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No need to publish this, Michael. If you looked at either the SPR website or its Facebook page, you would have known about Arhcie's death as I put a tribute on the former and a link on the latter within a day, and I also linked to various newspaper obits (I put news on the website and run the FB page).

The memorial service was a couple of weeks ago, and Roy Stemman did a report of that on his Paranormal Review blog.

We may have copies of The Eager Dead in the office, I'll ask the secretary. Postage might be hefty, but the whole thing would be less than $400! I'll see what he says.

"No need to publish this, Michael."

Tom, there's definitely a need to publish this or anything else that puts distance between this blog and the recent flame war! :-)

"If you looked at either the SPR website or its Facebook page ..."

I'm afraid I don't keep up with psi-related stuff online very much. Readers who seek up-to-the-minute info should definitely use both resources you mention, as well as Paranormal Review (which you also mention).

Other good sources of info are Greg Taylor's site The Daily Grail and David Metcalfe's site Reality Sandwich.

I'm more of a book reader than a blog or website reader. On Facebook, I mostly look at cute animal pix ...

Oh, I just figured out that when Tom said "no need to publish this," he was referring to his own comment. He meant it need not go public.

I thought he meant there was no need for me to publish my blog post (because it was out of date).

Oh, well ...

facepalm. I'll contact you through Facebook.

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