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" This question is also asked about mediums: Why can't they just tell you whatever you need to know, with no hemming and hawing? Either they're in communication with the spirits, or they're not.

But the vagaries of retrieving information from the nether regions of the mind - whether by an exercise of memory or mediumship - seem to be more complicated than that."

Fortunately my experiences of mental mediumship are different to that.

The first class mediums (and they are only a handful) that I have had sittings with over the last fifty-plus years simply relayed information as it was given to them. They did not have to dredge it up from the recesses of their mind.

Examples would be the mental mediumship of Estelle Roberts, Helen Hughes, Mona van der Watt, Gordon Higginson etc.

Examples of outstanding physical mediumship would be Leslie Flint (independent direct voice) and Alec Harris (materialization).

They were some of the best in their field although there were others less well-known.

Sadly I know of few of that calibre today.

Hi Michael,

Agreed, as always, I recommend ian rubenstein's 'consulting spirit' for a great insight into the ins and outs of mediumship, covering many aspects of what you have alluded to above.


Insightful post. Yes, this is what it is like--at least for us lesser psychics. I was trying to get a name the other day, and I "guessed" "Dan." It was actually "Dean."

To me, that counts as a hit.

The other thing mediums have to put up with Michael as I know from personal experience's the fact many people only listen for what they want to hear.

You tell 'em their former spouse's on their way to Tibet to become a monk and they respond "But after that...that's when we get back together?"

"No that's when they board an experimental one way spaceship to Alpha Centauri before blowing their brains out due to their sense of desolation at having known you."

"But after that...that's when we get back together?"

"Ye' in a million lifetimes from now...that's when you get back together."

Then you have the misdirectors who change what they say the moment you start hitting the target but accuse you of being mistaken.

It's beyond me why the hell anyone'd pay forty quid plus over the phone just to undergo exchanges like this "I thought you said you don't work in a hospital...?"

"I don't...I mean I did...I mean I was visiting...I mean..." blah blah blah.

Here's my 2 cents worth. Having had a number of psychic experiences, I find some just come out of the blue and they are very clear and easily verifiable. So information given varies. Its always harder to get more information. But I am very amateur and like in any field, people are not all experts including this one. But rather on a continuim, which makes sense anyway.

I don't think you can expect everyone to be perfect either. Although paying for a service has obligations and a psychics reputation helps in guiding people to those who are more accurate. For example, some are just switched on all the time i.e. better at it, and have higher accuracy.

People say why don't they just give a name etc., and they do sometimes. But I suspect there is learning involved in some interactions, perhaps its not beneficial to the person, or people involved and interferes with free will, the future etc. I can see a number of reasons why they might not want to interfere from a higher perspective. I am certainly told sometimes that I can't have information, so there seem to be limitations to what they give.

Also I can't remember where I read this - Silver Birch? But spirit suggested that rather than poor transmission from their side, it is a disordered mindset of the psychic which interferes with transmission. And this makes sense to me.

I find for example with a murder I am already thinking of a number of senario's. There are only so many ways, a gun, assault etc. That's why most psychics are poor at predicting the sex of a baby, even the best. Your own thinking easily interferes. And so psychics often ask not to see a photo or be given information, in case it influences their thinking. Just my experience.. Lyn x.

Also, I think people have the mistaken idea that being psychic means being omniscient. For example, there have been times when psi has come up and I've said I'm psychic (I don't just boast--there's not much to boast about--so it would have to come up in a certain way), and someone will say, "OK, I'm thinking of a number. What is it?" Groan. It doesn't work like that.

Can someone post the link to where the scole report was discussed on this blog? I remember skimming something on it before but couldn't re-find it. I've been reading up on the case more thoroughly lately.

Hey, Michael. Here's an off-topic question for you.

I was just going through some recordings on my ipod, which is where I document dreams that I think might turn out to be precognitive.

On September 4, I talked about a dream that had to do with me making a joke about you playing and/or singing a Mexican song. I forgot about the dream entirely, even while reading your post, two weeks later, on Linda Ronstadt, who, of course, cites Mexican music as a major influence in her childhood.

Anyway, I thought the dream was really odd at the time, because I don't associate you much with music, and certainly not Mexican music. (The joke part didn't surprise me at all -- I'm always trying to be the funny one.)

