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Reminds me of Claire Sylvia's book "A Change of Heart" where she gets a new heart and it changes her personality. There is so much that we don't know about mind and consciousness and memories. We don't have a clue what sentience is or how the thoughts in our brains our generated.

I participate on a Motely Fool board and there is a guy on there who insists that one day they will be able to transfer our consciousness to a computer. I am highly skeptical of that seeing as how we don't have a clue what consciousness is or how it is generated. I'm not sure a machine will ever be able to be truly conscious. What consciousness is may not be possible for a machine.

Dr. Karl Pribam, a neuroscientist from Stanford University, believes that our brains work holographically and that the brain is essentially a hologram embedded inside a holographic universe.

I actually wanted to post a comment about this, because it does seem to indicate that consciousness is not produced by the brain. I also remember reading studies with mice indicating something similar - mice could still remember how to navigate a maze even though a good portion of their brains were gone (poor things, though, I hated reading about it). It also seems to correlate with Seth's teachings, that our consciousness isn't just limited to our brain, but is diffused throughout our entire bodies.

Thsi Holographic Universe has long been discusses in Buddhism
Fazang (643-712), the third of the five patriarchs of the Huayan school, illustrated the Huayan teachings for Empress Wu by constructing a hall of mirrors, placing mirrors on the ceiling, floor, four walls, and four corners of a room. In the center he placed a Buddha image with a lamp next to it. Standing in this room, the empress could see that the reflection in any one mirror clearly reflected the reflections from all of the other mirrors, including the specific reflection of the Buddha image in each one. This fully demonstrated the unobstructed interpenetration of the particular and the totality, with each one contained in all, and with all contained in each one. Moreover, it showed the nonobstructed interpenetration of each particular mirror with each of the others.

"The evidence for a holographic reality is becoming quite plentiful; too much to be disregarded. What gives it more credence is that those who have experienced higher states of consciousness and echelons of reality via meditation, astral projection, or entheogens have been proclaiming very holographic-esque musings and aphorisms."

This article is dated from yesterday.

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