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Excuse me, but isn't the girl in the first pic Christina Richie in “Adams family“???!

No, it's an actual picture of Cassandra Prune. All the photos are 100% genuine. Trust me on this.


LOL,hilarious,but now all of the Randians are going to emerge from their parents' basements to wage war on you...

Hilarious. Thanks for the laughs!

I saw Rand speak at Columbia in 1962. (She came down the aisle on the right holding hands with Nathaniel Brandon.) She made a non-inflammatory speech and handled the Q-and-A well.

Later I checked out one of her books in a bookshop. I think it was, For the New Intellectual. The blurb said or implied she was the most important philosopher since Aristotle. That sounded like a crankish claim, so I didn't buy it--or any of her other books.

I never saw Rand in person, but I did hear her answer questions after some taped lectures. At one point she was asked how she would rank herself in the history of philosophy. She replied that in philosophy, you have to remember the three A's: Aristotle, Aquinas, and Ayn Rand.

I'm pretty sure she ranked herself above Aquinas, too. That's a rather high assessment for someone whose system is basically a melange of "vulgar Nietzscheanism" and Aristotelianism, with a soupçon of John Locke and Adam Smith.

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