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This is fantastic. Congratulations! I can't wait to get my copy.

Thanks very much, No One!

Very pleased to see this. Good luck with it, Michael.

You've got a way with words.

Gee. Thanks a lot Michael.
Now you've got my inner child screaming "How long how long how long how long how long how long how long how long...!"

Can't wait.

Thanks, all!

RabbitDawg, your inner child can relax. I intend to release the ebook next week. Just want to go over the manuscript one more time, and then make sure the ebook formatting is okay.

Incidentally, I don't expect the book to sell very well. It's too different from my others. But I enjoyed doing it - it was like an itch that finally got scratched!

"Throughout our ride she’d kept her head down while glancing slyly in the side-view mirror, trying to be inconspicuous as she scanned the road behind us."
But the view on those mirrors from the passenger seat wouldn't include the road behind. How about this?
"Throughout our ride she’d kept dabbing into her compact, glancing slyly in the mirror, trying to be inconspicuous as she scanned the road behind us."

"Incidentally, I don't expect the book to sell very well. It's too different from my others"... -M.P.

I'm sure most of the readers of this blog would disagree. But then, we're the choir.
I'm too biased to objectively understand how this book will be received by your larger audience, but the tension created in a crime/horror thriller isn't a far cry from the tension established in a paranormal/spiritual novel (okay, novella). The paranormal/spiritual plot may have a more positive underlying quality, but the mysterious pull of the Unknown is there.
Also, I see no reason why high quality writing, a compelling plot, and an established reader base wouldn't result in a best seller.

Michael, don't underestimate your appeal. You're a first-class writer, and you know it. If the initial offering gets positive reviews, promote it. You might be pleasantly surprised.
And you could find yourself successfully branching off into a whole new genre.

Roger, I'll have to check my passenger side-view mirror tomorrow. I just assumed it would show the road, but maybe not.

RabbitDawg, I appreciate the good thoughts, but I don't think this one will bring in a lot of sales. Though I could be wrong, I'm usually pretty good at predicting which of my books will do well. I wrote this one just to satisfy myself, so any money it makes will be icing on the cake. It was the same way with a short-story collection I put out a few months ago; I figured it would go nowhere and that's exactly where it went, but I enjoyed doing it anyway.



"Roger, I'll have to check my passenger side-view mirror tomorrow. I just assumed it would show the road, but maybe not."
On second thought, I think it would work if the passenger leant forward a bit. Then she would have the same angle of view as the driver. But it wouldn't hurt to check.

Hmmm I would like to read it too. I've ordered books from Thailand to find they disappear in the post here, so I haven't done it for a while. I love short stories, I adored Catherine Mansfield as a girl, a New Zealand short story writer. I read prolifically as a child. Strangely, and it erks me, I only read true stories, biographies, science, medical science, psychic books etc, now. Novels seem too vague for some reason, even though I know there is some beautiful literature out there that I should be reading. So I may give yours a try Michael. Ramblings.. Lyn x.

Sometimes I think that the powers above decided that my fate or purpose in life is to help others. Over the years psychics tell me I will go into councelling. Although I have training in this area, I sometimes wonder if I will return to that field. I have also been told I have a Maori guide, and interestingly I am doing a bi-cultural paper at the moment, now compulsory in New Zealand. So I think this may be why when ever I go to a book shop, I end up being drawn to psychic books, science and biographies, to further my understanding of people. Who knows. And perhaps having a Maori guide is so I will work with the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Tungata Whenua. Something like that.. who knows. Lyn x.

Michael, I just got back from my local Barnes and Noble, where I was checking out PMH Atwater's Future Dreams. In it, she neatly links two of your favorite subjects. She says Edward de Vere probably had a near-death experience, and that's why he was able to write all those great plays.

No mention of whether or not he was into Mariachi.

You never know what will take off. J.R.R. Tolkien wrote The Hobbit as a bedtime story to read to his children, and The Lord of the Rings was just a "backdrop" to place the languages he created. It's always fascinated me how some books take off. Good luck.

Really looking forward to this, Michael.

Yes you can see out of the passender side window, I do it all the time with our 92 ford explorer and my 85 LTD. Michael your new book sounds very intriging!!with a natural bend for smooth unfolding, with quick insight to the reader, wish it came in book form for a keepsake!

I'd never thought of that, Bruce, but it's true that de Vere came close to dying while he was in Italy. He came down with the plague, I think. Italy was the locale of several Shakespearean plays, and the commedia del arte, which was of Italian origin, inspired several others. The Shakespeare Guide to Italy, by Richard Paul Roe, discusses the remarkable accuracy of Shakespeare's descriptions of Italy, showing that the author must have been there.

"wish it came in book form for a keepsake!" I do plan to put it out in a a print edition, Ally, but that version will take an extra couple of weeks to prepare.

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes!

Looking forward to it. Will there be an ebook? I am partial to my Kindle Fire these days. I think I see the ebook better than my beloved print these days. ;-)

Face palm. It say's ebook doesn't it? Sigh, I gotta slow down and "read." Anyway, looking forward to it. ;-)

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