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I've been looking at a lot of UFO videos lately. I am beginning to wonder if the UFO phenomena is actually a sequel to the Spiritualist movement. The western world was too materialistic to be moved by Spiritualism so THEY had to come up with something that would appeal to scientificly minded people. What better phenomenon to crack open closed minds than technologically advanced races telling us to be more spiritual while acting like demons themselves? If the aliens are interdimentional entities as some ufologists think, then the afterlife may be one of the dimensions they interact with.

Start here:

UFO Witness Testimony

Video Highlights of UFO "Experiencers Speak" Conference, September 2013

Exopolitics Lectures from the 2010 X-Conference

Michael, it's been truly great and I have very much appreciated your continuous stream of well balanced, intelligent, thought provoking posts. I really don't know how you have kept up the pace with so much consistent quality for so long.

I know what you are saying and I sensed you might be heading this way when you put up the post "commitment to the game".

I too find my interest in discussing the paranormal to be waning. I'm convinced it's real and it will influence me as it will. I will even take a little time out of each day to tap into it, but little need to talk about it further.

Meanwhile, I have found myself impelled to engage mostly full time in the game. There's a lot that interests me in this life and this plane of existence right now; volunteer work with and for disabled veterans, some political activity/involvement, my career, my family and my race horses...those sorts of things. Just saying, I understand where you are coming from.

I read Chasing Omega (on Kindle) last week. I'd been saving it for nights in the hotel room during a business trip. I recommend it, though I won't be a spoiler and say anything more than "read it. It's good".

You created a good thing here Michael and I am sure you will create good wherever you go and in whatever you do. Thank you and all the best to you.


This was the first blog that was run by a proponate I found after my mom died in 2008
She was supposed to fly my daughters up to Anchorage to spend the summer (we live in Seattle) but she hadn't been feeling well,it was march of 08
I had just called her to talk about arraingments when she told me to call back, I never got the chance... my Dad called & told me that mom had a heart attack or rather a "pullminary embolism" I am sure I just butchered that...anyway she was 59.... I couldn't believe it that we just "vanish" into nothingness so I began this journey, I started as a athiest sceptic and am full blown proponate now, from materialist to idealist in 6 yrs
Thank you Michael! Your blog helped me through some rough times
like you my mind is made up, it is just silly to see it any other way, consciousness is all there is

Though I do have new questions
Was my mother REALLY my mother? I.E. over cycles of reincarnation is she my daughter & I her son am I her Father? Maybe we never met until the 5 of us (my family growing up) decided in the spirit world to be a family? Ha but I digress,

You asked and answered a lot of questions like this & I for one was glued to the set,
Thank you again Michael!

BTW Buffy was probably one of the best tv shows of all time!

Follow your bliss!!!

...but share your thought's ;)

Thank you for your blog!

But I think this is only the beginning. Because of a lack of scientific resources (money, manpower, and institutional support), our technical understanding of psi is extremely limited. What causes the decline effect? Why are some people much more gifted than others? What happens when you take the superpositions of the psi effects from many people? It is my goal to help mainstream the study of psi such that it is taught in universities and high schools and can be read about in mass circulation science magazines. And, of course, a new generation of bloggers will take up the fight. Huzzah!

I think considering that psi and an afterlife are real is only the first step, because even remain to be find out about the nature of psi and the afterlife. For example: how is the afterlife? How to frame the afterlife with the current physics? Are the psi abilities of electromagnetic nature? Is there astral projection being different from the ESP? And these issues are potentially infinite.

This blog has been one of a precious few sites I've made a daily destination, and I'll be sad to see it go. Still, as I've lately made a habit of telling myself, old stories must end to make room for new.

Thank you for the compelling reading, and I wish you well in your future endeavors!

Just to be clear, I'm not planning to stop blogging right away. I'm only looking at the possibility. Actually, there are three options that occur to me:

1. Pull the plug on the blog, and that's it. (Probably the least likely.)

2. Continue with the blog, but expand the range of topics.

3. Replace or augment the blog with a Facebook group devoted to the paranormal, where anyone (or at least any member) can post. This would be more of a group effort, inasmuch as anyone could initiate a new topic. It would allow conversations in real time.

A combination of 2 and 3 is what I'm leaning toward at the moment.

I have enjoyed this site immensely and often wondered how you have managed to write so prolifically and produce inherently readable and interesting blogs on such a regular basis.

I am not nearly as well read and so a lot of the subject matter, books, research etc, have been an education to me, as I am sure it has been to others.