So I'm curious -- do you remember when you began reading the book? Sometimes dreams are precognitive, but I know that sometimes they also give information about what's going on, in the moment, with people we know. So I thought, maybe Michael was reading about Linda's childhood on September 4th.

If you were, you can forget about privacy anymore.

Of course, the dream could be a coincidence, or it could be somehow related to your post -- though my precognitive dreams usually come true the same day, and your post doesn't mention Mexican music (though I do associate her with it anyway.)

You know what? It just occurred to me that I just made a joke about you and Mexican music (two paragraphs back, in a roundabout way). Cue the Twilight Zone theme.

Bruce, I checked my Amazon account and found that I ordered the Ronstadt memoir on Sept. 17. Because I bought it as an ebook, it was delivered instantly. I probably started reading it either that day or the next day. So I guess that was about two weeks after your dream.

OK--so the dream was either precognitive, or nothing at all.

What makes the precognitive explanation plausible is that the dream surprised me by linking you and the singing of Mexican music, and your later post also surprised me by linking you with the singing of Mexican music (in a roundabout way via your reading about, and enthusiasm for, Linda Ronstadt).

You'll have to trust me on this--I don't often dream about you and music, much less Mexican music. :o) And then, a few weeks later, the post.

I don't know how much the book discusses Mexican music, or if you're aware of Ronstadt's connection with it, but I am, and here's what it says on Wikipedia:

"Growing up, she listened to many types of music, including Mexican music, which was sung by her entire family and was a staple in her childhood."

Even though my *main* association with Ronstadt is not Mexican music, when you talked about reading her biography, it was natural for me to think of her childhood, and then to make the connection with Mexican music.

She talks about Mexican music a lot. In fact, one of the complaints voiced by Amazon reviewers is that she skips over some of her bestselling rock albums to focus on her later work, like Canciones de Mi Padre.

I was very much aware of her connection to Mexican music, having seen her twice in Universal Amphitheater doing her mariachi act.

The most interesting part of her memoir, to me, is her lengthy description of her Tucson childhood, which of course involved many Mexican influences.

I sent Michael a transcript of a session I did as a medium last night. It was unplanned--I just asked friends on FB if they needed a reading. I thought it had a couple hits in it but probably not anything that would convince someone on the fence.

I had a funny synchronicity-type thing today. I heard a saxophone jazz piece at a restaurant. I thought, "That sounds like Prez," the nickname for Lester Young, but I couldn't remember his actual name.

So I thought, "I should just use the Bing music search function on my Windows phone."

I did, and it was a piece by Danilo Perez, a saxophonist I'd never heard of before.

It made me laugh.

" her lengthy description of her Tucson childhood, which of course involved many Mexican influences. "

Yes. I lived in Tucson for 22 years and I know she has always been popular there - it's a heavily Hispanic community; probably more than 50% by now - based on her Hispanic cultural and musical influences. She would always find the time to play special small venue shows catering to Hispanic audiences. Linda still has a house in Tucson and her family is prominent. Her brother was even Chief of Police for some time. Non-snow bird Tucson loves them Rondstadt. I believe that, despite the German sounding surname, the Rondstadts have much Hispanic blood.

A connection between Rondstadt and Mexican music is entirely appropriate, IMO.

That's something, Michael. As often happens, the more I think about a potential precognitive dream, the stronger the case gets.

What are the odds I would have a dream about you singing a Mexican song (I've got it documented on my recorder), and then you writing a post about someone well-known for singing Mexican songs?

Think about it folks. Michael isn't exactly known for his music reviews, or for talking about his enthusiasm for music or musicians.

Is there a single person reading this who would have guessed that Michael is into Mariachi music? (I myself am less than enthusiastic about it. And that's being extremely polite.)

But we *forget* these dreams. Even after narrating that dream onto my recorder, by the time I saw your post I had completely forgotten about it.

If I hadn't been idly going through some old recordings yesterday, I still wouldn't know about it.

Question, Michael: I can't find it now, but you answered my comment about the Ronstadt post by mentioning that you saw her perform live. In that response, did you explicitly say it was a Mariachi performance?

