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Man I miss John Denver. I was really sad when he died. I really like his singing and the type of songs he sang. Made me teary eyed to hear him sing again. I used to have an old 8-track John Denver tape, Country Roads, that we used to listen to and I'd sing along with in my old 1965 Ford Falcon way back a long time ago when I was dating.

Well hopefully he is still singing up there in Heaven and after it's my turn to cross over I'll get to see and hear him sing in person again.

according to his Australian wife you might have to visit him in Hell Art. Nice voice though and I did very much enjoy his work.

I don't believe in Hell. I'm more of a fate and predestination and everybody is healed when they enter that Light sort of guy.

We've all got things about us that need fixing. I suppose we could all use some enlightenment.

If he's in hell he'll be playing an accordion Snorkler.

I like John Denver's music too - particular favourites include 'Sunshine on my Shoulders', 'Rocky Mountain High', 'Calypso' and 'Thank God I'm a Country Boy'. I also thought his song in remembrance of the Challenger victims was very moving ('Flying for Me'.)

I always got the impression that he had a somewhat spiritual outlook by some of the things he said. I don't know for sure, but my thinking is that he would probably have considered himself one of the "spiritual but no religious" types.

And yeah, his second marriage did go bad, for complex reasons, I think. There were also rumours that his wife was seeing someone else and that the child they had had together wasn't actually his. (He'd previously been told by a doctor that he couldn't have children, which is why he and his first wife adopted. So the child with his second wife was like a "miracle baby.")

Also, I think he never really stopped caring for Annie (his first wife.) It seems quite well-known that when he died, they were on very good terms again and there was some speculation that they might reunite. I read somewhere (don't know if this is true or not, but if it is, it's kind of sweet) that even after they had divorced, he used to send her flowers on their wedding anniversary. If that's true, I could see how something like that wouldn't go down well in his second marriage.

My understanding is that John Denver had an alcohol problem? I seem to recall reading that somewhere? Alcoholism is oftentimes genetic; something wrong in the way that people metabolize alcohol. If that is so then it would stay with the body when the soul exits or leaves the body. It's not something that we carry with us. A lot of the stuff that we suffer in this life is because we are in a physical body and can probably be traced to genetics or DNA that we inherited so how can it in any way shape or form be blamed on us? Mental problems, sex drive, etc. is all genetic. When we leave the body we leave all that behind.

It's probably worth pointing out that Denver himself recounted his attack on his ex-wife (Annie) in his autobiography, so it's not as if he was trying to hide it. Also, both ex-wives showed up at a posthumous tribute to him, so apparently they had made their peace with the guy to some extent.

He was generally described as being very nice to the people who worked with him. But he did have a couple of DUIs, indicating an alcohol problem, as Art said.

In George Ritchie's NDE description, Return from Tomorrow, he describes former alcoholics trying to get inside the bodies of alcoholics so they could enjoy the flavor of alcohol. I find this very difficult to understand. If alcoholism is caused by a genetic problem why in the world would a soul, want to take over the body of an alcoholic and "enjoy" being drunk again. Ritchie says some things that to me sound a little weird and not understandable. I guess I'll just have to wait till I cross over before I'll have answers to some of these sorts of perplexing questions. I don't have answers for everything! {grin!}

Maybe alcoholism isn't genetic.

I think I remember his recounting of the incident with his first wife. From what I recall, he was quite straightforward and honest and I got the impression he was genuinely ashamed. It seems that sort of thing was out of character for him. I suspect he had some emotional problems at times, though, which might have fed into and helped create an alcohol problem?

I recall reading that that incident was brought on because his first wife had a set of trees cut down at their family home. (I think the marriage was already in a very bad place at the time.) Given how much he loved nature, he of course got angry, but unfortunately, totally overreacted and almost lost complete control.

From reading about him, I get the feeling he may have had some issues with depression through periods of his life. (Although most people probably experience some form of depression at least at some point.) When he died, I think he was just emerging from a negative frame of mind - there are some people who buy into the idea that he crashed his plane deliberately. I disagree. There's no evidence of suicide, just speculation, and while it's not impossible, I'm sure it was a genuine accident.

Australians tend to love notoriety when they return home and are courted by our media, so his second wife may have made up some dirt on John to keep herself in the public eye over here. According to an interview with her I read, Johns humanitarian, nature loving public persona was just a fraudulent construct by his PR people that he found angrily and frustratingly difficult to live up to.

My dad is 91 and doesnt have long here..I want to share this with him..hes also demented and this is the time to speak to his real self, still waiting to hear who he is..In the voice of love.

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