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That was great Michael, thank you. I think I sort of thought the same thing when I saw it but my faith wasn't as strong then as it is now. Re-seeing it was very heartwarming and uplifting. I got to go get a shower and get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. I cooked the Turkey, it's out of the oven and setting in our kitchen covered in aluminum foil. I also made a CherryO' cream cheese pie. I've got to pack it up and drive over to my mother in law's house (85 years old) but it's only 3 miles away. Thanks again, Happy Thanksgiving to you!

FWIW, the official song of the psychedelic Neo-American church was:

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream

Yay! Family, friends, loved ones... we'll be all reunited once again :)

Also, I have always considered that scene of Titanic to be one of the most beautiful in all cinema history... she enters to her own created Heaven to be finally with Jack, and all who died in that terrible tragedy are there to greet her... (yeah yeah we know... we saw it too...)

The biggest problem I had with that ending scene in Titanic was that Rose's husband should have been there too. Presumably there was love between them, he was the one she spend most of her life with. And one would think such things as jealousy don't exist on the other side. So he should have been there - now I don't think we were shown his face in the movie (not sure, I saw it only once and that was back when it was in theaters), but if that had been added, maybe just a wedding photo where he was clearly visible, then when she goes to the ship after her death the husband is the first one to greet her, and he leads her to Jack and gives her to him.

Would have been better than her and everybody else seemingly forgetting he even existed.

Such a beautiful experience and shows how a spiritual occurrence can be so uplifting at a time of grief. Something that staunch atheists often don't take into account.

I know the night my father died, all the family had gathered around him over the day except for one sibling who was overseas. She flew back that day and was still on the way down (2 hours drive away). My mother asked me would I stay with my dad while she went and got dinner- I was heading off home to catch up with my youngest daughter after having been away all day at the hospital.

None of us knew when he would pass, or even if it was to be that day. He was comatosed, and knowing that hearing is one of the last senses to go, I bent in close to whisper in his ear to say- " my sister is on her way and will be about 20 minutes dad. She would love to see you if you can wait, then I want you to feel free to go.My sister was there for 20 minutes with him, then he quietly passed.

I'm sure I didn't have to tell him his daughter was on the way, as I believe he deliberately waited for her to arrive, so all his children could be with him.

As an aside, at the time I had not long discovered I could hear spirit, but often found it hard to distinguish between my thoughts and their communications. Although they don't do it now, in those days they would give me information but scramble my understanding at the time I asked for it, till they deemed it appropriate for me to know. But would give it to me in a scrambled form, so that I later understood that they had answered my request, and that the answer in my head was a correct one. So I had asked my guides two days before, about when he would pass?

So what happened was, in my head for two days I sang a ditty "In a couple of days, not over the evening, into the night".

And It was weird, as I didn't comprehend whatI I was singing at all, it was just this little ditty going around and around in my head. A day earlier I had turned up and my dad was snoring, and I said to the doctor, "have you sedated him"? To which he replied, " yes, in the early hours this morning". And I thought (regardless of the ditty in my head) thats how he will go, in the early hours after sedation knocks his respirations etc. He died at 8 pm at night- two days after they said and into the evening not over the night.

You can bake as well as cook Art? I'm impressed. Like women, men can do anything, ha ha. Cheers Lyn.

Sorry correction, the "ditty" was - "into the evening, not over the night". Lyn x.

Great story!

I agree. I love the final sequence too. The camera perspective as it dives beneath the waves to fly through the wreck (as it is now), and then as it slowly transitions to how it was, then the final reunion.

it's pretty clear that the camera is from the perspective of her spirit form and that she is transitioning from this world to the next.

Hi, Michael.

Yesterday, after a speech of mine held in a local cultural circle, a distinguished gentleman has publicly told to the bystanders a very interesting story. For me, this is the first case of directly APPARITION while crossing over I've ever heard of.
The man's father, had died suddenly, some years ago, while sleeping at night and showed himself up with his astral body (he told a "shining body") to greet him and announce his departure. Shortly after - confirming that he had not had a dream - he heard his mother crying out of loud having noticed the unexpected passing of her husband.
What kind of experience is this? A Death Bed Vision, an ADC or a shared NDE?
Just curious.

Best regards,

Claudio, that's called a crisis apparition. (The crisis usually is that the person is dying or has just died.) There are quite a few such accounts, though I've never met anyone who spoke of experiencing one personally.

A friend of mine from Church, Geraldine, a woman in her 70's, told me that when she was 16 years old she saw her grandfather standing in the doorway to her bedroom after he had died.

Another friend from Church, Todd, who is in his 40's now, had a NDE when he was 8 years old when he was hit by a van. He told me he remembers being held and the love he felt while in the Light.

