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Very interesting case. I was thinking earlier about after death communications and was intrigued by the notion that many spirit communicators are said to maintain their personalities after death (especially if they died unexpectedly). Unrelated to this case, as it seems the communications were related solely to the identity of a killer, I was wondering if many of the ancient commands in scripture purportedly made by "G-d" (I.e. Ritual sacrifice, commands to attack other groups or countries) were actually spirit communications from those recently passed who were still a bit power hungry, but were simply normal people that "pretended" to be a superior being. Or, more likely, they didn't even pretend to be, but the ancient "mediums" who received the communications merely assumed they were from a higher power. Just a thought.

I think that's very possible. Interestingly, the Bible tells us that Moses spoke to God "face to face" in a tent that was periodically put up in the wilderness. It sounds a bit like he was holding seances, perhaps of a materialization variety, which would require dim light or darkness and an enclosed space (the "cabinet"). Moses, assuming he actually existed, may have been a medium; he is said to have heard "God's" voice while mesmerized by the burning bush. Even if there was no such person as Moses, the oral tradition preserved in the Bible could point to a memory of mediumistic activities in general.

For more musings on Moses, see:

It would certainly explain a lot of seemingly odd instructions from 'deities' wouldn't it?

If the range of reported mediumistic activity in modern times is true, then I can't see why it was at least equally possible in ancient times.

There's quite a good example of apparent discaranate manipulative behaviour in Joe Fisher's "Hungry Ghosts". If I think of the things that drive egotistical people today - power seems often to be at the heart of it. Once money has no value and sex isn't practical then perhaps all one has left is manipulation? :)

Interesting case!

Michael, this research of the research, and your interpretation of the Jacqui Poole story would make a great foundation for a chapter in the e-book you were musing about writing several months ago.

Just a thought.

Medium Sized Moses

Exodus 30:6 Place the incense altar just outside the inner curtain shielding the Ark of the Covenant in front of the Ark's Place of Atonement cover covering the tablets inscribing the terms of the covenant and I will meet with you there.

Exodus 33:10 Whenever the people saw the pillar of cloud at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting they'd stand and worship at the entrance of their tent.

33:11 The Lord would speak to Moses face to face as one speaks to a friend [or as intimate lovers engage].

33:22-23 When my Glory [Shekinah/Holy Ghost/Feminine Creative Aspect] passes by I'll put you in a cleft in the rock near Me [like the one you struck to produce water] and cover you with My Hand [in the manner of a tent entrance] until I have passed by. Then I will remove My Hand [open the figurative tent] and you'll see my back but my face mustn't be seen.”

Exodus 34:29-30 When Moses came down from Sinai with the twin tablets of the Covenant in each hand he was unaware of his face'd become radiant due to his interaction with the Lord and when Aaron and the Israelites saw how radiant his face was they became afraid to approach him.

Might I suggest what we're reading here's the same principle behind the magic circle the temenos and various approaches used by different types of mediums to effect their talents [closing the eyes wearing veils hiding behind curtains wearing restraints working in total darkness etc].

It's also apparently deployed to great esoteric effect by both Ovid and Shakespeare in the story of Pyramus and Thisbe [in of all places Babylon] where it's precisely the wall between the twin lovers and the crack in it which facilitates their love while their attempts to get round it which leads to their love's annihilation.

And may also lie behind the seemingly preposterous veneration for the extremely ancient god Janus.

Namely the face of anything is the boundary between itself and everything else which paradoxically creates the apartness and differentiation which allows interactions like love attraction and repulsion to arise.

But paradoxic'ly the face unrestrained's also the means by which everything else can be assimilated and ultimately annihilated whether it be a mouth eating or a cell wall absorbing nutrients.

Thus my suggestions Face of God's a technical term to be understood on at least two levels and God turns his back on Moses not to punish or deprive him but to prevent the Creation being annihilated.

The prophets channel God, it seems, while other people channel the dead.

Off topic, I went this past weekend to be an extra in a zombie movie, and when I questioned the film maker (a film student) and the others on how them met and why they were using this person's particular house, etc, they relayed that they were ghost investigators and this is one of the houses that they had investigated and the woman who owns the house was nice enough to let them use it for the shoot.

I asked them about their personal experiences and the one girl who worked with the lead investigator said that 99.9% of the time, they catch EVP, and that it used to freak her out, but, now she just expects it. They where normal people, not making money off of it or anything, just something that interests them.

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