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If paranormal investigator's presented a case for the validity of mediumship, NDE's or psi using Tony Youens and Adrian Shaw's style of arguing, they would be laughed out of the room.
Sure, investigators speculate and theorize when they're musing about causes, but no recognized credible paranormal researcher would ever resort to possibilities to shore up the foundation of their evidence.

The more I pay attention, the less I respect mainstream academia.

How much time would she have had if she actually gathered all that information normal means? I mean it is not at all easy and VERY time consuming finding the right informants, talking to them etc. with nothing to gain?!

And if I read it correctly, it would have to be collected in a very short space of time.

Very good points about the lack of time. Poole's body was discovered on Sunday. The murder became general knowledge among the locals on Monday. Holohan talked to the police on Wednesday. So she would have had only about 48 hours to gather all this info from various sources (including, it would seem, the killer himself!). And she could not have gone about collecting info in any obvious way, such as approaching Poole's friends and family; such behavior would have been noticed and remembered. She would have had to do it on the sly - presumably while holding down her regular job.

And that would be impossible! I am a lawyer by profession so I am trained in gathering a good amount of various information in a short amount of time. Even though I currently have an occupation that does not involve talking to witnesses I spent the obligatory time at a prosecutor and was at court while I was trained and I know first hand how incredibly time consuming it is to get information from "human sources" (talking to witnesses). In order to attain that amount of information in 48 hours she would have needed to work on this non-stop, couldn´t afford even a minute of pursuing a trace that leads nowhere. For one witness who proves a good source of information you have two spent hours on interviewing people who in fact cannot contribute anything! And concerning other facts she knew it needs to be considered that this was before the internet! But it is always possible to gather information "normally", even if this would include braking into peoples´appartements and listen while they talk in their sleep. It is the same with very young kids talking about previous lives: Before I had kids I used to at least take into consideration that those stories might be made up by the kids/the kids being taught all the details by their parents/picked information up by overhearing people talk etc. As my eldest child is now 4 years old and fairly intelligent (as are her friends) I can attest that it is impossible for a kid the same age or even younger to invent a realistic or coherent story or to teach a kid that type of story. That is beyond what a 2-4 years old can do. But interestingly sceptics rather attribute capabilities to human beings they do not possess than accepting the paranormal...

A very convincing case, Michael! Well done.

Very interesting case. This one reminds me of a very similar case in Chicago that made headlines in the late seventies. Teresita Basa, a nurse working in Evanston, was also found murdered in her apartment. Later, she appeared to, and spoke thru, a coworker, naming her killer and giving specific details. Detectives followed up and were able to get a confession from the named suspect.

While not proving survival, these cases certainly add to the case for life after death. It is interesting, that the people who are brave enough to step forward, are immediately accused of fraud or lies. In the Basa case, the coworker, married to a Doctor, had much to lose in telling her paranormal story. If she had heard things or had suspicions, why not just say it? Why make up the paranormal aspect? Maybe because that is the way these things actually happen.


Teresita Basa was one of my very favorite Unsolved segments! Too bad the links no longer work; I'd love to watch it again.

Here is another crime solving tale seemingly from the Beyond which might interest you...

Those of a certain age may remember the case of the kidnap and murder in the 1970s of the former Italian prime
minister, and at the time president of the Christian Democrats, Aldo Moro at the hands of the Red Brigade. I stumbled on a reference to the following in a footnote on Wikipedia. The full story is in the Independent article linked below but here are the key facts:

During the 55 days he was held in captivity everyone in Italy desperately speculated where the kidnappers could possibly be keeping Aldo Moro. At one point something extraordinary happened. Romano Prodi, himself later prime minister and also president of the European Commission, went to the police with a remarkable tip off. He reported how he and a group of university academic friends had spent a Sunday afternoon attempting a seance with a Ouija board. They appeared to get responses from what was identified as the spirit of another, recently deceased, senior Christian Democrat called Giorgio La Pira. Having established this they asked what everyone wanted to know "where are they holding Aldo Moro?"

The Ouija spelled out in turn 3 place names.. Bolsena..Viterbo..Gradoli... The first two were instantly identified as known places, but Gradoli meant nothing to anyone. Until that is they located a village of that name in an Atlas, to their own apparently great surprise. This fact - that a place that existed but no one had heard of had turned up in response to their question - prompted Prodi to risk ridicule and inform the police. The village of Gradoli was duly raided and searched and...nothing. The lead seemed another dead end.

After Moro was murdered and his body disposed of it was determined that he had been kept during most of his captivity in an apartment in a street in Rome called.... Via Gradoli.

Cue twilight zone music.

The gist of the Independent article is that Prodi's political opponents, skeptics and the public at large take it virtually as read that he "obviously" made the whole seance "nonsense" up to cover up for to pass on a tip about Moro's whereabouts without giving his informant away. But from the report I can't find any suggestion of evidence that this is the case appears to be simply an assumption based primarily on the idea that such things are self-evidently impossible so must be untrue.

Prodi however has never (?) changed his story.

The Basa case is very interesting - thanks GregL

Excellent case!

I am convinced. Any theory not involving psi is going to be a stretch.

Good post, Michael. I know another case similar to this case and the case of Teresita Basa, the case of Giuseppe Veraldi:

@Matt Rouge

According to the skeptiko forums at least, there seems to be a group of fringe materialists suggesting that psi-like effects can be explained by de-coupling the idea of time's linearity from classical physics. E.g. time moves in two directions.

Of course, one could set such an attempted explanation in the same camp as super psi if one wanted.


||According to the skeptiko forums at least, there seems to be a group of fringe materialists suggesting that psi-like effects can be explained by de-coupling the idea of time's linearity from classical physics. E.g. time moves in two directions.

Of course, one could set such an attempted explanation in the same camp as super psi if one wanted.||

Hey, it all starts with recognizing that the phenomena exist. If they recognize that psi, the Afterlife, etc., exist, then ultimately it doesn't really matter whether the causes of these things are "material" or "spiritual," as those are just labels.

"psi-like effects can be explained by de-coupling the idea of time's linearity..."

Matt,I had an interesting experience with this once. I went to Paris with a friend, and we walked all over the city for six days. One day by accident we came to this plaza - neither of us had any idea what it was about and no one was around.

I had the strangest feeling there - I suddenly felt very very cold (and I'm usually much warmer than those around me) and had an intense feeling of loneliness and despair. I was having a fantastic time in Paris and had no idea why I felt this way. My friend reported similar feelings.

That night my friend found out where we had been. It was the Place de Concorde, where thousands of people had been guillotined during the French Revolution. I knew of course about the guillotine, but I had no idea where the massacres actually occurred in Paris, and even if I had seen the name, "Place de Concorde," I never connected the two.

Was this a glitch in time,or was it the cliche of people's feelings "imprinting" on a location?

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