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Stuart Hameroff ! The Guru..

I had a look in to this book, and under "related books" found the book "Beyond Reality: Evidence for Parallel Universes" - Shelley Kaehr. I opened this book thinking Shelley Kaehr is a physicist, kind of M.Kaku or B.Greene, but no - she is past-regression and hypnotherapist.The ONLY hypnotherapist that her clients under hypnosis travelled to parallel universes...Gosh, I've never come across like that even in Weiss/Newton books(and I've read them and listened to Weiss yeaterday on AfterlifeTV).Travelling to parallel universes under head blows.
P.S. Original book(Weibers) looks pretty positive

Hi Alexander.

This is off-topic but I will put my review of the book Body, Mind and Death by Dommeyer if you are interested.

Focusing on parapsychological evidence, first try the extracorporeal experiences. Dommeyer considers that the extracorporeal experiences may be cases of clairvoyance rather than cases involving something like the projection of the astral body. However, Karlis Osis experiments with psychic Tanous did suggest that some extracorporeal experiences are astral projections, because when the psychic projected into a room, sensors were activated, detecting a slight physical presence. We could explain this as a conjunction of clairvoyance and psychokinesis, but Tanous had no intention of affecting at distance the sensors, and we have no reason to believe that the clairvoyance has to be attached to psychokinesis, unless the psychic perceives from a material vehicle simply for being there affects the environment:

After we Durville experiments on the externalization of sensibility, which also point to the existence of the astral body:

Then there are the cases of reciprocal apparitions, where the subject having a extracorporeal experience of a place is perceived by witnesses who are in that place: if it were mere clairvoyance, then the subject would not have to be perceived by anyone in that place but this happened so that the extracorporeal experience is not mere clairvoyance.

About the apparitions of the dead, we note that in some cases the apparition sends a message to the witness that the witness did not know. We could explain this as a case of ESP, but why the collection of information will always take the form of someone who died? Why occurs in people who show no psi ability above the majority? The ESP hypothesis is not plausible unless you have prejudices against the afterlife hypothesis.

Then there are the collective apparitions of the dead. If we explain this as cases of ESP, who would be the source of the apparition? We would have to nominate someone alive as arbitrary origin of telepathic hallucination, but we have no reason to choose someone other than to the deceased. And if the apparition seems to make sounds that are heard by witnesses and consider that these sounds were missed physically but through clairaudience, then the ESP hypothesis is simpler than the hypothesis of the afterlife, but only in one sense: the ESP hypothesis is simpler than the afterlife hypothesis because it supports fewer theoretical entities, but the afterlife hypothesis is simpler than the ESP hypothesis because it is more direct, since equation spirits of deceased + demonstrations of telepathy, precognition, etc. we can not simply dismiss the spirits, it is through such manifestations as the spirits come to appear.

On the possession notice that although hypnosis can unleash the dramatization ability of the unconscious, we have no reason to believe that people apparently possessed were hypnotized or something, so we have no reason to believe that his conduct was a result of dramatization of the unconscious. Again the direct hypothesis is the afterlife hypothesis.

About the poltergeist, there are some were do not seem to be focused on any living being, but although most of them are focused on someone alive, maybe this person is merely a channel for certain spirits manifest, although this may seem unnecessarily complicated.

And on mental mediumship, we note that in theory all the informational aspects of mediumship can be explained by ESP, but the motivational aspects of cases of drop-in communications even in theory can not be explained by ESP. We note that Dommeyer no attempt to explain drop-in communications. Also in some cases the information about a deceased person is not in one mind, but several, which makes it very implausible that there is a high-speed selective telepathy, while all the information is in the spirit of the deceased.

And finally, although sngly the ESP hypothesis simpler, globally the afterlife hypothesis is simpler. For example: during his childhood the medium Eileen Garrett stated that saw auras around humans, animals and plants, and also perceived luminous beings that only she could see. She did not know what were these auras, only when she saw dying animals she saw the aura was separated from the body of the animal died. Hence, the most plausible hypothesis is the same type of entity that emerges from the body during extracorporeal experiences, shown in some apparitions cases and occurs during mediumistic sessions, ie, a vehicle of consciousness that persists after death.

Not suprising though alexander, as the author claims to follow an inclusive approach of integrating all fields, so no suprise that some regression works are in there.

It's hardly evidence though is it it?

"It's hardly evidence though is it?"
I wonder what the implications for civilisation would be if absolute, irrefutable evidence of an afterlife were to be discovered and able to be broadcast around the world for everyone to know?
Probably doesn't bear contemplating.

I understand what you're saying Snorkler. It could go a number of ways. Although in some ways appreciating the impact of the decisions we make on our own future (which might be a consequence of this) might solve more problems that it causes.

Paul, among the more sinister scenarios my imagination conjures up,I feel that if there was absolute certainty of the afterlife being a reality and preferable to our lives here in the material dimension, many normally rational folk would go about our daily lives with a possibly dangerous, devil may care attitude, or there would be mass suicides among the very poorest of populations where physical survival is a permanent and tenuous hand to mouth ordeal.

If there is an after life and it wasnt Hell - than i'd pack my karma and off i'd go now!

Hi Tony, and perhaps there lies the crux!

It may be for this precise reason, not to spoil the rules of the game, that true certainty is not provided, or if it is, it only comes after great effort, or in a few individual experiences (eg ndes). That way, the overall game will continue as normal.

Perhaps though, as spiritual beings, we are growing bored with the current rules and over time we, as a human species, are transitioning to a revised type of experience, perhaps one that doesnt involve thrashing around in the dark trying to work out what is going on!

@Douglas - while my life hasn't been horrible, I confess I'm way past ready to get to the fun part.

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