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I wish I could see a few more seconds of footage prior to when the event starts. In this clip, if you look carefully at the end of the right side of the aisle, someone briefly appears to be peeking at the man, then they dart over in the direction of the other side of the aisle, as if getting ready to play a trick on the gentleman.

Of course, that could be the skeptical side of me reading into it. More simultaneous footage from the adjoining aisles would be helpful here.
Somehow, I get the feeling that will never happen, there won't be a followup. That 'feeling' isn't psychic, it's based on experience with the press when it comes to these issues.

How's this for a hypothetical scenario Michael...

...I'm this whizz with off the shelf special effects software and though I'd rather be recordin' music with me band we're skint and can't afford our favourite herbal *wink*wink* cigarettes for inspiration so I approach the owner of the place I buy me ginseng supplements etc and point out how much attention emporiums with spooky videos're gettin' lately and as a *wink*wink* amateur psychic investigator who coincidentally happens to be goin' out with his daughter I reckon I might be able to capture such spooky behaviour goin' on in his place as well the deal being I get a percentage of any upsurge in revenues.

The bum note for me here's the video we see's not the original video but film of it appearing on a screen rather conveniently allowing the owner to comment excitedly as he shows it to his even more excitable daughter but lulling those not paying full aattention into thinking it's actually happ'nin' right there and then in the shop.

Since this thread is on ghost, I think this is proper place to ask You about Your take on apparitions as an evidence for an afterlife. Perhaps I missed some of Your posts about that, but what I have seen mostly was about mental mediumship, NDE and reincarnation - they are all my favorates too. I acme across apparitions as the evidence first time in Hornell Hart's 'Enigma Of Survival',and in the latest brilliant Chris Carter's...But just in case, on one site "psychology4all" there was an entry about parapsychology :

Regardin apparitions,such respected person as Louisa Rhine was quoted:

"L.E. Rhine, on the basis of her studies of spontaneous cases, comes to the conclusion that there are several cases where it appears that the deceased personality had induced the experience and a few cases where the initiative of the deceased person is the only possible explanation."

Strong claim,needless to say. It made me really want to learn about apparitions more. What is Your take on that? Are there specific apparitional cases that You regard as the "strong enough" with regard to the evidence? L.Rhine seems to do just that.

@alexander - I don't know if you have read David Fontana's book 'is there an afterlife?". If you haven't I'd recommend it as a pretty comprehensive summary of evidence for many areas of parapsychology. It includes apparitions.

@Alexander Zlotnik,

While you're waiting for Michael's reply, I would recommend to you the early books of the SPR as still being the best discussion of the evidence for apparitions - that is, "Phantasms of the Living" and "Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death". Both can be read on-line:

Not light reading! Each of these books, in print, is about 1500 pages long. But for a really serious study of apparitions, I think they're still the best. Maybe somebody else could recommend more modern (and shorter) overviews of the subject.

My own view is that the evidence from apparitions is very suggestive of survival at least in certain cases, but by itself is probably not enough to be definitive. But when the evidence from apparitions is added to all the other types of evidence all pointing to survival (NDEs, reincarnation cases, mental mediumship, etc.), then I think the case becomes very strong indeed.

Alexander, I think so-called "crisis apparitions" often provide good evidence of life after death.

Many of these are discussed in Myers' "Human Personality" and other SPR accounts.

Hauntings, when witnessed by multiple observers, can also be pretty good evidence.

Poltergeist cases have been well documented, but it's unclear whether the activity stems from a ghost or unconscious PK in a living person.

Thanks for the responses.
Paul - no, haven't read D.Fontana yet, reading mixed reviews ,still unsure if to purchase.

Warren - thanks for the suggestions, I'll read these books. As for "not enough to be definitive" - I humbled myself that it may be the case of any separate lines of evidence(best cases) - strongly suggestive by not definite enough...But agreed, taken together it all becomes much stronger.

Michael - my surprise came from 2 factors.1: that it came from Louisa Rhine, as I know she and her husband were more about ESP rather than survival. 2: I was surprised by her "certainty" - she insisted that in certain cases the initiative of the deceased personality was the only possible explanation

I'm not sure what the criticisms of Fontana's book would be.

The interesting thing is it doesn't have to all be real. In the aggregate - if only one of the thousands of sightings are real - it changes everything.

There are literally thousands of people who say they've experienced mystical and transcendental experiences, from near death experiences, death bed visions, kundalini experiences, mystical and transcendental experiences, etc.

There is no way to prove that they are all either lying or hallucinating. It says something about our universe and who we are. That our current material perception of the Universe is incomplete. There is something hidden that we aren't seeing or don't understand. That our Universe is more than it appears to be on the outside.

"I'm not sure what the criticisms of Fontana's book would be."

Although I thought the book was interesting, I have some criticisms. First, I found an inordinate number of typos - perhaps a small thing, but it made the book seem sloppy. Second, and more important, I thought the emphasis was a bit off. There was a lot about physical mediumship (a special interest of Fontana's) but very little about Ian Stevenson's work on children's past-life memories, for instance. I regard physical mediumship as among the less convincing lines of evidence, because of the great amount of fraud and the possibility of explaining even genuine cases in terms of PK, rather than "spirits." Materialization mediumship (another interest of Fontana's) has also been plagued by fraud. In a general overview, these more marginal subjects shouldn't be front and center, IMO.

Still, it's a good read. But not as good (I think) as Greg Taylor's forthcoming book Stop Worrying: There Probably Is an Afterlife, or Chris Carter's books Science and the Near-Death Experience and Science and the Afterlife Experience.

