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Roger Knights shared a link about a recent ABC telecast called

Can anybody get a link of this that is shown in Canada?

Here's more information on the show I recommended to MP.

It was a broadcast on Oct. 26, called "The Sixth Sense," on ABC's 20/20 show, season 32, episode ___ (6?)

It covers five topics: "the Long Island Medium," Dr. Eben Alexander, psychic cats & dogs, premonitions (of disaster or illness or computer photos), and psychic consultant Laura Day.

Dean Radin is shown saying that computerized premonition testing has been replicated in 40 studies. Maybe Hyman gave his fellow Skeptics a "heads up" that this was in the pipeline, because it would explain why, a year or two ago, CSICOP dropped the "COP" (Claims Of the Paranormal) from its moniker, and why Randi dropped his $1M Challenge.

Courtesy of Daily Grail:

Usual dismissal of Eben Alexander's claims by Scientific American. Alexander himself added a comment to the article. Someone else mentions that the article omits the crucial part of evidence where Eben went on to recognise his deceased sister after the experience. It's curious how this part is continually left out of critiques:

One of the 36 comments on the SciAm article (which included a long comment from Eben himself, with lots of reading recommendations) was this one:

28. emeritusprof / 7:06 am 12/4/2012

It’s not that I’m happy with how Alexander presented his case, with the gushing, rushing way in which he draws his conclusions, but it is deeply discouraging to see the same old poorly informed, superficial dismissals of NDEs repeatedly put forward by otherwise educated people. The simplistic way persons think science can explain away NDEs is as troublesome as Alexander’s “proof.”

To see why these cavalier dismissals simply don’t cut it, please read the serious research. I recommend for starters: “Irreducible Mind” by Edward Kelly, et al, Chapter 6; “Consciousness Beyond Life” by Pim van Lommel; and “Science and the Near-Death Experience,” by Chris Carter.

Thanks for the link. It was really good. I watched the whole thing on our computer. I especially enjoyed the part with Eben Alexander even though I've heard him interviewed a couple of times before. I especially enjoyed the part about him meeting his sister in heaven. That was so cool.

The story is in our family was that my mother had a baby born dead between my older sister and I. I wonder if she exists and is in heaven and we will get to meet her when we cross over? I guess there is really no way to know that until we get there.

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The comment above from BSA was an "Eddiecom"

See here (a thread on the "I Love My Kindle" site) for what an Eddiecom is:

"This is one in a series of posts about what I call “Eddiecoms”. You can see more detail about what these are in earlier posts on the topic, but it boils down to this. These are ads intended to promote something, disguised (often not very well) as comments on something I’ve posted. I test a comment in a couple of ways before deciding it is an Eddiecom, including doing a Google search for the same wording. When I do use Google, I’ll sometimes find hundreds of instances of the same comment on different blogs, ones which are often unrelated in topic."

I googled for the first sentence and found 180,000 matches for it--and the following two sentences. I don't know how it got thru MP's Catcha. But don't click on BSA's name--it'll probably lead you to a pitch for some financial service.

I think some spammers are hiring Third World people to manually enter the CAPTCHA code. Presumably there are also some computer programs sophisticated enough to decipher the code.

As a general rule, if the comment is posted by something that sounds like an ad ("Best Stock Analysis," "Low-Priced Shoes," "Great Bargains"), it's spam.

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one kind of wishes one could have been good enough to be with those who ascended today, because it seems the people left in the world are scammers and spammers, o lord, save me from our great free society where everyone in it wants money


In the words of Silver Birch to those who mourn the loss of a child: 'Do not weep ...rejoice that freedom has come to a young soul who will never be distressed by the many miseries that afflict your world. Do not grieve for the child; grieve if you will for your own loss, for you will miss the little radiant face, the childish prattle, the diminutive figure. But through your physical eyes cannot see, and your physical ears cannot hear, you child is ever present. If you stop shedding tears that create a mist in front of your eyes, you will see the truth that in God's great Kingdom there is no death and all continue to live in far better conditions in a world which is richer and sweeter than anything you have ever dreamed. Do not sorrow for the child. Know that an all-loving God has given angels to protect her or him and the child will, in fullness of time, be reunited with you.'

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