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Michael, long time lurker, first (second?) time commenter.

Yours is easily my favorite blog on the subject of the paranormal. I have been following you since you first published your original "Some Thoughts on John Edward" essay on your homepage many years ago, which, along with the follow-ups, are far and away the best and most balanced appraisals of the Edward phenomenon.

I always appreciate your thoughts on these topics, and even if you update less often, I would be very disappointed to see you close up shop completely. So I am glad to see you reconsidering.

Thank you Michael. Right or wrong, I am much more at peace with myself now.

I really enjoy your blog, though I mostly lurk and have only commented once before. Whatever you decide to do, I'd like to say thank you for so many interesting, intelligent, and well written posts.

I also wanted to share something that I recently learned about my father. He died when I was so young, I have no memories of him. But I learned recently that no less than three people have heard his voice when they were distressed. My sisters, and his stepdaughter have all heard him. And last November, when I myself was upset and unhappy, I heard a voice, too.

Just something I wanted to share.

Michael, I, for one, wouldn't want you to feel hostage to your fans if you truly have a need to move on (ah, the price of fame). You have to do what's best for you. That said, maybe the best choice is to keep the blog alive and post only when you are motivated to do so, as you mentioned. McLuhan is a far less prolific poster than you, yet followers of his blog remain loyal.

Something I've wondered for a while - given the high volume of traffic you have here, have you ever considered going commercial (i.e. hosting some advertisements for profit)? Maybe that would change the complexion of your perspective?

Glad you're not shutting this down, you've put up some wonderful posts, and the comments are great too.

Lin, I've had a few auditory After Death Communications myself - well, just two. But they made a huge impression on me, because I never thought such things were possible. But they do seem to happen to many people. The skeptics argue that a grief-stricken person is making them up to console themselves, but the fact is, many of them occur well after the person has gotten over their grief - years later sometimes.

Well Michael there's no doubt about it, you're a good writer! The stuff you write is easy to read and follow which is important to me. I even read the posts that are about topics which I have very little interest in like Shakespeare and Ayn Rand.

But to be honest my favorite blogs of yours to read are the ones about life after death. Do you like death bed visions? I've about decided that of all the life after death evidence death bed visions are my favorite. I find death bed visions endlessly comforting and uplifting. It's nice to know that when it comes my turn to cross over into that Light that my loved ones will be there to greet me. One of my favorite books on the topic is "Visions, Trips, and Crowded Rooms" by David Kessler.

There are still some paranormal topics you haven't touched on. For example, there's The Urantia Book, a 2,000 page text purported to be an "epochal revelation", allegedly neither channeled nor penned by any human hand, but somehow "materialized." Martin Gardner did a hatchet job on it years ago, and it was a surprise to many that he bothered with it at all. But one of the things that got Gardner's attention was that one of the people involved in the "reception" of the book was a public Skeptic of the early 20th Century, a man whose work influenced Gardner himself: Dr. William S. Sadler.

Trying to figure out the mystery of The Urantia Book is, however, a very deep rabbit hole. It could take up a lot of your time.


Great to hear. Yeah, even if you post every couple of weeks, I think that's enough to keep the community engaged. Just do it when the spirit moves you.

Truly great work, thank you!

Totally off topic - as if I need to point that out - this missing Malaysian 777 would be a perfect opportunity for some remote viewers/psychics to show their stuff. I mean they should at least be able to say, accurately of course, whether or not the plane had crashed into the ocean or landed somewhere, whether or not the passengers and crew are alive.

Kathleen, that's why I found the fact that I heard a voice, that I now suspect is him, pretty interesting. It happened when I was so young...I grieved at the time, to be sure, but this was many years later. I can't imagine why I'd be imagining someone that I hardly remember just to comfort myself.

And I should note that at least two of the events happened some years after his death, too. So it wasn't immediately after.

I've had great value from the postings on this forum and from the subsequent discussions. I don't know how much admin overhead it requires but if it is not too much of a burden I hope it continues.

I try to post only when I think I have anything worth saying (so not often) but I read most of the psi-related topics and responses.

Maybe just post a topic a month or every couple of weeks as suggested? Or invite suggestions for future topics and pick any that you like?

In any event, thank you for a very useful resource.

Bravo!! Once I had your same idea, to stop my website because I was beginning to be bored of PSI stuff. A reader told me that HE wasn't,so I ought to go on!
Good choice!

Michael, your blog has been an important resource for my curiosity in paranormal field.
Among other things, your thoughts about Seth's material were truly enlightening.


Lin, yes, what's interesting is that so many ADCs happen years after the loss, when the person has recovered from the loss. This happened to me in a series of dreams that I had a decade after a painful loss.

Michael, maybe you could have a once-a-week "open post." You may not have anything you'd like to write about, but those who comment here could post psi or NDE news, links, experiences, book reviews, etc.? Just a thought.

Very pleased to hear your planning on blogging awhile longer. I read your blog frequently but I have never been one who offers much in the way of conversation here. Years ago I was a forum moderator for a health organization and it left me burned out. I tend to stay in the background now unless I feel an urgency to post. That said, I have gained so much from your information and your reader's responses and I wanted to be counted as one of your long time supporters.

