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Thank you Michael. As you know I love death bed visions. I find them so comforting. My sister-in-law, Pam, had a dream a couple of days after her father, RD, died. In the dream Pam was back in the hospital with her father and he was still alive. Pam exclaimed to RD, "Daddy you're still alive! We need to call a nurse and let her know." So Pam turned towards the door and at that moment she saw her father walking through the door in the brightly lit hallway accompanied by another man.

I told Pam that it was her father communicating with her. I told her that he was trying to tell her three things. #1. That he is still alive. #2. That dying is as easy as walking through a door. #3. That when you die you are accompanied by a guide or someone you knew who has crossed over.

A couple of years before he died RD said to me one time, "everyone I know is dead." RD was 86 years old when he said that. He was talking about everyone he knew of his generation, his relatives, etc. I imagine there were quite a few people waiting there in the Light who knew RD.

My wife told me that a few months ago, Vangie, MIL & RD's wife, told my wife (Bonnie) that she had a dream about Rd. In the dream she could hear RD singing in the next room. Vangie said that she could hear RD but not see him. I told my wife that I thought RD was trying to tell Vangie that he was as close as the next room and that if she listened she could hear him, even though she couldn't see him.

In little Daisy Dryden's death bed vision she is told by the school superintendent that soon she will be crossing the dark river. "After he had gone, Daisy asked her father what he meant by the "dark river." He tried to explain it, but she said, "It is all a mistake; there is no river; there is no curtain; there is not even a line that separates this life from the other life." And she stretched out her little hands from the bed, and with a gesture said, "It is here and it is there; I know it is so, for I can see you all, and I see them there at the same time." We asked her to tell us something of that other world and how it looked to her, but she said, "I cannot describe it; it is so different, I could not make you understand."

By the way that online book is free and it's a great read.

My eldest daughter has had family who have passed come to her. Once my grandmother came dressed in a Thai workers uniform ( often light blue). This was so appropriate in many ways as she was always a hands on person, and in the kitchen at any event. She doesn't particularly like it, as it can be hard to understand when you are younger.

I mentioned in an earlier post of my Aunt who came to me after she passed. I asked her if she wanted to give a message to my mum who she was close to. And she replied that "she will know when I am around".

I went back to New Zealand at Christmas, and my mum mentioned out of the blue, that she had visited. She said how she was in the house one day, and the strong smell of cigarettes was all around her. No-one in our family smokes, only my aunt who would not normally do so in the house. And she said, "I know it was her, and it only lasted seconds and so I said "Hi". My mum, who never used to believe. Lyn x.

While I am on smells, a bit off subject. Here's a few other experiences.

A couple of years ago I was trying to find some information online, on a case that happened in the 80's I think. In which the son of an FBI? agent murdered a young couple in a park. And the father actually gave evidence against him, which meant he would have got the death penalty.

I was looking to see if his case was online and if he had actually passed. So I was scrolling page after page whilst searching, and watching TV in between. When looking at the TV at one stage (in between pages), I got the smell of dusty old books as in a library. I looked down, and there was the site.

Years earlier, we rented a property whilst building our house. Some of the furniture belonged to the house owner, and sitting on the sofa one day, doors and windows closed. I got the strong smell of lavender. Now the sofa I gather, may have been his mums as it was very old and faded. I don't like lavender as a scent, or in cleaning agents. And I knew it wasn't from outside, and it seemed right in the middle of the sofa.

Some six months later, and sitting with my eldest, then 9 years old. I could smell it, and asked her if she could smell something. She said "yes". And I said "what"? She said "It's , um, its lavender". And I asked her where. And she said, "Its in the middle here". Imm. That"s before I believed, or had experienced all that I now know. So I thought, at least someone else can smell it.

Sorry, getting well off topic, but same subject matter. Lyn x.

Well that's a bit of a coincidence, just re looked up the crime and it actually occurred in 1995. And the accused is set to be executed on my birthday, in a week of so. Always thought what a sad case, especially for the father. Cheers Lyn.

Michael, this is very common. We see it frequently in hospice care. We are taught to respect the resident, his/her visions and to share the happiness the visions bring.

I have to tell you that when these things happen, it's very comforting for the people around the dying person as well. You see the residents decompensate and go through so much psychologically that is rough, but the happy vision can be cathartic for all involved.