I saw Ronstadt perform 4 times at Universal Amphitheater. Twice it was her mariachi show, once it was her "What's New" show, and once it was a show with Aaron Neville.

Michael, you misunderstood my question. I understand that you saw her perform mariachi music. I was trying to find out which of your comments mentioned that fact so I could figure out exactly what moment my dream was foreshadowing.

But don't worry about it. I googled "michael prescott" "mariachi" "linda ronstadt" and the following came up:

"Top 40 Classic Rock artist include the Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Jimmy Buffett, Bob ...his career playing and singing with his mother, Eva Landin's Mariachi group, ......Michael Prescott is the clear choice for your musical entertainment needs."

So now I see that you're more into music than you've been letting on.


I am convinced for one about your dream. These things are not rare; we merely suppress them in our society!

Jack Pierce(Jack Picollo) His stage name was married to my grandfathers first cousin. We used to visit his his home in Sherman Oaks every few months. He had a life cast of Boris Karloff that he made into the monsters head,complete with bolts etc, It had glass eyes, but he used to tell us that they were real and came from the morgue. It was encased in glass and was in his garage. He told us interesting story's about his research for each makeup job,for instance the Mummy, Not the one in bandages.
He lived next to Bud Abbot of Abbot and Costello fame and actor Dan Duryea. I have an old Polaroid of us kids and Jack in front of my fathers's groovy 1955 Nash Rambler station Wagon.
Jack was tiny about 5'0 funny standing next to grandpa the giant 6'5 inch guy he looked like a greek munchkin.i had a chance to meet many of his friends including Bela Lugosi,a real old world gentlemen.
His son Bela Jr is a real blood sucker whoops I mean a lawyer. Jacks last work was on the set of Mr. Ed.(no he did not do Mr Ed. Ed was a Zebra by the way not a horse. Allan Young is also a short fellow about 5'4 real name Angus Young. I will have to find that picture and scan it.

One of the things I hate about smartphones and tablets is now you have a magical box that answers all of your questions and arguments with others and, only if you are disciplined do you take the time to "put yourself in a light meditative state" to recall these things. I was at Kings Tavern in NYC before the modern Sherlock Holmes movies came out, and they always have 3 trivia questions on a chalk board. You don't get anything when you answer them, but this time it was "What was Sherlock Holmes' borther's name?" I put my head down on the bar for at least a half an hour as my friends and husband talked around me. I, like Michael, felt sure it started with an M, but I had not read those books in almost 25 years at the time. Finally, I picked my head up and said "Mycroft." The bar tender said, "correct." My husband called me a geek, and on went our night.

I think making yourself think about the "lost knowledge" floating around in your brain keeps us sharp. Too often, we reach for the search engine. Although, it does stop a lot of arguments.

"Michael Prescott is the clear choice for your musical entertainment needs."

I wish!

Interesting anecdotes, Steve Em. I wish I could've been a fly on that wall.

It's hilarious that Bela Lugosi Jr. is a lawyer. The jokes write themselves ...

J9, I think Google once said that their aim was to replace your memory, or something like that. Unfortunately it's working out that way.

"These things are not rare; we merely suppress them in our society!"

Right on, Matt. In our culture, psychic ability is a taboo. Just think about what happens to scientists, politicians, or journalists who take this stuff too seriously.

"I am convinced for one about your dream.""

It's not one of my more compelling ones, but I lean towards seeing it as precognitive because I've had too many dreams of this sort--many of them much more persuasive than this one--to remain a skeptic.

I'm writing a long piece on my precognitive dreams, maybe an ebook. It'll take a while to finish, and I'm really enjoying it.


I will definitely read it!

I had a dream last night wherein I was surrounded by beautiful women who worked as strippers. It was like a convention for them. Several of them showed an intense interest in me and I had to make a choice as to which one would be my companion during my stay in that town. I woke up trying to make my selection.

Precognitive? One can only hope! :-)

"I will definitely read it!"

Thanks, Matt!

"I had to make a choice"

Sorry to hear about these extreme challenges you face, no one. ;)

no one,

I'm pretty sure that that dream is available to come true for a price in certain locales.

"I'm pretty sure that that dream is available to come true for a price in certain locales."

Good one, Matt!

"It was like a convention for them."