And another friend friend from Church, Cecil, who is 72, told me that when he was 16 years old he was out in a pasture and it started to thunderstorm. He got under a large tree in the middle of the pasture and he heard a voice whisper, "run Cecil run!." Cecil told me he just stood there under that tree and the voice got a little bit louder "run Cecil run!" He still stayed under the tree and finally the voice got really loud and said "RUN CECIL RUN!" And Cecil told at that moment he took off running and when he got out away from the tree a great big bolt of lightening came down and hit the tree and split it. Cecil said if he'd stayed under that tree he would probably have been killed.

I have heard so many stories like these. They aren't uncommon at all. I had one of those euphoric kundalini like experiences one time when I was driving home from work one day. It was like information was being downloaded into my brain and I was connected and it felt so good. I wish I could feel that whenever I wanted to.

Related to this topic:

According to an article in the Epoch Times (11/25/14), three Dutch researchers have published a compelling compilation of over 70 NDE cases.

Some cases reportedly have strong verdical evidence

Their book is entitled "What a Dying Brain Can't Do."

The authors are seeking funding to translate the book from Dutch to English.

In one case, reported by eminent cardiac surgeon Lloyd W. Rudy (1934-2012), a patient was left for dead for 20-25 minutes, came back to life, and, when he had recovered, provided verdical NDE evidence, such as reporting the presence of Post-it notes on the top of a computer monitor. The Post-it notes had reportedly not been put there until after the patient's eyelids had been taped shut and the operation was underway.

Dr. Rudy was a member of the first heart transplant team at Stanford University, and was the dean of the Heart Program at the University of Georgia School of Medicine.

Here is a link to the article:

Here's an interview with Dr. Rudy:

Here's is a partial transcript from the above interview with Dr. Rudy, with skeptical commentary (taken from the Skeptic Magazine forum):

Finally, here is the persistently logic-challenged (IMHO) practicing anesthesiologist Gerald Woerlee weighing in with his medical analysis of the case:

Thanks Michael, you're a super-psi-expert!

Thanks for the interview by Dr Rudy- James. I enjoy reading the articles people post.

What I find with Dr Worlee is - he's very good at proclaiming his argument, assumptions and research are all correct and those of others are wrong.

His claim of oxygen starvation, anaesthetic awareness etc have all long been disproven. People have been shown to have near death experiences without any of these conditions e.g. high oxygenation - across the board.

A number of people survive near death experiences and do talk of seeing and report what they have seen even though legally blind.

Worlee says-"Upon regaining physical consciousness, the man describe undergoing a near-death experience (NDE) during which he told of undergoing an out-of-body experience (OBE). During this experience he underwent a tunnel and light experience. He also told of floating out of his body, described the operating theater, as well as seeing Dr. Rudy and Dr. Amado-Cattaneo standing in the doorway. He described seeing the anaesthesiologist come running into the operating theatre. He also described seeing small Post-it notices stuck to a monitor. This latter fixes the time period during which he underwent this experience to a point after he recovered heartbeat".

Hmm, does it really ? Didn't the doctors leave the room after respirations and heart beat had stopped, and not when a spontaneous pulse occurred later? Lying down could he see as far as the door way ( needs sight not sound) or the post it notes? He's making a lot of assumptions- particularly about his being able to see, and wouldn't a person need to move their head to see monitors etc., when lying prone. And wasn't this guy comatosed?

I don;t think they thought his spontaneous recovery was miraculous, just unusual- i.e. rare.

And who says the soul is immaterial? Do we know?

He also suggests sight and sound are physical attributes and therefore cannot survive death. Can we be sure,since those who are blind give visual descriptions after a NDE?

And while my explanations and queries may not seem logical. Neither are his. Thats why using existing explanations or assumptions for unusual phenomena should not be given priority. They frequently fall short, and have no legitimacy over alternative theories put forward. Cheers Lyn.

\\"And who says the soul is immaterial? Do we know?" - Lynn//

I tend to think of consciousness as being interdimensional and that the brain channels or receives consciousness rather than the soul being something of this dimension. What we see and experience are the manifestations of consciousness, not consciousness itself.

Consciousness seems to be so different in kind from what we call matter with mass and velocity that I'm not sure it can be measured the way that matter in this universe is measured.

Consciousness is more than other worldly, it is completely different stuff, other dimensional, not of this dimension or universe. More like a gas in a cylinder, filling every nook and cranny, and only acting anything like matter as we know it when it is channeled through the brain. We can barely define consciousness. We know it when we experience it but we don't have a clue what it is or how it is produced.

