider' and that it speaks to you in the way that it did me all those years ago. It's always comforting to know that we are not completely alone as we drift, helplessly, away from the comfort of the crowd.

I'm glad that you have felt comfortable "J" in expressing your feeling on this website. There are some caring people here.

It can be difficult to fully understand where your particular "worry' originates e.g. sometime a religious upbringing can leave us with negative assumptions.

But lets face it, its a human failing that we tend to dwell on the negative rather than the positive, and really its just faulty thinking.
We can't possibly have all the answers i.e. scientific evidence of a perpetual afterlife, but that goes both ways. There is none to suggest we can't live perpetually either. So worrying about any outcome we can't know, is of no benefit to us.

I know it's easier said than done. I think Michael's advise is good. Also there are plenty of examples on the internet of those who have had experiences (whether near death or out of body ) of feeling a part of eternity. Art has posted a number on this site if you want to look. These are positive stories may help bring a sense of security, and they also can be very uplifting.

I'm also a great believer of asking for what I want too, or want to know and putting it out there. Whether you believe in a god, or even quantum physics (that our choices influence matter). Its all a win win and may just help.

I hope some of our answers help. Lyn x.

Off-topic: This morning I had a dream not long before waking up in which I was given an assignment (I can't remember by whom) to talk on a subject of my choice.

Now I don't make speeches or give lectures, nor do I remember ever having had such a dream. But the dream was very clear as to these particulars: I was to talk on a subject of my choice.

An hour or two after awakening, I checked my email, and there was only one. The first line reads:

". . . we are glad to extend you an invitation to present a topic of your choice during the 7th WORLD PIANO CONFERENCE - WPC (Novi Sad, Serbia, June 27 – July 03, 2015)."

As many of you know, I have a long history of apparently precognitive dreams, and this morning's scenario is a common one: I have a dream, followed soon after by an experience that seems to match it. Sometimes the event happens only minutes after awakening -- this one took longer.

Amusingly, the part of the dream I remember most vividly was being in front of the audience and beginning to speak. I said: "I've chosen to talk today about ayahuasca" (which I had been reading about before dropping off to sleep). And I remember thinking that they just might be surprised at my choice of topics.

One of the strengths of this particular dream/event match is how startled I was to get that email. I read it a few times, because no one ever invites me to speak, and I'm thinking: who are these guys anyway? So even apart from the dream (which I only remembered after getting the email) it was a memorable waking event, the kind that seems likeliest to trigger a dream.

@Lynn: Whenever I feel anxiety and confusion I ask, quietly, for help. At the risk of tempting providence, I've never been let down.

Here's research on how quantum physics and gravity may interface if anyone is interested, including Roger Penrose's theory.

Lyn x.


Awesome! If you want to connect on FB, here is my link:

I extend that invite to anyone here, BTW.


That is a great dream! Nice to have home-grown evidence of the paranormal. I've had some really intense dreams the past few days (full moon influence?) but I don't tend to have precognitive dreams. BTW, are you on FB?

Thanks, Matt. Not one of my more compelling dreams, but the sort of the thing that's always a welcome gift, reminding me once again what a cool universe this is.

As to Facebook -- no I haven't got into it. I spend too much time online as it is!

@ Julie, cool.

I feel lucky in that I have conformation from spirit that they are with me, so I am able to fully believe in that. I know years ago when with a channel, she said how my grandmother puts her arms around me when I am worried. And that I only have to lean back and she will support me.

I find it really helps too, to ask spirit to help me ease my mind or distract me when I am worried. And I think even if people don't believe, just using the techniques is going to help anyway.

As an aside, an interesting synchronicity occurred recently. My daughter did not join us in Thailand for xmas this year, so I sent her some small items in the post to open on xmas morning in lieu of presents when she comes later in January.

She sent me a post when she opened them- "Can you tell the difference mum?". "I brought the exact same hat you sent, the day before and I was looking for the same top you sent and couldn't find one." "So I'm rapped".

Glad the grapevine works then. Lyn x.

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