Having my own psychic experiences also means that spiritual books don't have the same meaning for me now, and I very rarely buy one unless they have distinctly different experiences to my own.

Having a site where people are of like mind also helped me when I started experiencing anomalies. As living as an expat, I didn't know of anyone who had had similar spiritual experiences. And like others when I mentioned it, it wasn't often well received.

I also felt rightly or wrongly that by writing about my spiritual experiences, some readers might have a better idea of what can happen from day to day and how it impacts peoples lives.

It saddens me that people still tend to put faith in what science sees as the ultimate truth. Without understanding that science is severly limited if it sticks ridgidly to what it understands. And this is where this site has helped, in challenging biased and rigid thinking.

Here's an interview with Lenard Susskind a prominent physicist and how he explains away a 'creator' like it's a annoying habit. And Tony Bond, a blogger who I must admit gets a bit carried away. But I get his point.

And the professor is no doubt a nice man but represents many physicist's who are caught up with the provable and the bigger questions are - too cheap? embarrassing?, so trivial? just myths? and so on.

So yes, you will be sorely Missed Michael. Where will we vent our frustrations? Lyn x.


Hey Michael! You can't do this! What about us??? Yeah, I know, I'm supposed to wish you well and and all that New Age oowey-gooey stuff, but I'm a Republican. All I care about is myself (though some of my best friends are Buddhists).

Okay, seriously, I know how you feel. For about the past year or so, it seems like every new book or article I read is a variation of something I've read before. In my early days of seeking, I would feel absolutely giddy whenever I tripped over new information and perspectives. But now, I get it. In fact, I've "been there" so often I have several t-shirts.
I'm not saying I know everything, but heck, no fan of this blog really knows what they're talking about, that's why we come here to begin with.
I've learned a lot thanks to you. In fact, I've learned more following this blog and its comment section than I have in any other single source.
In my opinion, your blog and Robert McCluhans Paranormalia blog are the two best, most objectively self critical and informative blogs on the internet. I'm just happy to see that you're leaving your archives online. I frequently use them as a resource.

I have a psychic prediction: You'll be back, one way or another within a year or two. I also have an idea. McLuhan has a great blog, but he doesn't post as often as you. He has guest bloggers on from time to time, and I'm absolutely sure that he would be more than happy to have you fill in with a post periodically. Think about it, if you will.

In the meantime, rest assured that you will be missed, and all of us wish you well in any pursuit you choose. I look forward to your last few posts, and I'll still follow you on Facebook (you do find a lot of cool stuff to post about).

Always a fan. - Rabbitdawg -


I long ago got tired of arguing about whether it was true or not. Some people turned every story about life after death into an opportunity to start a debate or argument about whether it's real or not. I just wasn't interested in joining in. That's just not who I am. I'd rather just enjoy and accept the story for what it is, a piece of the puzzle, and just keep adding pieces while stepping back and looking at the big picture. I like the picture I see and have some degree of confidence that one day I will get to see the loved ones I have lost again.

And oh yeah, thanks Michael for all your hard work writing and maintaining this blog. It's been fun. "Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God." Which means I need to keep getting my "life after death" fix to keep up my faith that one day I'll see my loved ones again. If you decide to stop writing about life after death topics I will miss it. I'll have to surf around the internet and try and find someone else who has an interest in this life after death stuff and is as good a writer as you are. Probably won't be easy!

I just thought of something else that I have enjoyed on this blog; access to information about new books and articles about life after death. I've gotten a lot of "heads up" on this blog about new books and articles about life after death. Stuff that I might enjoy reading. I have bought several of the books that have been discussed on this blog. I have a little "life after death" library and some of the books you have discussed here are in the next room because you discussed them here first. Thank you for bringing them to my attention.

Oh Michael, my heart would break, but everyone has to follow their own heart!

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the blog. I would echo Art's comments above. I feel you have provided a real service, and I know that I have discovered a wealth of material thanks to it, and all those who have contributed to the blog over the years.

I have found it a real oasis in the no-man's land between the rock of close minded, blinkered scepticism at one extreme, and the cloud-bunnies in the sky believe-anything new age fringe crowd on the other (not that all new agers are such, but the area does attract a lot of odd people).

The web is sorely lacking in a solid middle ground, and such sites are treasured once found.

One thing this blog has done is to build up a solid, like-minded online community, a community that is worth preserving in my opinion. If you really do feel that the present scheme has run its course, then I think you should consider something along the lines of options of 2 and 3. I think the legacy of the blog is worth more than option 1.

A web forum is another option. One that can be set up to look after itself to a certain degree, providing we have moderators willing to do the admin work.

