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I think I'll be getting this. I've read up on Archie Roy's research and find him to be one of the more credible researchers of recent times.
I've been reading your blog for a while and just like to say it's good to have a bit of balance. When subjects like this are discussed on the internet I find they often polarize into 'it's all true and wonderful and anyone who doubts it is a nasty, closed minded, debunker materialist' or 'it's all bullshit and anyone who entertains the possibility there might be some truth to it is a gullible idiot'. There don't seem to be too many sites for someone with a genuinely open mind.
Just a quick question- what are your thoughts on Leslie Flint. I've been listening to some of his recordings recently & a not really sure what to make of him. On one hand some of the voices don't sound that much like the people they're supposed to be and sound like they could be the same guy doing an impression. On the other, he was tested under some pretty strict conditions so hard to see how he could have faked it.

Triskelion, I don't know a lot about Flint, but from the little I do know, I'd have to say I feel the same way you do. The voices do not impress me, but some of the tests would seem to have been capable of detecting fraud, if there was fraud. So ... no opinion, really.

Regarding Leslie Flint, I have been studying this phenomenon since the seventies.

True, some (male) voices are not very convincing, others such as those from females, are definitely convincing in the sense that they are truly feminine, as has been testified by very experienced ventriloguists at the time. (I bring this up because researchers of the SPR initially thought that Flint was nothing more than a clever ventriloguist - pretty hard given the fact that there have been sessions when one hears Flint himself speaking at the same time that the voice of an entity is heard. Also given the fact that often more than one discarnate voice was heard.

I have no doubt that Flint was a genuine direct voice medium.

Also, we can ask someone who knew him personally - Zerdini

Yes Paul - I was thinking the same. Zerdini! Where are you?!

Is there anybody there.....


- smiles -

I am here!

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