There's something odd about this dream. I've heard about strippers hanging out around business conventions looking for clients. But a businessman showing up at a strippers' convention--that's a new one.

Presumably, you good people have read Perry's:

"Signs: A New Approach to Coincidence, Synchronicity, Guidance, Life Purpose, and God's Plan".


Reviewed here:

A good book, though I'm inclined to think that coincidences can be meaningful even if they don't fit his criteria. In many cases, the "meaning" is simply what we can get out of it.

What I've found is that when I share synchronicities with other people they rarely get it. It's like it was meant for me alone. It might be something that has meaning to me but other people seem to be puzzled by things that I find amazing.

It often seems to me that personal experiences, in any form, carry much less weight with others - even if they accept the experience happened.

A problem I see with Robert Perry's approach is that it limits the concept of synchronicity so much. The most striking synchronicities in my own life has been within time periods longer than about a day or so. I don't know about his methods in his pilot study, but to really check (in an objective way) if something should be regarded as a synchro or not should be to write down or otherwise document everything somebody is experiencing, all the time during the course of the study – a tremendous task. Why do that? Because the memories fade away and the memory is a highly selective instrument. I suspect that synchros can elapse over months and years, though we may never realize them since we have forgotten the first event(s). On the other hand, I guess there's kind of a normal distribution curve where the maxima is close in time and that the number of synchs will decrease the further apart in time between different events we come. But if the bond between the events is strong enough (how and why?) it may even last all over a persons life time. Setting limits in time and in the number of parallels between events (as Perry does) is much like creating a ranking list with only the best teams in a sport, excluding the majority of them. But all teams are playing the same game. No one is playing totally random. They all have at least fragments of a playing system.

Sorry way off the subject here, but couldn't resist passing on the video. Shows how animal thinking is affected by contact with humans. Perceptions, thinking, learning, behaviour etc., and are more aware than we often give them benefit for. Anyway, put a smile on my face. Lyn x.

Some of you may not like this precognitive dream, but about a year before the 2012 presidential election, I dreamed that I had a sit-down with Mitt Romney and explained in detail to him why he would lose the election.

I also had a weird synchronicity. I was being driven in a limousine through mid-town Manhattan and talking to my lawyer on my iPhone at the same time. I am NOT a VIP in the least, but it was weird how these two events happened at the same time - things that occur maybe 0.0002 percent of the time in my normal life.

I love that video too Lyn, it's not just funny, but also reveals quite a bit than we usually think about animals.

Had a little synchro that I may contribute with to help keep activity on the blog. In the evening one in me family was playing with a guitar pretending it was a bass. In the early morning I dreamt about a woman dancing around with a bass. When I read the paper a couple of hours later, there was a full page with a picture of a woman acting very theatrically with a bass. The day(s) before I had thought about if the same mechanism makes us collect information also from the past just like it does from the future, though we are not aware of it since we relate it all to our memories. The synchro was kind of illustrative, I think.

Btw Mike Ganley's website 'spirit today' has an interesting entry on his attempt to set up physical mediumship demos under lab conditions:

What interests me is that one of his advisors is none other than Tricia Robertson, of the Scottish Society of Psychical Research, author of the Excellent 'Things you can do when you're dead'.

Hopefully something positive will come out of this, but as always, nothing will convince those who do not want to accept alternatives to the current redictionist model. At least they're trying.

Tangentially, I noticed that your previous post title refers to Jacqui Poole. That led me to wonder if the name Jacqui Poole consciously or unconsciously triggered your thoughts about the makeup artist.

Rossoli, I've had a lot of synchronicity experiences. Sometimes it seems that once I become aware of something, than I see it everywhere. But your type of experience, happens a lot too.

I also have been running into the "skeptic" troll thing. There's a forum I visit that discusses near death experiences. The resident skeptic invariably has the last word on everything. In my last run-in with him or her, I tried to explain that there have been documented cases of NDErs observing their environment in detail (Pam Reynolds in particular). My opinion is that there is some strong evidence of an afterlife as demonstrated by NDEs and cases such as Pam Reynolds; I'm not completely convinced myself, but there is some compelling evidence out there. Of course, I was deemed completely wrong. But I was left wondering, if this person completely discounts NDEs and an afterlife, why do they spend so much time and energy on this forum? I don't like golf, but I don't go to golf forums telling people that golf is a farce. Weird.