Years ago my wife was involved in making traditional Japanese tea ceremony utensils out of wood. She could master most of it except turning, and found a local artisan a Swedish craftsman named Tom to do that for her. Several years later she called Tom to find out how he was doing only to find that he had passed away suddenly in his shop.
Then his wife told him a strange story. They had found Tom already dead in his shop in the eveneing,most likely asthma. When the police arrived they noticed several calls to the home from out of the area they were from his twin brother in Sweden who had been driving on a country road he suddenly noticed Tom sitting next to him. Tom calmly told his bother he loved him and to call his wife to tell him he was all right then the vision disappeared. Tom's brother was ot the only family member who saw Tom later IN each case a sense of calm pervaded the phantom appearance so that the living had no distress or shock at his appearance.

I like that story Steve EM.
Come on sweet wife! You've got my phone number. I've been waiting here impatiently for your call for 9 months already!

Michael some years ago as I started to lift the phone I suddenly became aware someone was standing beside me placing their hand on my shoulder. Before his daughter'd a chance to speak I already knew she was go'n'o tell me my 'father-in-law''d just died.

The funny thing was at first I'd thought the hand on my shoulder was my young daughter playing a trick on me because she'd just been telling me about how much she'd love a hamster when her face'd suddenly changed to a look of astonishment as she explained "Grandad's just put a hamster on my shoulder."


'Michael, this is very common...'

Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, On Life After Death, makes this point repeatedly. She insists that the moment of death is always happy and peaceful because a loved-one is always present then. She cites her clinical experience as evidence.

Sophie, I'd be more cautious about saying "always".

Not trying to be a downer, but just wanting to keep the record straight for scientific reasons.

no one,

The 'always' point is Kübler-Ross's, not mine. :) But I like it.

Hey Y'all,

I'm going to throw a non-sequitor in here and hope nobody minds. I just had a reading with Georgia O'Connor, and I need to speak with someone who's had a reading with her that they know could not have been researched. She gave me specific instructions that could prove harmful to me if she's not for real, and she could have easily gotten to my blog through facebook with only my phone #

So, it's important to me- I have a serious medical condition.

Thanks Michael as always for my favorite blog! If you can help me write me at Thanks!!!

I love these anecdotes. I disagree too with death always being a happy experience for the dying. Someone here posted a great link (which I lost) to a forum for hospice nurses. Many described patients dying and seemingly happy to see deceased relatives or angels apparently guiding them on to the next life. But there were also a few chillingly accounts of patients being pursued by not-so-nice spirits.

For skeptics who say these are hallucinations, why is it always deceased relatives or friends who seem to appear to the dying? If these were hallucinations, why aren't pink elephants or movie stars guiding the dying on? As with NDEs, there's a very credible narrative quality to these accounts.


' I disagree too with death always being a happy experience for the dying ... why is it always deceased relatives or friends who seem to appear to the dying?'

Err ... Are your two uses of 'always' making inconsistent claims? :)

T Tharpa Doyle, there are two or three regular commenters who've had evidential readings with Georgia. "No One," in particular, had what he regarded as a highly accurate reading, and he took great pains to prevent any possibility of being researched.

However, I would *not* substitute advice communicated through a medium for the advice of medical doctors. If you can supplement your medical treatment with some kind of alternative therapy, fine. But I definitely would *not* substitute an unproven alternative treatment for mainstream treatment.

Mediums are not infallible, and neither are spirits. Mediums can misinterpret messages, and the communicators themselves can be mistaken.

Sophie, you're right. I should have written that in the POSITIVE NDEs and in the pre-death visions like Michael just wrote about,it always seems to be deceased relatives and friends appearing. In the few hellish experiences, there seem to be devilish creatures for want of a better term. At least to me, it's interesting that no one seems to have movie stars, politicians, random famous historical figures, etc. (the sort of people in appearing in dreams and hallucinations) greeting them. If NDEs and pre-death experiences are hallucinations, it's very strange that as stories they're all very similar.


and not only that, but also veridical accounts of visions of a relative coming to greet them, who everyone thought was still alive, and so the vision was dismissed as a hallucination, only for the relatives to find out later that the person seen actually died a day or so before.

Tharpa, see my comment in response to your question re; Georgia, on the other thread.

I don't see anythig unusual with someone on the verge of dying hallucinating visions of loved ones coming to guide them and give them comfort as opposed to seeing Pink Elephants, Dragons or Elvis.

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