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I'm sorry but I am so glad my nose doesn't look like that!

As eager as I am to read this, the better a book is, the longer it takes for me to finish. I savor the plot as opposed to trying to just get through it. I have a feeling that this one may take me a couple of days.

Come to think of it, the only other fairly recent book (that I'm aware of) using a plot combining paranormal/spiritual fact and fiction was A Benevolent Virus. For all intents and purposes, it was also a novella, and a decent one at that.
I guess we're about to find out if this is a niche market or an under-used genre. My vote is for a new genre.

You need to fix the Amazon link

"You need to fix the Amazon link"

Thanks! Not sure what happened there. Anyway, it should work now.

I'd only change one word in it: from "a bank of phones" to "a couple of phones." A small bus station wouldn't have more than two pay phones nowadays, when cell phones are so ubiquitous.

If there's ever a 2nd edition of Going, Going, Gone--about vanishing Americana--payphones will be added to it. (It's a great book. Add it to your queue.)

PS: Instead of "a couple," better would be "a pair," since that's the same number of letters and wouldn't throw off the Kindle's indexing system.

The monkey reminds me of Jimmy Durante.

Tried to find the book on amazon uk but no luck.

Bold move to put "empirical evidence" on the summary, I wonder how long until this shows up on a woo-police blotter.

Roger, I changed the payphone reference in the forthcoming trade paperback edition. Will change it in the ebook editions at some point.

Paul, the book will be available on Amazon UK, but there may be a delay in getting it posted on that site. There's also the option of buying a Kindle edition at Smashwords (linked in the main post). Then you'd simply email the file to your Kindle address. As far as I know, Smashwords editions can be purchased by anyone regardless of geographical location.

JC, I was a little uncertain about "empirical evidence" because it sounds so propagandistic - but then I figured, well, the book *is* kind of propagandistic, so it's just truth in advertising. But for the paperback edition I changed it to "empirical research," and I may change the ebook blurb also. That wording sounds a little better to me somehow.

Michael, you picked the Greek letter for your title that I use in my space design project to denote the main mystery. Guess I have to look for something else :)

Thinking about it, perhaps the novel is a good choice when trying to describe the incomprehensible. Or perhaps even better, a comic strip. I think I need a ghost drawer.

Thanks Michael.

Bought it, downloaded it, finished it - a great read Michael! I think this could be an exciting new direction for you. As with Ghost stories and Science Fiction, the relative lack of physical constraints renders the challenge of creating an exciting, credible and grounded story that engages our interest and imagination all the harder. But in my opinion, with your honed (and very strong) narrative skills to the fore, you pull this off with flying colours!

For me, there looks to be great imaginative possibilities in developing what effectively is a new genre. I hope there will be more of these in the future.

Thanks very much, Simon! I wouldn't call it a new genre, though. It's basically a paranormal spin on The Da Vinci Code (man and woman on the run, a lot of action interspersed with exposition about unconventional theories).

It's probably a one-off, but you never know; maybe the bug will bite me again at some point. Right now I'm working on a sequel to my last mainstream thriller, Cold Around the Heart.

Thanks again for your comments. Much appreciated!

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