Excerpt from Michelle M's NDE description,
"I remember understanding the others here.. as if the others here were a part of me too. As if all of it was just a vast expression of me. But it wasn't just me, it was .. gosh this is so hard to explain.. it was as if we were all the same. As if consciousness were like a huge being. The easiest way to explain it would be like all things are all different parts of the same body."

I find how we categorise interesting Art, i.e. science deals with the material and spirit is the immaterial. "Michelle" talks of consciousness here as a being even. But a soul, sometimes felt in hauntings as cold, registered on meters etc, if was examined, who knows. Gases are elements aren't they, and material?

But then I' m no chemist.

I often think the label is a put down, and I wonder if they have got it right. Cheers

"Matter commonly exists in four states (or phases): solid, liquid and gas, and plasma. However, advances in experimental techniques have revealed other previously theoretical phases, such as Bose–Einstein condensates and fermionic condensates. " (wikipedia)

So am I right? A gas is material?

Any chemists out there.Ha ha. I need to be enlightened. Lyn x.

To make clear what i'm trying to get at here. A gas is probably a poor analogy "Art" for spirits who often appears say in misted form. But I often think if you could put that in a vacuum, weigh it and isolate its components- it may consist of material elements. Ha ha Lyn x.

James Oemin said: According to an article in the Epoch Times (11/25/14), three Dutch researchers have published a compelling compilation of over 70 NDE cases.

Some cases reportedly have strong verdical evidence

Their book is entitled "What a Dying Brain Can't Do."

Thanks for reporting this.

Yes, the "three Dutch researchers" are Titus Rivas (often posting here) his assistent Anny Dirven, and myself - als posting here quite often (for example, the denture man case).

And yes, with the help of Robert Mays, committee member of IANDS, we are seeking funds for translating our book into English.

BTW - the last chapter of the book is for 70% devoted to Woerlee's "explanations" which are nothing but a load of evil rubbish.

Rudolf Smit (aka Smithy)

"And yes, with the help of Robert Mays, committee member of IANDS, we are seeking funds for translating our book into English."

Have you looked into Kickstarter? It's a way of crowdsourcing creative projects.

Re Kickstarter, thanks for this suggestion. We will look into it.

Cheers - Smithy


This is almost irrelevant, but I didn't realize until I read your post that Eben A. had a coauthor for his new book. "Ptolemy" (not Ptomley) is exactly the name of someone with whom you'd want to write a book about a map! For a millennium, the cartography of heaven and earth were based on that of the Hellenistic Ptolemy. How fitting that his namesake should show up now. (I haven't yet read the book, but I doubt that parallel was lost on the authors!)

And for you NDE-book authors--please broadcast a notice if you do launch a Kickstarter campaign!

--Bob R.

Im on my phone so i apologize for the lack of grammar or if this is in the wrong section. I have read all of your blogs michael and find them fascinating. A year ago i had a brief nde during a pulmonary embolism but i cant find a similar story on the net. Your description of the pixelated holographic universe comes the closest to what i saw. I would like to describe it.

As i was losing my life EVERYTHING in my house became extremely small moving particle just like a pile of different colored glitter on a sea of elmers glue rolling around the walls, my entire house, my shoes even. I remember just STARING at the marvelous beauty of my shoes and everything around me. I was completely calm and in peace.

This same glittering was NOT on my body though. I distinctly remember looking at my hand and it "felt" like a glove but looked normal to me.....i just had a sense of not being attached to it.

When i realized that the world shouldnt look this way and that my sense of peace and calm meant i was dying...(i just knew that) i made a decision to try to save my life and called for help. Not because i was scared of dying...honestly just from what i experienced whatever that was is far easier to live in than this life.

I stumbled out my front door and waited for help. I did not see glitter outside but it was night time and i saw darkness around me. I did KNOW i would live and be ok so there was no fear.

Has anyone ever experienced something similar?

I think had i not made a conscious choice to live i could have slipped away. In fact i felt like the reality as i knew it was changing.

I really question why everything glittered and moved it was like i was looking at small particles. I seriously wander if life as we know ut is an illusion?

Thanks for reading.


Laura Kim said:

"As i was losing my life EVERYTHING in my house became extremely small moving particle just like a pile of different colored glitter on a sea of elmers glue rolling around the walls"

This reminds me of an experience described by Fritjof Capra. Under the influence of a psychedelic, he perceived reality as a cosmic dance of atomic particles:

Having used psychedelics myself, I know that there are often similarities between NDEs and experiences brought on by these medicines. In one of my own ayahuasca journeys, I saw a sort of gridwork of lights.

Does Capra's experience remind you of your own?

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