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Interesting tale, Michael! I have heard, of course, of Dee and Kelley before. They channeled an entire purported angelic language and lots of other stuff. Definitely some interesting dudes; not sure, however, if much of spiritual value can be found there (though I would not count it out without further research...).

All you need to make gold are temperatures and pressures similar to the inside of a massive star and then build up the nuclei of atoms till you have the same atomic number as gold, 79. Voila! Gold! Easy peasy!

Off topic. Not sure where to put this. This new website looks real solid at first glance. Have to look more closely. Just throwing it out there to the billions and billions of Prescott's minions :) What do you think?

Art, I don't think stars can fuse or otherwise produce gold. I think it is all made in supernova explosions or similarly extreme cosmic conditions.

"Earthquakes make gold veins in an instant.

Pressure changes cause precious metal to deposit each time the crust moves."


The above is from the website of the journal Nature.


I'm sure all mayhem would break out if someone or some organization was able to make gold - it'd make a great novel, actually.

Several companies have actually been able to make diamonds, which you can buy, but it's still an expensive purchase. DeBeers, with its monopoly on diamonds, naturally freaked out. Diamonds aren't actually that rare, it's the monopoly on them that makes them so. Sapphires and rubies are rarer and a much better investment.

But it's possible to make artificial rubies--it's easier than making diamonds.

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