Mike Ganley's effort is encouraging, but I can't escape the feeling that I've read the stuff before, in century old texts and that makes me wonder if we haven't moved any further? Since I haven't visited any séance and probably will not (I realize that a couple of my own very few spiritual encounters have been more intense than those most people experience and I don't trust the quality of spiritual translators and by some other reason I've no need or desire to do so) I guess I shouldn't write about this subject at all, but perhaps it's my 'expended I' that insists. Please forgive me that I'll write with a skeptic's view, but if any positive scientifical séance study will ever be published in Science or any other high ranked scientific magazine it must pass the eyes of scrutinous experts from different disciplines. Just think about how difficult it is for the reasonably well validated cold fusion research to be recognized, even though many scientific papers have been published through the years.

Four suggested guide lines to anybody that wish to try to scientifically prove the existence of psychokinesis during séances (I think you should leave out the afterlife and ectoplasm to begin with, first prove PK):

1. Get rid of the cabinet stuff. If you can't perform without it, skip the science.

2. Use several high-sensitivity IR video cameras, totally self operating (by battery and timers) and placed in electrically shielded boxes, including shielded front cover glass. The cameras should be supplied, loaded and examined by independent persons. The cameras show the complete room from different angles and three to more of them should cover a certain action area (in front of the medium) in detail. In as I linked to in August, the photos were taken with IR-sensitive film – you can do much better today.

3. Use some modern toys instead of the old stuff, why not big Scrabble cards or a whiteboard with good thick drawers in different colors. Receiving intelligent messages that way in a to the eyes totally dark room and later see the pieces or pens move around in the air on the videos should be rather convincing.

4. Use a very light and thin, from the ceiling hanging and on the IR videos easily recognizable string curtain, surrounding the action area, revealing any moving 'substance'. If ectoplasm can grip things and levitate chairs and humans it should be able to pass through such a curtain also. The selection of material might be critical though.

Kathleen: "if this person completely discounts NDEs and an afterlife, why do they spend so much time and energy on this forum?" that's a very good question I think. What's the answer?

"Tangentially, I noticed that your previous post title refers to Jacqui Poole. That led me to wonder if the name Jacqui Poole consciously or unconsciously triggered your thoughts about the makeup artist."

Interesting thought. It hadn't occurred to me. It's possible, but i think it had more to do with the approach of Halloween, and the scheduling of some old horror flicks on Turner Classic Movies.

"if this person completely discounts NDEs and an afterlife, why do they spend so much time and energy on this forum?"

Well, I'm sure many motives are possible, but some people feel a need to stop the spread of misinformation (as they see it). I have to say, I can relate to that. Whenever someone puts up a Facebook post with a bogus historical quote or factoid, I can't resist correcting it, usually with a link to Snopes or some similar site. So I understand the impulse - up to a point, anyway.


Things have been moving on, allbeit slowly. I hear the same complaints about slow progress in certain areas of technology. Mediumship is even slower because it's even more complex under the surface.

Mediumship took a massive hit in confidence early in the century after being hit with a huge double broadside of militant skepticism on one side and freebooting fraudsters on the other, and it's taken this long to get back to anywhere near its high point.

Those not familiar with the mediumship world often moan about what they see as cliché features of mediumship such as the cabinets, luminous trumpets etc, but you have to remember that the séance room 'scene' has developed its own culture and tradition over the course of its history and these elements are all part of that.

Despite these traditional elements, progress is being made by dedicated circles operating in private throughout Britain, the US and elsewhere, working to bring demonstrateble physical phenomena to a wider audience. Many are not ready to demonstrate publicly yet but we are seeing a few coming forward now.

An exciting developnent at present is the phenomenon of 'new light energy' which is being talked about in mediumship circles. This is a new project being jointly developed by physical mediums and their spirit controls. This 'new light energy' is a developed form of ectoplasm which is now self-luminescent - that is, it generates its own light so that phenomena can manifest without interference from external light sources. Several mediums around the country are working with new light energy right now in their private circles.

Those interested in these topics can find out more via the excellent 'spirit today' website I linked to in my previous post.

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