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"We must remind ourselves that all the nearly-dead did, in fact, have viable physical bodies remaining to them. No authenticated reports have come from people whose bodies were absolutely destroyed by say, explosion, avalanche or fire. The expression of mind has invariably depended on a relatively intact, if jeopardized, body. Were the ‘spiritual body’ really as free as some believe, then this strict dependence on an intact physical body should not be necessary."

I agree Alexander that they offer debatable

I suspect those closer to death are lucky to be alive, and were supposed to die and not come back? Who knows. Like 'Art' of interest I think is the OBE experience, the non- space and time aspect of the universe that those who are near death or out of their bodies claim to experience. Which hint at the ability of consciousness to travel, or occur outside the brain and an afterlife.

Also I feel what doctors report in these cases in all honestly is no more likely to be accurate, although taken as such, and what they refer to in these studies. In many cases, there is no medical staff present either, so researchers don't necessarily have the whole picture.

Even Eben's 'delusions' as the doctor labels them, are they really? And is the brain capable of forming concise thinking when so compromised. As there seems to be an intellect of reason working during Eben's and those of others during these experiences. This is where doctors often make what I feel are exaggerated claims. So you can question the validity of their assumptions as well.

With Eben, I don't necessarily feel his memory is any less viable than others. Emotional events, as research suggests are seared into the mind, and I find as others, I remember my experiences like they were yesterday even with my otherwise faulty memory.

My only grump is that I found his book a little light. I would like to have seen more detail on the functioning of the brain, and feel this may have make his point better, particularly as he has a lot to offer with his expertise. Lyn x.

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