With a forum, you can combine elements 2 and 3, as you can still use it to expand on the range of topics, and contribute as little, or as much, as you like, or have time for.

Is FB the way to go? I'm not sure, but then maybe I'm just old fashioned!

PS I'm just reading Julia Assante's new book, The Last Frontier, which I found out about through this blog. It's a great summary of the evidence thus far. Thanks for the Heads-up - once again the blog has turned my attention to another author/researcher worth reading!

Hey Michael!

I have only known about this blog for a year or so, but I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I vote for you to keep going, but expand the subject matter, just don't let it get political, mostly because I know there's more than a few here I don't line up with in that way.

Like you, I'm getting bored with the "is psi/NDE/spirit true" conversation, and am more interested in the ramifications of spiritual reality, like reincarnation.

Hope you stick around!

-Steve Smith in Escondido CA


Of course, I think the blog is great.

I can understand your getting bored. However...

You have quite the philosophical salon going on here. I think we might be underestimating the contribution we are actually making here. People tend to think that what they're doing is not important until one day it is recognized as so. I think we are actually advancing the conversation about spirituality and science in a highly productive way.

The lion's share of that credit goes to you, and your pondering about information as the key to reality is extremely high in value IMO. But it's also your commenters. I've never seen such a good bunch, anywhere.

So while I can sympathize with getting sick of putting stuff up about the paranormal and debating whether it's all true.

But what about keeping the philosophy going, here in this forum?

In any case, fantastic job thus far. This has truly become one of my homes on the Web.

Well, perhaps it's just a phase. At present I'm having trouble getting interested in any of the books on psi/survival that I've got in the queue.

But I agree that we have a great group here, and of course there are always unanswered questions - an infinity of them.

Perhaps some interesting news will break (the AWARE study, maybe? What ever happened to that?) to get my juices flowing again.

Michael, I know what you mean, I’ve been having the same thoughts. For about three years! I’m still going, though. One of the reasons is that the world is well stocked with opinions on all sorts of stuff, whereas the paranormal is so neglected, and yet so fertile and curious.

Even so, I often feel like penning a few quick thoughts on other matters – books, politics, world affairs, etc – just to remind myself that I’m not obsessive about this single thing. At some point Paranormalia will become ‘Robert McLuhan’s blog’, which will contain a mix of stuff, perhaps more like yours already is. I don’t suppose it will much interest Paranormalia’s regulars, but they can sift through it for the stuff they want.

I guess both of us find the subject too fascinating to let it alone completely. So I’m sure you’ll be around for a while yet!

I’m keen to see more people doing this. I’ve been doing some work with the Society for Psychical Research on some projects which I hope will start to take shape this year. One is to beef up their website and use it to host blogs on paranormal matters, to which anyone with something to say would be welcome to contribute. More anon.

How about an umbrella site for major psi bloggers? That would be less stressful for each and more convenient for readers--and might draw more visitors. It also might be easier to get ad revenue from--and hire a webmaster.

"Michael, I know what you mean, I’ve been having the same thoughts. For about three years! I’m still going, though."

And going strong! Paranormalia is a great blog.

I certainly understand. I notice that I don't really get as into debate and endless arguments these days. It takes a lot of energy and there are very few books or videos that I get into these days. I have had my own experiences in my 56 going on 57 years on the earth. I "lean" toward reincarnation but not in the Hindu,Buddhist or new age sense. I've come to think of reincarnation the way I think of evolution or gravity. But, that's just me so who knows. The other day I posted something on a facebook page about how I "hope" we are more than brain farts. Sure enough the first response to it was an invitation to argue. I didn't have the energy or the inclination to get into "gotcha" arguments at the time. Anyway, what I said was a personal feeling and really didn't require an argument one way or the other. It's like saying i like strawberry ice cream. You might or might not but it's not an argument.

Anyway, the facebook page sounds interesting. I find myself reading more political and rock and other music biographies these days and i mix a little fiction in. I will always be interested in the subject of life after death. But, the endless back and forth and same ole same ole arguments do drain ya at times. I will say however, that I have a real affection for his blog. ;-) I'll keep checking in until you pull the plug and I'll also keep an eye open over at facebook if you do decide to start a paranormal page over there.

I'm currently finishing up another (and final) trip with the gunslingers headed to the Dark Tower. Then I'm going to go over to Amazon and download Chasing Omega. Other than that I'm listening to "Duty" the Robert Gates bio and then starting "Last Train to Memphis" both on audible. Also, it's getting to baseball season "Go Braves" :-)


Michael, if you have the time, could you pass my email address along to Stephen, who has the ambition of promoting PSI education in schools and universities?

