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Worse than the lawyers are the self-important amateur lawyers.

Time to get back to life after death topics! {grin!} Seriously, if it's not about near death experiences, death bed visions, or the holographic nature of our universe I don't have much interest in it anyway. Some of the other message boards I participate on have some folks that love to talk and argue about politics, and that's all they are interested in, so I just put them on ignore since I have very little interest in politics. It seems like such a fleeting thing to worry about. At this stage of the game in my life I've got my sights set on more eternal things. I figure I just passed the fall of my life and am all ready into the first few days of winter (using it as a metaphor for life's journey). I'm curious where I'm going when this life is over and what is in store for me. Reminds me of David Kessler's book "Visions, Trips, and Crowded Rooms" about the things that people in hospice experience. Great book by the way. I really liked it.

||All he's actually accomplished is to make it harder for legitimate users of this blog to have a conversation.||

Um, mission accomplished? :(

Naturally, MU! can't just admit he's an idiot, so in a follow-up comment he tells me he really did educate me by getting me to look up the legal liabilities faced by bloggers. Wrong again. I'd looked up the basic info years ago, though I did have to refresh my memory on which section of the CDA was relevant. And incidentally, I carry insurance that covers me in the unlikely event of a libel suit anyway.

But why would someone who's been a professional author for 30 years know anything about legal issues involving the written word? That's just crazy talk.

He also seems to think that setting up a message board is my way of addressing liability issues. Not so. If it happens, it will be a way of allowing legitimate commenters to have a conversation without interference from him and his fellow miscreants. It has nothing to do with legalities.

Okay, I'm done talking about or responding to MU! now. I agree with the "don't feed the trolls" sentiment, but it ticked me off that after shredding our comments threads and causing pointless chaos, MU! had the gall to claim he did it for my own good, because he is so much smarter and more knowledgeable than I am. Why do idiots always think they're brilliant? It's probably related to the Dunning-Kruger effect.–Kruger_effect

For the record, MU!, my complete silence regarding any further comments you make should not be construed as anything other than a total lack of interest in you.

It's an unfortunate limitation of Typepad that you can't just approve certain commenters for instant approval.

Totally off-topic (though this latest troll episode is certainly a topic worthy of leaving behind), I just left a review on Amazon of a biography of a girl who was raised by monkeys.

An amazing true story if ever there was one.

What a pleasure it is to leave a first review for a book that deserves a very wide readership.

One of the rarely mentioned issues in parapsychology is the huge volume of mentally disturbed individuals it attracts. This applies to both sides of the equation.
Pseudo-skepticism seems to appeal to a disproportionate number of sociopaths, and some folks in the True Believer faction can't distinguish a psychotic episode from a Vision.

Because of its struggle for balance and truth, this blog tends to turn off most of the nut cases, but a few folks are bound to leak through - apparently those who deal with their cognitive dissonance by splitting up into multiple personalities.

But even Michael has a bit of tolerance for emotional confusion. Heck, so far, he let's me comment doesn't he ? :D

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