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Thanks for this article. I have been looking into death and NDE's a lot in the last 3 years since my beloved wife died of pancreatic cancer at 53. I have read very extensively on NDE's, read Eben Alexanders book and most of the NDE research, read about cosmology, God and the Bible. I have only recently read of Jane Roberts and Seth and found it most interesting. Coming from a science background however, I still find the entire concept of persistence of consciousness difficult. I wish there was some way to be certain. I feel that if I knew for sure that my wife was not gone completely, it would change everything for me and be easier to move on. For all my reading & research and my own experiences where I felt my wife has given me signs of her presence, I remain unconvinced. It is a human wish that we do not cease to exist when we die and yet it still seems the most probable outcome. I wish I knew. I enjoy your blog and will continue my search but suspect I will never know for sure until my time comes.

>> Coming from a science background however, I still find the entire concept of persistence of consciousness difficult


My truest condolences for your heart-breaking loss of your wife.

Actually, though, science per se has absolutely nothing to say about the persistence of consciousness after bodily death. What's really your stumbling block, I suspect, is rather a philosophical idea that the brain produces consciousness, and so consciousness must die when the brain dies. This philosophical idea is generally confused with a scientific attitude, since a majority of scientists happen to hold it, but it's entirely separable from scientific findings. A different philosophical theory - namely, that the brain does not produce consciousness, but rather transmits and filters consciousness - is every bit as compatible with scientific findings, and actually can explain more data than the theory which you seem to hold. It's all really a philosophical argument between various mind-brain interaction theories, not a scientific argument at all. Many, many people seem to be confused about this.

You might want to check out the trilogy by Chris Carter, which makes the above point much better than I can do, and covers all the best evidence for ESP, NDEs, and life after death. It's some of the best material I've ever read on the subject, and I've read a lot.

Best wishes,

"It is a human wish that we do not cease to exist when we die and yet it still seems the most probable outcome."

I'm not at all sure I agree with you on this. I think the *animal* in us is what wants to survive -quite understandably, but paradoxically, the animal is just what can't's a complete bugger, really.

Any suitably messed-up, neurotic, phobic, human ego-complex should surely be welcoming its own extinction. Vous ne pensez pas?

"A belief in hell fires can cause you to hallucinate Hades' conditions. A belief in a stereotyped heaven can result in a hallucination of heavenly conditions."

Michael might I suggest the only thing Luke Dittrich's really succeeded in doing's explain the form Eben Alexander's experience took?

"You may die at eighty, and after death think of the youth and vitality that you had that twenty, and find then that your form changes to correspond with this inner image."

After me Dad died he startled the livin' crap out me by first turning up as his eighteen year old self!

"the so-called physical world flickers in and out of existence constantly".

Going by personal experience so far it seems to blink out of existence before something wills it back.

In my single most awful experience though I seemed to witness everything and everyone that ever was is or will be wink out of existence one by one until all that was left was a single dimensionless scintilla of consciousness dwelling in the void of sterile nothingness for all eternity.

Personally though I take the working position that's ultimately just as much a conceptual construct as all the rest of it.

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