Yes, Micheal, please keep blogging! Your service in maintaining a center for reliable psi information is a boon to society.

You are a statesman of psi. Your cordial, civil analyses of new wrinkles in paranormal research, and your presentation of clear illuminating perspectives about clashing psi opinions are very valuable to psi newbies, and to civilization at large.

I have no doubt that many psi newbies have been at a "make or break" point where they were ready to dismiss psi as hooey -- but, because of your blog, they've kept an open mind. You have made that difference, sir. Do not dismiss that lightly.

Whether you realize it or not, you are like a teacher of an important subject. And, like a seasoned teacher, you know the material you present inside and out -- so, alas, it can get boring and repetitive! -- but others very much need what you have to offer. Please stick around and keep the info flowing.

One other thing:

From a strictly business standpoint, maintaining this blog means money in your pocket. Think of this blog as an ad for your books. Why stop this blog and leave those book dollars on the table? You can get paid to be bored :) Not so bad of a deal!

A statesman of psi? A little over-the-top ... but I like it! ;-)

Seriously, thanks for the kind words.

Ahh Malay airlines flight- even I'm having trouble with this one.

Ground witnesses who have come forward seem the most reliable. Fishermen off the coast of northern Malaysia talk of an extremely low flying plane consistant with Thai radar after 1 am - headed north. Those in the Maldives concur, saying they could see red markings on the plane and that the plane doors were clearly visible on a low lying plane just after 6 am.

So it appears the plane is still going north at this stage, with fuel capacity available for another 2 hrs.

So countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, India, China etc radar may be helpful.

There have been questions over why some countries have not come forward with radar information. And although we can conclude some of these countries may not want to divulge information on their radar systems. Certainly some of them could ill afford to run radar 24/7 as India has admitted.

Subterfuge? for sure. Although searches of passenger for radical ties is coming up blank. The pilot is related to Malaysia's opposition leader and attended his trial the day of the flight. He had some slight behavioural changes on the morning he flew out- he did a military salute to guards and drove his own car to the airport, instead of his usual habit of taking the airport shuttle.

Who knows, but perhaps time to look north of the Maldives and any possible radar on countries in these areas.

Just my 2 cents, like everyone's. Hoping we can find some answers soon. Lyn x.

Iam so happy that you are considering staying for awhile yet, more time allows a renewal of topics waiting to be explored and built upon that would synchronize the unknowable to the potential of the mind, which everyone here seems to desire. I wrote about Gravity a few minutes ago and so I will close here for tonight, I love reading this blog!

Remote Viewer Ed Dames was on C2C a day or two ago and said in effect that the pilot had run amuk because of his favored candidate's being jailed. I think that's the most likely. If they find the voice recorder, we'll know.

Ed Dames may be right, but that prediction could have been made by anyone who was following the news story. If he had told us where the wreckage would be found, it would have been a lot more impressive.

Apparently, Dames did predict where the wreckage would be found: within 20 miles of the coordinates N13 30' 00''/E97 30' 00''

Google Maps places this in the ocean near Thailand:

If the wreckage spotted near Australia turns out to be from the fight, then Dames' prediction will have been completely wrong. Time will tell.

This thread includes a list of failed predictions made by Dames:

Based on this, I'd say he's not very credible.

If I had to encourage you to keep going, I'd ask you to consider how the pseudo-skeptics would gloat over it. Jerks like the people at the hilariously named "Rational" Wiki.

Uri Geller claims he has been pulled in to remote view the location.

I think the plane landed in the Maldives or somewhere around there. It is slated to be used by terrorists in a future operation. I'm just guessing, though, based on available information. No psi involved (that I know of).

If I'm correct, then it's all psi ;-) - and I want a fat gov't contract!

The wreckage off Australia is something else; not the Malaysian 777.

Posted by: Michael Prescott | March 20, 2014 at 08:22 AM

This thread includes a list of failed predictions made by Dames:

Based on this, I'd say he's not very credible.

I agree—I’ve informally noticed that he’s been off-target very often. I just thought I’d mention the part of his claim that made sense. (Incidentally, one angle that was posted today on Zero Hedge was this: the pilot tried to blackmailn the Malaysian government into relesing his jailed candidate in exchange for the lives of the passengers. The govt refused—hence its reluctance to share information.)

I have faith in Joe McMoneagle, who said on a recent C2C interview that he does lots of missing person cases for police depts. in exchange for a promise of confidentiality. I bet he’s good.

Just my opinion, there's an awful lot of information out there on the Malaysian flight. In a psychics defence this is real hindrance, and perhaps why they fail to predict on cases that have media attention.Also perhaps why a lot of them don't come forward.

For me, I've done a bit of flying in Cessna's and my brains already ticking over the scenarios. Strategic flying, someone familiar with Boeing's etc. So trying to sort the psychic from the problem solving just makes it more difficult. But then I'm not great at these things. Lyn x.

It now seems almost certain that the flight took the southern route and crashed into the Indian Ocean, which means Dames' prediction was way off base.

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