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I remember a female author, I can't remember her name, claimed she knew who the Ripper was. The most recent claims on the History Channel was that the Ripper worked in a morgue, which is why the cuts were precise. I just wonder if we will ever know?

That was Patricia Cornwell, who fingered artist Walter Sickert. But other people say Sickert was in France when some of the murders occurred.

There's always been a lively dispute over how precise the cuts were. Even at the time, there were experts who thought the Ripper knew what he was doing, and others who thought the cuts were purely random. I'm inclined to think he just slashed aimlessly, myself.

Cornwell is apparently coming out with a book next year with more proof that Sicker was JTR.

Confirmation from Prof Sir Alec Jeffreys and others, courtesy of the Independent newspaper, that Dr Louhelainen did get it wrong:

Thanks for the update, Chris. It looks like the DNA work was fatally flawed. And so the Ripper remains unidentified and at large ...

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