"but very little about Ian Stevenson's work on children's past-life memories, for instance." - Michael Prescott

I'll tell you what, if there really is such a thing as reincarnation you can take my turn on coming back and I'll stay in Heaven. {grin!}

I can't say I found many typos in it tbh. I normally home in on stuff like that and it puts me off too.

It is quite well-referenced though so it's easier to look up the original material than others I have read. It's interesting what you say about physical mediumship because I think it is potentially far more evidential of survival than clairvoyance. It depends what one means by fraud as well really, I'd say a large percentage of clairvoyance either sounds like cold reading or a mix of mediumship and cold reading, or is woefully imprecise and lacking evidential content. Except, as for physical mediumship, for a few rare decent practitioners.

Art - "In the aggregate - if only one of the thousands of sightings are real - it changes everything."

I think I agree with the statement that the best evidence of survival can be "very suggestive of survival at least in certain cases, but by itself is probably not enough to be definitive"

But regarding NDE I found it interesting to read the stories on NDE experiencers themselves, not just academic explanations.
For example, here experiencer says:
"I now know that there is a life after death"

Such sentiments seem to be quite common in NDE experiencers/survivors, and they don't care what others think about that. They usually even don't use the word "believe", they us e the word "know".

"I regard physical mediumship as among the less convincing lines of evidence, because of the great amount of fraud and the possibility of explaining even genuine cases in terms of PK, rather than "spirits." Materialization mediumship (another interest of Fontana's) has also been plagued by fraud."

I think it needs to be carefully considered. I posted this at about Stephen Braude's recent research. Braude certainly has a lot of credibility. It is true that phenomena such as he witnessed could be pk, but they still indicate aspects of consciousness going beyond the physical brain.

Stephen Braude gave a presentation with videos on his follow-up investigation of the Felix Circle and its physical medium Kai Muegge, at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration held in Dearborn, June 6-8 2013. The presentation basically verified and repeated portions of the Felix Circle website news page that began this thread, and will be followed up by publication in JSSE. Joined by filmmaker Robert Narholz, Prof Braude participated in two series of sittings, one in Hanau, Germany in Aug. 2012 and one in Robert Narholz's Austrian farmhouse in May this year. Braude experienced some extraordinary physical phenomena under considerably tightened conditions especially in Austria. These included a strip search of the medium, thorough examination of fresh clothes given to him, hands-on physical control of the medium by Braude and an associate during the production of the phenomena, no sitters just investigators and cameraman (therefore no medium's accomplices), and the use of low red light.

At close range in low red light Braude witnessed the medium pull large amounts of ectoplasm out of his mouth to accumulate in a mass on the floor, which then formed into a projecting hand and wrist, and later into a column, gauzelike material and other structures. Some of this process was captured on video. Braude also witnessed close-hand the production of apports (a medallion and a copper nugget). There also were table levitations recorded on video.

Very interesting, Doubter. I hadn't been following the Felix Circle at all.

Art, you may not have to worry about reincarnated. My best guess is that another aspect of your higher self reincarnates, while the "you" that you are now does not.

Michael (and folks), I'd like to ask : what is You take on personal insights of NDE survivors? Of course, we should respect attempting to explain it ,being it Pim Van Lommel/Bruce Greyson from one side and Gerry Woerlee on the other. I think their personal experience deserves the weigh, not less(maybe even more) than academic explanations.Do you agree?
Julie Beischel also talks about something like that in her book about mediums, how she relies on what medium feels(though this is a little bit more problematic).
Now,here I opened the thread about mystical experience of known physicist Fred Alan Wolf. He says that lucid dreams they are actually experiences of "parallel realities". As for his "lucid dream" - he is convinced that he visited astral plane of suiciders.Long story,here is the thread I opened for that:

If true, it would be interesting, because it reminds much of what mediumistic communications/channelining literature tell about "suicide plane". I have read about NDEs,OBEs, but never heard before about "lucid dreams" as experience of parallel realities. Wolf bring idea of hologram:

[I]"There is something called "Holographic Reality" and the notion here is that a hologram is made up of overlaps of alternate realities, much like a regular hologram is made up from overlaps of different wave motions; light waves; in the case of an optical hologram or sound waves if it is a sonar hologram by which radar works and that sort of thing."[/I]

Zerdini didnt appear too think much of them I remember, he suggested that while possibly genuine, they may be channeling low entities, seeing how some of their communications speak of aliens and such like.

For my part, im not too bothered by that at this stage, as I think its clear now that a lot of mediumistic communications are a mixture of the medium's own subconscious and external non-physical intelligences - much of the debate is focusing on to what extent is one influencing over the other. This probably explains David Thompson's seances also.

I dont really care because, at the very least, we're still getting some great evidence of some spectacular pk, which if fully verified, kicks out standard reductionist materialism in any case.

My apology for the off-topic comment.

Some of you were kind enough to read my guest post on Paranormalia called "A Militant Skeptic Discovers the Afterlife."

Well, I enjoyed writing it so much, and got such nice feedback, I decided to start a blog of my own under that name. My first post is that same story (I've revised it a bit and am now housing it on the new site).

While I won't be blogging nearly as often as our prolific host on this forum does, I did just upload a new post based on the response of one of my readers. It's called Standing up for Spirituality, and it can be found here:

I invite you all to check it out and let me know what you think.

Michael, if you pay a visit, be sure to see the "About" page. :o)

Thanks for your kind words in the "About" page, Bruce! I think you handled your hostile commenter very well. My guess is that the subject of a "militant skeptic" becoming more spiritual has struck a nerve with some people.


I am checking out your new blog. I'm impressed! I'll be reading and commenting there...

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