As for your blog, what amazes me is the number of little nuanced facts and ideas I have gotten from reading it over the years, which have helped push me back over to the beliefs I was raised with, after spending too much time as a student in the academic wilderness. Each little questionable assumption that got successfully challenged was like an ecosystem threat being removed, revealing a beautiful, restored landscape.

Whatever you decide to do, thanks for what you've done already.

The Facebook option is I think the best. There is no point arguing with Scientism's true believer. It is like drinking moonshine gets you high for a minute then comes the hangover.
Whatever you decide I will be reading

"lean" toward reincarnation but not in the Hindu,Buddhist or new age sense."

Though popular Buddhism may sound like Hindu Reincarnation it is not. There is no moral agency to judge, Karma is merely "intent" separation of self from others I a primary delusion, so how can there be individual karma when there is no one to do it. That is an oversimplification but you get the picture

Number 3 sounds good (the facebook group).

Well, whatever you do, Michael, good luck, and God bless.

I have actually come full circle since discovering your site Michael. Before my wife passed I was a non believer, then after her death I became a firm wanna be believer. But now after weighing up and sifting out the so called evidence and a bit of self psycho analysis I am back to a non believer, albeit open to new evidence, but so far, anecdotes don't do it for me.
Throughout my journey I have appreciated the sober level headed approach you and many of your fellow bloggers have taken to the subject when compared to some/ most other Paranormal/survival type sites that I frequented, and for that I thank you all and wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Hmmm - this is somewhat of a shock to me!

For me this is one of the best forums about the subjects I love, i.e. the critical but sympathetic scrutiny of NDE's, OBE's and the paranormal.

It is also thanks to this blog that I was able to "fight" the dumb prejudices of anesthesiologist Gerald Woerlee, in particular regarding the denture man case.

In addition, Michael has been of great help regarding my treatment of the famous Pam Reynolds case. Also here Woerlee offered truly outlandisch "explanations", which proved to me that skeptical explanations are sometimes more absurd than the phenomenon itself.

Anyway, Michael, thanks so much for all your good work. I can appreciate that you have been getting bored somewhat. It becomes a little traumatic to come up with good proof that the aforementioned phenomena exist, and thus are not just figments of an overactive imagination... and then to be rejected over and over again by those fanatical debunkers.

All the best - Smithy

Just to tell you where my connection with Michael's blog began:

Michael, your blog has really been appreciated by many. Your engagement and gifted keyboard have made it perhaps the best discussion forum for these topics. I well understand that you need to change direction after these years.

Is facebook a good option? I'm not shore. I will not be there (no big loss, but there are many like me). And many people will discuss more open minded when being anonymous.

Anyway, Good Luck!

A Facebook group is a good idea, but I'm not sure where FB is going as a site. Things can change quickly in that world.

The more I think about it, the more I would recommend simply posting when you feel like it, about when you feel like, when you are *not* bored. Titrate to comfort, in other words!

I'll use the opportunity of this meta-styled blog entry to tell you

I feel grateful for having found this blog a couple of years before the first mention that it might be deserted. My primary interest was (or seems to have been) keeping my intellectual horizons open.

That I've posted only one or two comments stands in striking contrast with my lively interest in the blog's contents. Every now and then, I would find that the point I wanted to add has already been made by some of you - and that that was done in a very satisfying way.

Dear Michael, really enjoy your blog,and appreciate your work and commitment,please to keep it going

with best regards -Peter
p.s. the word 'bored' is banned in our house

I just seen Gravity and you did a great job with your take on it, you seem to be 'Our eyes' in your style of flow of words and summing everything up in a honest and complete unique way that is 'You' that to me is rare..perhaps you can talk about movies and other books on the paranormal of current readers list and movies. Gravity was so good and exactly the way you described it before I brought the DVD. On the second part or DVD explained how the movie was made blow for blow, I think it was spiritual more than a 'dream' that the cast said they wanted to set in the whole theme..playing on the emotions throughout. It was more than emotion and reached deeper into the physic than a hallutionation; excuse the spelling please but I had to quickly give you the credict you so deserve for knowing and feeling human nature as not just a biological genetics.
Please stay awhile longer and fnd your juices flowing again..Buffy was to long ago and would depress anyone that knows time is just an illustion.

Michael, I know I haven't placed a comment here in a long while, but I did want you to know that I appreciate this place. You've done a good thing here, so thanks! If you need to move on, I can certainly understand. But if you stick around, I'll certainly be grateful.

best wishes,

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