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Who rigs every Oscar Night?

One of the best episodes of all times, which is why I can no longer watch. Watching the new episodes is like seeing a grandfather dying in hospice.

"The group is called The Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers"

Also works for my beloved L.A. Dodgers of the early to mid-60's who were all pitch, no hit.

I am having a bit of trouble joining it.

What trouble, Paul?

Sorry I should have said a bit more lol I can't see how to join the group.

You have to first sign in to Google. If you don't have a Google account, you must create one. Then navigate to the URL in the post. At that point, you will either be viewing the group in the old or the new interface. In the old interface, there's a big Join button. In the new interface, there's an icon on the upper right called My Settings (you must hover the cursor over it to see the label). Click it and choose Join This Group.

Here's a link to a $1 Kindle book that may be relevant, What the Plus? Google+ for the Rest of Us by Guy Kawasaki:

Thanks Michael.

I applied!

And you were approved! But someone named Matt already applied, and I approved him too. I have no idea who that is.

If he turns out to be a Homer, he can always be banned.

Well, my name is "Matt Rouge" in the group. Perhaps the other is my lookalike, Matt Damon?!

I applied under Steve Snead or was it Stephen? I think Steve :-) . It says it's pending.

Will you still include members who are critical of the material or your views at times or all the time?

Yes, all viewpoints are welcome in the forum.

"Yes, all viewpoints are welcome in the forum."

Proof: I'm still here. And I disagree with everybody. On principle.

I applied, I think. All this new fangled social media stuff confounds me sometimes.

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