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For those who are interested in some background information about these happenings, I recommend reading this discussion on RationalWiki:

@ Michael: You should also delete the postings by "Feedrus", as it is an alias of "MU!!". He did also create a sockpuppet with that name on the forum (where he got recently banned).

Most of the content of Feedrus' posts is also stolen from other websites (such as Craig Weiler's blog).

MU was recently banned from the Skeptiko forum. I suspect those are his aliases. Michael, this is a great blog and I have benefited considerably from it's erudite postings over the last six or so years. If comment moderation is required then that is a necessary evil required to maintain the high standards we have all come to enjoy.

Huzzah! Thank you! I appreciate your swift decision to limit the damage done by those who abuse the blog with inappropriate commentary and personal attacks, I'm hoping it works out well, and doesn't consume too much of your time.


That's suckola. Oh well, a testament to this blog's popularity and importance.

One thing you could do is put up a message board that's visible to the public but with limited and approved membership. You could link to a message board post after the article for discussion. Then we regulars and sincere new people could have a nice talk in real time.

Michael, I don't know why my comments have not been approved (MU!! twice posted under my name, so I hope you don't think I'm he!), but Feedrus (whose comment ironically *has* been approved) really is MU!!. If you don't believe me, do a Google search on "Feedrus" "mu":,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44158598,d.Yms&fp=4b280e3ec53001b9&biw=1024&bih=454

eveshi, forum member

Life move on. I choose quality over quantity every time.

One more vote for the forum-type thingie. I'd be very happy to help set one up if needed.

If someone wants to set up a forum, I'll be happy to link to it. It's not clear to me how new people would join, though. Would they have to email me or leave a comment requesting membership?

I just realized it's not necessary to enable CAPTCHA if I'm moderating the comments. This post is a test to see if CAPTCHA has now been disabled.


A registration to the forum would be approved by an admin, whether you or someone else.

Okay. I'm happy to link to such a message board, but I don't want to set it up or serve as the admin. If someone else would like to do so, please feel free. I'm too lazy.

As I recall, a commenter named Marcel Cairo did put together something like this several years ago, but it didn't really go anywhere at the time. Things may be different now.

Wow. What a shame. I see that the same troll group (forests, et al) has been pretty much destroying Michael Tymn's comments section as well.

Good choice on moving to comments monitoring.

Hopefully, in time, forests will get the professional help he clearly needs and not only will he feel better, but his juvenile assaults on paranormal discussions will cease.

The comment

"Michael, good move on banning Feedrus. He also is known as "wilburn", "Ari Silverstein" and over two hundred more aliases. I will email them to you so you can block al;l of them."

wasn't from me. Just FYI.

How about moderating only persons with fewer than eight comments?

I have no way to do that, Roger.

I just wanted to say thanks, Michael. :) I'm a relatively new reader of your blog, and I've made perhaps only two or three posts (I'm more of a reader of the discussion than a participant), but I think this is a really good move. The comment section is just as fun and thought provoking to read as your posts, so a little quality control, while somewhat a hamper on discussion, is very much appreciated by lurkers and commenters alike methinks.

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