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Great post, succinct and cogent analysis!

Yes, excellent post, Michael.

I hope Gerry Woerlee reads this and has the decency to don a hair shirt.

I hope he does, too. Ha ha!

Hi Michael,

Thanks for a good analysis and synopsis. Always informative.

It seems to me that there are 2 basic categories of interpretation of experiences such as NDEs.

One is that they are experiences that provide a glimpse of consciousness continuing in some form after bodily death.

Another is that there is some sort deception taking place.

I am wondering if there is any other possible category of interpretation; neither survival in some form nor some kind of deception?

"I am wondering if there is any other possible category of interpretation; neither survival in some form nor some kind of deception?"

Seems to me it logically has to be one or the other. Since virtually all NDErs consider their experience to be proof of survival, they're either right or they're deceived.

Why do you ask the question, Faisal? Do you have some inkling yourself of another possibility?

Thanks for your comment Bruce.

I also see this kind of options ; survival or deception.

If these are the only 2 kind of options then this implications for the position of people who try to deny that experiences such as NDEs lead us to the conclusion that consciousness survives bodily death.

The implications are ; that some sort of deception on a grand scale is taking place, and that a case needs to be made that such deception is taking place, or accept that we can doubt pretty much every thing (like whether we are actually commenting on this blog or are being deceived).

The reason I was asking the question if there is any other option other than survival or deception is that I was wondering if there is any way to avoid these implications.

Waking up under anaesthesia.....

I have only ever had anaesthetics once and I returned to consciousness - it was not frightening or anything and as soon as they noticed they whacked me out again but what was fascinating was that I was awake long enough to see what they were doing on a monitor and what I saw was exactly what I had visualized through meditation as the problem, which was not much of a problem, but it seems, whoever was in charge of me, decided to 'wake me up' at that point so I could see and verify what my intuition had told me in the first place.

It happened quite some years ago, during a time when I was doing a lot of inner work on mind/body and working with the body and trusting the body etc., so to be made 'conscious' at just that point, to see something I needed to see, was, I believe, quite remarkable. Or perhaps quite ordinary.

It just confirmed my sense that there is a part of us which is always conscious and 'directing' and 'intervening' where necessary, which is the part, I believe, which is conscious during NDE's - the part which is conscious regardless of the state of the material body.

Great post, Roslyn Ross

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